Arena Rank

How know which rank am?
Normaly im in 60%-100% but how to know how many points need for rank 50% and above?


  • Before you collect your rewards go to your stash and click on rewards. It will show you where you ranked.
  • When arena finishes keep checking the ranks.
    Before distribution of rewards it depicts the Ranks
    There's a very low amount of time it shows your rank before granting the rewards so keep on checking constantly
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 3,601 ★★★★
    OP, it is hidden (when Arena is live) and the points scale differs one arena from another depending on how many Summoners join in the fight.

    There is still a generic range though. Try putting another 100k points to assess if you move up to a higher rank.

    Hitting all milestones is merely at the 4th best rank level (I can't remember is that 11% bracket or below).
  • Ty :smile:
    My rank was 26%-45% position 11598 i did 40k points dint expect to be so low :o
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