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What are you more excited for?

RiptideRiptide Posts: 3,067 ★★★★★

What are you more excited for? 164 votes

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  • RiptideRiptide Posts: 3,067 ★★★★★
    I love the mode, plus I’m super excited for friendly matches finally coming
  • LpooLpoo Posts: 2,215 ★★★★★
    Any new story content gets me pumped
  • Marvelfan30Marvelfan30 Posts: 1,151 ★★★★
    Reason bc I'm nowhere near 8.1 lol and bc I can finally fight my freinds
  • Mobile_P0tat0Mobile_P0tat0 Posts: 966 ★★★★
    Battlegrounds will last longer than a few weeks
  • Hector_1475Hector_1475 Posts: 1,782 ★★★★★
    The Antman buff
  • Badass84Badass84 Posts: 316 ★★★
    If Battlegrounds would be not a Cheater-Gamemode and wouldn't cost that much energy, maybe I would be interested a little bit.
    But when it will be the same as in the betas I am truly more exited about the next monthly event than bg.
  • Carnage313Carnage313 Posts: 359 ★★★
    I’m excited for the game finally being fixed late 2026
  • WarlockjrWarlockjr Posts: 778 ★★★
    Imma say battle grounds because I just beat 6.1 so 8.1 is so far away and I cannot wait to fight my friends
  • RenaxqqRenaxqq Posts: 1,595 ★★★★
    edited September 2022
    Will claim rewards after completing/exploring act 8.1 and that's it but battlegrounds will give rewards every week. Basically game mode that we could play all the time and with our friends.
  • priyan1901priyan1901 Posts: 10
    There should be an option for both :smiley:

  • Etm34Etm34 Posts: 1,644 ★★★★★
    Love new story content. Battlegrounds is fine, but to get high in the ranks takes a massive amount of time that I just don’t have to spare.
  • Skiddy212Skiddy212 Posts: 1,101 ★★★★
    Not close to 8.1, Very excited for battlegrounds
  • WorknprogressWorknprogress Posts: 7,233 ★★★★★
    Story content is basically just log in rewards these days. I like the influx of materials but the content itself, outside chapter bosses which have been a lot of fun, is about as interesting as Cav EQ.
  • AxewAxew Posts: 622 ★★★★
    I can’t wait for the new Black Widow boss, she looks dope
  • Battlegrounds
    I'll have 8.1 beaten within the week and explored probably within the month, so I'm more excited about bgs since it isn't something I explore once and am done with it.
  • Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 7,184 ★★★★★
    My answer is really Both.
  • MackeyMackey Posts: 1,549 ★★★★★
  • Neither
  • TrenzaloreTrenzalore Posts: 182 ★★★
    Seriously wish they would just ditch the battlegrounds idea. Seems like they are focusing on it too much when other things could be improved.
  • FathersunFathersun Posts: 6
    Most excited for them to fix all the bugs in this game. At this point it feels like playing with an animal carcass the amount of them just hanging out undisturbed
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