Gameplay issues especially worse today?

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I know we've all been experiencing gameplay issues and that Kabam is working hard on addressing them. But is anyone noticing these issues especially today (e.g., lag, parry/dex, disconnects)?

I lost my arena streak b/c 2 of my fights began with lag and when the game resumed, I was being comboed in the corner (I was getting lag throughout my run, but I was able to play through most of them).

In AQ, I wasn't able to parry and still lots of lag.

This isn't a rant post, but more to see if others are experiencing this particularly today so that this information might help identify some of the factors contributing to these gameplay issues.
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    Mine has actually been better. I still get frame rate drop and I’ve had to restart after parry/block just failed, but a set of paths in Act 6 to finish objectives really wasn’t that unenjoyable.

    Color me surprised. Granted, my bar was low, but the game cleared it today.

    Dr. Zola
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    This sums up today aq for me perfectly. I love redoing fights.

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    It has felt quite random for a while, for me. Works fine mostly but then I’ll hit a brief wave of parry or dex issues.
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    I had to revive after the first fight in a stupid AQ5. At some point, the screen freezed and the only thing I can do was hearing the doombot kicking my ass.
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    Yeah today mine is also lagging
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    I love redoing fights.

    That too with half health.
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    Mine's been considerably better since that android hotfix released some time back. (Not the first hotfix)

    Nothing specially wrong today/yesterday for me.
  • Hey guys, there's already a thread HERE about issues with Parry and Dexterity.

    If you would like to report a different performance issue or have concerns about lag, please share your feedback in one of the dedicated threads below by providing the details outlined in our Bug Report Template.

    - Android Lag and Performance Issues Thread
    - iOS Lag and Performance Issues Thread

    Thank you very much in advance for your help!
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