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I havent pulled a decent champ in a very long time. You think I will be spending money on this offer to pull another useless 6*??
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    Another day, another random complaint on an offer that isn't that bad, doesn't require real money use and doesn't have to be purchased.
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    Krish121 said:

    I got the 2300 unit offer that's all I had after grinding arenas and for me it was worth the value 💯 . From those 7 cav nexus I got 1 6* nexus from which I pulled knull , 1 6* Black panther OG, 3 5*s warlock , apocalypse, Archangel and 2 4*s dupe oh yes and the 10k 6* shards I got my sorcerer supreme duped
    Yea my luck is definitely not that good lol
    Tbh my luck is way bad with pulls too. I don't know what was going on in my mind at that time lol I just bought that offer out of rage as I was roadblocked in story quest 6.2.2 I needed a incerate immune champ which I had none . I could have plowed my way through with less units only few revives .
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    Im pretty sure that offer and RNG was tailored specifically for you...
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    Buying crystals is a gamble. Who knew?
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    The potion offer, if it is still the same, is one of the best value for unit spends, going..

    IF (big if) are looking at challenging some serious content that you could use the boosts, revives and healing potions on.

    I bought it last month when it first came out, to finish act 7 100% and towards EOP and it was very much worth the units.

    If it is still this:
    10 40% team revives
    5 60% revives
    5 40% revives
    10 30% green boosts
    10 full energy revives
    5 lv5 health pots
    5 lv6 health pots

    Then just the team revives are worth 1,000 units, if bought individually.

    However, the Cavs and shards, I agree, may feel questionable. I gave those a hard pass, because the 1,000 unit potion offer allowed completion of content worth far, far more.
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    I’ll probably get the 1,000 unit offer each month if I’m low on revives. My passion of acquiring new champs has started to fade over time so I might as well be prepared for new, challenging content (I.e. gauntlet, abyss, EOP)
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