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This point will be distributed at a later time as it requires the team to pull and analyze data.
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Dropped out of war again !!

ZirgzZirgz Posts: 41
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For a third time this aw season, we cant participate in Aw season.. we are enlisted .. and when matchmaking starts.. we are not enlisted.
no one un-enlisted us.. and looks like Kabam doesnt care.. as long as platinum and higher tiers arent complaining !
we have been a solid gold 1 alliance last 5 seasons.. that want to take part.. but cant now.
Fix it please !!
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  • Hey there, would anyone affected by this be able to share the name and/or tag of their alliance? You can send me a message directly if you'd prefer that over posting it here.
  • Wildblue333Wildblue333 Posts: 403 ★★
    Thanks Zibiit, Sent you the info.
  • ZirgzZirgz Posts: 41
    Infinity Galaxy Avengers [xzvwz]
    @Kabam Zibiit
  • GrashakGrashak Posts: 5
    @Kabam Zibiit We have the same problem:
    BumbleBee [_BEE_]

  • Thanks for sharing that info everyone! Passed the info along to the rest of the team so they can dig into this and try to get it sorted out.
  • This needs to be fixed. We want to play war but can’t! We dropped down 2 ranked so far because we got dropped during matchmaking!!
  • Our ally has been unenlisted in last 3 wars. As a result we have dropped from a consistent G1 alliance to G3. I think , at a minimum, all affected alliances should be awarded the previous seasons rewards. Ideally in an act of good faith, and to make up for the opportunity to participate in the latest war season, Kabam should reward these alliances with the rewards offered with 1 level above the previous seasons standing.
  • Hey there, for those who have not done so, please let us know your alliance name and tag. (Either in this thread or by messaging me directly.) The team is working on addressing this for those affected, and we want to make sure that we don't miss anyone affected by this.
  • Ranger1221Ranger1221 Posts: 6
    @Kabam Zibiit Universal resistance UNÎV got dropped out of matchmaking
  • Hammy2332Hammy2332 Posts: 45
    @Kabam Zibiit Alliance name is Order of Resistance. Tag is ØRDōЯ. We have now missed a fourth war in this season due to this bug.
  • GoofballanatotGoofballanatot Posts: 125
    This is happening as I type this message out, we enlisted but it says we didn’t

  • ZirgzZirgz Posts: 41
    edited February 2022
    4th time here..

  • hendemerahendemera Posts: 6
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    Hey there, would anyone affected by this be able to share the name and/or tag of their alliance? You can send me a message directly if you'd prefer that over posting it here.

    ISO8Y Y so Anonymous failed to match on February 2nd. We opened numerous tickets and was told nothing was wrong with matchmaking. We dropped from rank 98 to 920 in Gold 3 as a result. See the following screenshots.

  • MrTicTac19992008MrTicTac19992008 Posts: 565 ★★
    Happened our alliance yesterday. Were enlisted but wake up this morning to see we weren't. Next war for us is in 36 hours. Alliance Tag: Aruuh Alliance Name: Sgt's Howling Commandos
  • alxtoralxtor Posts: 16
    edited February 2022
    Hi @Kabam Zibiit
    Please help on this issue...
    our alliance: CHYMX - Latinos Cojonudos.
    we were confirmed for this war, we are in Platinum 3, not participating will affect our ranking

  • alxtoralxtor Posts: 16
    @Kabam Zibiit seems that the problem was fixed but our grade 3 (multiplier x6) was downgraded, to Grade 4 multiplier x4.5
    why happened that? just after this issue

  • Suresh548Suresh548 Posts: 19
    Hi @Kabam Zibiit. This is 2nd time, where our Ally didn't enlisted for war. This is impacting our alliance [Dsqud] to ranking to Plat 4 or Gold 1, Now it seems like we will end up in Gold 2 or worse.

    @Kabam Zibiit alliance name = Bada$$ warriors
    Tag = BDWA
  • BrobosBrobos Posts: 4
    edited February 2022
    @Kabam Zibiit same happend to us :/ we are on winning streak going towards gold 1. But this doesn't help.

    Ally tag: NLC2
    Ally name: Nederland clan 2
  • MoosMoos Posts: 1
    @Kabam Zibiit We have the same isseu aw got canceld
    Nederland Clan 2 / NLC2
  • TITAN727TITAN727 Posts: 7
    My alliance was Dropped out of 3 Wars this season. I had sent in multiple tickets, one ticket reply said nothing was wrong and we unenlisted ourselves…..last ticket said they are investigating a bug. This season needs to be canceled….
  • TITAN727TITAN727 Posts: 7
    This is my alliance that was effected with 3 drop outs
  • TITAN727TITAN727 Posts: 7

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