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Buff designs for Kang and Thanos

MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 4,168 ★★★★★
Kang and Thanos are important Villains in the Contest. Kang in particular turns up as a Villain early on, as well as in 7.3; and has turned up in more than a couple of EQ and side-quests. Both champs are 'Trophy champs', only available through Greater Gifting crystals. That's led to some discussion about buffing them lately; both for and against: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/293054/thanos-and-kang

The fact they're both Trophy champs and Act-ending bosses means that (1) any buff they get needs to be simple - these are early-game bosses, and we mustn't over-complicate them. Also (2) any buff mustn't leave them overpowered. It's important that Trophy champs don't fall into some 'Beyond God Tier' category, as this leads to understandable resentment that they're so hard to obtain. Also (3) this shouldn't take up a lot of Developer time. We don't want to distract them from that all-important Moon Knight buff!

Ideally, we're looking for fairly simple (preferably automatic) mechanics, and champs that are useable but not excessively powerful either on defense or offense. On the other hand, Trophies should hold some value, surely? The response to pulling 6* Thanos shouldn't be "Oh no, I got Thanos. Wish I'd just got 6*shards instead.. They might have been useful...". So in an ideal world they should have some payoff; some reason to use them that doesn't feel like you're deliberately hampering yourself.

So below are my suggestions for low-effort buffs that might at least give Thanos and Kang some use for players who want to actually play with them; particularly for players who don't have an Apocalypse to synergize with Kang. Stats given are for 5/65 champions.


  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 4,168 ★★★★★
    Kang the Conqueror

    When Attacking, Kang enters Conquerer mode. In this mode, he diverts power to weapons and targeting, granting himself a permanent +200 Critical Rating and Critical Damage Rating, and enhancing his SP2 Power Drain.
    When defending, Kang enters Lord of Time mode. In this mode, Kang increases power to his defenses, granting +50% Potency to the Armour Up and Critical resistance benefits of his Armour.

    Conqueror Armour
    Kang has a permanent Armour Up buff granting +900 Armour and +450 Critical Resistance. This is enhanced in Lord of Time mode.
    Kang's Armour buff cannot be Nullified or Staggered, and if removed, it has a 100% chance to return after ten seconds.
    Kang's advanced technology makes him immune to Armour Shattered, and he has a 40% chance to resist an Armour Break. His self-repair systems reduce the duration and Potency of Armour Break by 60%
    Whilst Kang's Armour Up buff is active, he gains Immunity to Shock, Coldsnap and Frostbite.

    Special Attacks
    Special Attacks grant Kang a Vigilance Passive for 7 seconds, and grant no Power to the opponent.
    • SP1 - Inflicts Stun for 2.2 seconds, and a Suppression debuff for 10 seconds (Reduces the opponent's Defensive Combat Power Rate by 70%)
    • SP2 - The first energy beam cannot be passively Evaded. The last hit stuns the opponent for 1.8 seconds, and has a 100% chance to drain some of the opponent's Max Power: 50% in Lord of Time mode, and 100% in Conquerer mode.
      Each full bar of Power drained extends the Stun effect by 0.5 seconds.
    • SP3 - This potent attack inflicts Armour Break (-1200 Armour) and Heal Block debuffs for 15 seconds each, as well as Power Lock for eight seconds.
    Kang's Armour grants up to an additional +3900 Armour and +1300 Critical Resistance based on stored Power.
    Additionally, Kang starts the match with a Vigilance Passive, and these Passives gain +50% Duration.
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 4,168 ★★★★★
    #Villain of the Contest #thanos army #psychic shielding #XL

    Start with 16% Power
    Thanos is Immune to Power Drain, Steal and Burn

    Heavy Attack
    Heavy Attacks inflict Armour Break (-800 Armour, 8s), and gain +369 Attack per buff active on Thanos.

    When Attacked
    When hit, Thanos has a 15% chance to generate a non-stacking Armour buff (900 Armour for eight seconds). The chance to proc Armour rises by a flat 5% per hit in the opponent's combo meter.

    When Evaded
    Thanos dislikes being made to look a fool. When Evaded, he has a 60% chance to generate a Fury buff (+1352 Attack, 7s, max 3 stacks). Whilst this Fury is active, further Evades have a 100% chance to generate a Fury buff.

    Critical Hits
    Thanos's base critical rate needs to be set to a more average 686 (previously 342)
    Critical Hits have a 60% chance to generate a Prowess passive granting +10% Special Damage (max 10). Prowess stacks last 7s, and are refreshed when another stack would be generated. They are consumed by any Special Attack.

    Special Attacks:
    If Thanos does not have a True Sense buff, generate a True Sense buff for 7 seconds.
    If Thanos does have a True Sense buff, refresh it and also generate a Fury, Precision or Cruelty buff for 7 seconds.
    Fury: +1352 Attack
    Precision: +850 Critical Rating
    Cruelty: +850 Critical Damage Rating
    • SP1: The second (beam) hit causes True Damage, and inflicts a Weakness debuff (-40% Attack) and a Slow debuff, each lasting 7s. Each Prowess extends these debuffs by 0.5s.
    • SP2: This Attack causes True Damage, bypassing all resistances. It inflicts Rupture for 3252 damage over five seconds. For every two stacks of Prowess, inflict an additional Rupture.
    • SP3: Inflicts Armour Break (-800 for 10s) and Slow, both lasting 20 seconds.
      For every two stacks of Prowess, inflict an additional Armour Break.
    • Thanos' starting Power rises from its basic 16% to a total of 40% Power.
    • Thanos punishes any attempt to drain, steal or Burn his Power with a burst of 3252 Direct damage
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 4,168 ★★★★★

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