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[Merged] Black widow's scytalis traps not visible

ReptoidReptoid Posts: 39
edited September 2022 in Bugs and Known Issues

Just beat this boss but her traps were not visible, the trap itself works but was just not visible on screen.
Can this be checked, makes the fight very annoying.
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  • TheLightBringerTheLightBringer Posts: 453 ★★★★
    Same here, I can't see em on the screen, I took the 6* shards path I'm not sure if it's a bug or what
  • KyusushuiKyusushui Posts: 145 ★★
    edited September 2022
    Are her traps supposed to be visible on the map? I dont swe any after her specials so Im always confuswd as to where they are. Is this a glitch on my end or just designed this way
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  • KyusushuiKyusushui Posts: 145 ★★
    Are her traps supposed to be visible on the map? I dont swe any after her specials so Im always confuswd as to where they are. Is this a glitch on my end or just designed this way
  • KennyPLKennyPL Posts: 114 ★★
    Same with Warlock and "virus". U cant tell when the opponent is infected.
  • Hey there, checking with the rest of the team.
  • Noise72Noise72 Posts: 337 ★★★
    Bugged trap vs. working trap

    Many players probably think this is how the fight should be and are wasting revives they wouldn’t normally use if they knew it was bugged.

  • TheLightBringerTheLightBringer Posts: 453 ★★★★
    Watching Karatamike stream right now and he's fighting mysterio and the animations were broken to, mysterio was floating there without his cloud
  • Darkknight_94Darkknight_94 Posts: 459 ★★★
    edited September 2022
    Now I can't phase kitty! Kitty pryde phase not visible now but timer is there but she's taking damage ?? Here's the proof..👇

  • FuzzyFoxFuzzyFox Posts: 45
    Its the same with Kraven, Traps not appearing
  • WhoDaPooWhoDaPoo Posts: 308 ★★★
    Same happens with Invisible Woman's invisibility and Rintrah's root effects.
  • TheLightBringerTheLightBringer Posts: 453 ★★★★
    I'm stuck on black widow boss took her to 40% and don't wanna waste the progress yet I can't finish it because of that visual bug and my champs are locked there
  • Ghost12Ghost12 Posts: 604 ★★★
    Today there have being plenty of nice bugs happening. But the main two are where my Kitty phase mechanic was bugged, it didn't show when she phased and black Widow scythlock trap isn't showing up.

    Nice sweet bugs....
  • frodo2377frodo2377 Posts: 312 ★★★
    You can add Miles Morales to the list of visual bugs. He doesn't show as invisible.
  • FuzzyFoxFuzzyFox Posts: 45
    edited September 2022
    8.1 Claire Boss, Cant see the Traps she puts down?
  • InfernomanashInfernomanash Posts: 26
    edited September 2022
    Im facing a weird bug in act 8.1 final boss where after black widow activates her traps after an sp , they seem to be invisible and it becomes very hard to fight against those invisible traps ,kindly fix this issue asap thank you
  • OcajOcaj Posts: 7
    Feel like crying spent so many items and units not knowing what to do, but seems like it's a bug. Next time probably best to check out forums before doing any fights and spending items/units to clear it, especially when something doesn't seem correct guys. Hope this at least helps someone..
  • ValmezValmez Posts: 74
    Fought G2099 AQ mini boss and she phased but the animation didn't appear either. No harm done but just wanted to mention since others reporting similar things not appearing.
  • Madman_marvinMadman_marvin Posts: 647 ★★★★
    Didn’t realize this was a bug. Awesome. I’m on the boss and now I’ve wasted revives. Final boss bugged on day one of 8.1 release
  • There are many visual bugs with some animations on characters. Aegon's arm cannot be seen when performing a special attack or holding a block, invisible woman's invisibility cannot be seen visually but has the same effects and same with kitty pryde's phasing ability and champions like Stryfe, Hood, and Ghost. Mysterio did not have his smoke cloud and Emma Frost's diamond was being activated but couldnt be seen during karatemike's act 8.1 stream earlier today. Characters that have blocks like Dr Doom, Infamous Iron Man, Invisible Woman, and Super Skrull could be not visually seen but still were being performed. Traps from Kraven on my account and traps from Black Widow (Scytalis) on karatemike's stream. You couldnt tell when an opponent of Warlock was infected or not, attacker or defender. I noticed all these at a truly random time, 1:43pm and i was doing arena at the time. All these visual bugs also didnt seem to exist almost an hour before. It cost me a few revives while questing but i mostly did arena and that caused me to lose a few matches that i could've easily won
  • bxdbxd Posts: 25
    It's pretty awkward if you fight invisible woman and you can only see the prompt... if you phase with ghost or kitty and don't see when you're phasing... makes everything harder... yeah

    BUT, the biggest BUT(T) of them All...

    Galan is missing his PLANETS in his staff...

    Feeling sad for him, those are really pretty planets... Please give him back his planets...

    (For Real, a lot of things got a lot harder cuz of that, please fix it ... but not like the hotfix, or make a HotHotFix)


    Box out
  • AmuirAmuir Posts: 14
    Same here not seeing trap , and it eats up my unit
  • StantonaStantona Posts: 107
    I've noticed the same with Ghost, it says phase but she doesn't :D
  • The worst that I've encountered G2099 goes digital cloak but you cannot tell in AQ.
  • RebarkRebark Posts: 343 ★★★
    it's actually happening with all the visual effects, Omega's deathfield, Emma Frost's diamond shape, Ghost's Invisibility, Guillotine 2099, Kitty...
  • Real_Madrid_76_2Real_Madrid_76_2 Posts: 3,308 ★★★★★
    Kitty and miles Morales aren't able to phase right now🥲🥲
  • RonSwansonRonSwanson Posts: 1,171 ★★★★
    PQuil said:

    The worst that I've encountered G2099 goes digital cloak but you cannot tell in AQ.

    You can't see it but you can tell if you pay attention to the screen, "Digi cloak activated" still pops up on screen when it triggers and the timer also appears
  • ShiroiharaShiroihara Posts: 1,092 ★★★★
    Seriously guys, going in to clear content on day one. Must be your first day here.
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