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This game is not dying

Okay, this post is gonna get disagree spammed but here we go.

Lately I've seen all these people saying that Kabam is killing the game, MCOC is dying due to their ignorance, etc. you name it.

Before I get into the gist of this, let me say that: Criticising Kabam is PERFECTLY FINE. In fact, I encourage it. They won't learn or make decisions we're happy with unless we criticise them.

But ill be honest. I'm getting sick and tired of every announcement that isn't received 100% perfect, having people just say over and over "Kabam ignoring us again, smh, they killing the game, we're all screwed". I can't be the only one getting annoyed by that, right?

This game will have bad decisions made, kabam will do stupid things, it happens. But they HAVE listened in the past, and they DO work hard, and this game still has lots of potential and good things going for it. Criticise all you want, but ill be honest, the constant "this game is dead" is really starting to tick me off. You think its dead? Leave, no one's making you stay here.

Just my thoughts, I know im in a minority here, and i apologise if i come off like a little sh*t. But i just had to say it, its really starting to annoy me seeing this all the time


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    Firest0rmFirest0rm Posts: 28

    Are you hoping for some rng "luck"🤔

    Nope, I'm happy with my pulls.
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    Skiddy212Skiddy212 Posts: 1,101 ★★★★
    I agree with the 4th paragraph a lot. Nice write up
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    CaptainaidenCaptainaiden Posts: 794 ★★★
    I agree, I will stay playing,

    Even with the bug i will stay play it, it one of rare kind of game and actually good game, bug will come and go, not every game is perfect, if you play other games, the games will also have bug, try and make yourself a game, or even a program, you will feel them

    At first 3 4 years i spend money to buy unit and so on, but now i stopped because i think my rng is suck and i will not spend my money on something like that

    On balancing issue, also i don't really mind, because in some games, they also having balancing update, they will nerf and buff some characters

    But different people will have other opinion, if you guys think the game dying and don't want to play anymore, go ahead, we will never stop you
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    Firest0rmFirest0rm Posts: 28
    I don't spend a lot on this game, but even if I did, I'd still probably have the same ideology.

    I don't shill kabam, and I criticise this game in my own alliance a lot, but its not dying, and everyone choosing to just give up rather than keep fighting for a game that has potential is just incredibly annoying.
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    Firest0rmFirest0rm Posts: 28
    thepiggy said:

    These games are engineered to produce this:

    Which creates this:

    I love you Kabam
    I hate you Kabam
    Best game ever
    (Weeks later) Worst game ever we don't even have content
    I quit!
    I'm back
    I quit again
    RNG is garbage
    $$$$$'s later. Thank you Kabam, I finally pulled him! I love you
    What do you mean balance program? What are you doing to my champion?!
    Boycotts, while loading up the credit card for July 4
    I'm seriously contemplating retirement.
    I want to play for the next decade!

    These games can bring out the worst in people. Addiction, irrationality, mood swings, impulsivity. We're all addicted in some form.

    Doubt people are THAT addicted, but you do make a good point that the game itself is addictive with an RNG format, yes
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    GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,247 ★★★★★
    _Sham_ said:

    @GroundedWisdom you don’t happen to work for Kabam do you? Lol

    Nope. Just don't subscribe to doomsday ideology.
    Yeah you are more of subcriber of Don't look up
    People have said this game is going to die at every turn of something they didn't agree with. Here we are. 7+ years into it. I'm not disillusioned about the game being finite. I'm just not yelling fire in a theater.
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    DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 21,031 ★★★★★
    jdeck59 said:

    remember two years ago? All the top alliances called for a spending boycott and made it what, 10 days max?

    The only boycott that ever worked was 12.0 and it really wasn't a boycott, just enough negative feedback to make them pay attention. No other boycott has worked ever and the game is still running as strong as it's ever been.
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