awaken caiw or void? One ag and 60 generic stones, 40 science stones only

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Who should I choose?
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    I’ve used cap more, I’m sure there’s people who’ve used void more, but cap definitely benefit more significantly from the sig
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    I’d go with captain america
  • pseudosanepseudosane Posts: 1,767 ★★★★★
    both have their own uses. Void needs sig1.
    capiw you can work on slowly.
    Id take both up eventually anyways.
  • TIERA_10203TIERA_10203 Posts: 103
    For the time being tho, I’m talking more or less of abt 50 sigs on either of these 2
  • TIERA_10203TIERA_10203 Posts: 103
    I’m trying to figure out which one could benefit me more significantly, damage wise and counter wise
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    I’m trying to figure out which one could benefit me more significantly, damage wise and counter wise

    CapIW is better overall but avoid works at sig 1 where you need Cap at least at 100 to be somewhat reliable when your trying to use that utility.
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    Do you have Killmonger? That would affect my decision on this.
  • AdvAdv Posts: 141
    I’ve got both at sig 200. Cap IW sees much more usage as compared to void. But in certain areas of the game, CAIW doesn’t stand a chance against void. I’d go with CAIW first but would eventually take void up too
  • TIERA_10203TIERA_10203 Posts: 103
    @Hector_1475 yes I do
  • TIERA_10203TIERA_10203 Posts: 103
    So my void can do a decent job even at sig 50?
  • TIERA_10203TIERA_10203 Posts: 103
    If so I mgt consider taking up void
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    I play awakened CAIW MUCH more than Void - and I awakened Void first.
    If you are comfy with Cap’s Parry/Heavy/SP combo he crushes w/ damage; if a Cosmic is on the team, you’ll armor break + that damage. He glances. Shrugs off debuffs. Really nice overall character.
    Void is literally a slow burner who definitely has his spots where he shines, but
    My vote is Cap.
  • TragiC_XTragiC_X Posts: 35
    CAP. I still use my 5* in act 7. He is so reliable, and you can take block damage all day!
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