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[Merged]Missing October calendar



  • Gogeta91199Gogeta91199 Posts: 987 ★★★★
    Yea didn’t receive it either
  • Hit_me_TwiceHit_me_Twice Posts: 35

    Still no Paragon calendar for October. Only the Ingame Mail !
  • Longshot_33Longshot_33 Posts: 296 ★★
    Nor me. We are not worthy
  • There's an inngame nails that says don't miss a day but they've forced us to miss the first day lol
  • Ironside47Ironside47 Posts: 441 ★★★
    Same here. UK based running one account (thronebreaker)
  • Chief_primeChief_prime Posts: 70 ★★
    For the ppl still insisting it will turn up on oct 1st, even in Canada it's oct 1st by now. And the calendar it's still missing for loads of us -_- So how about just let us report it?

    Im TB and in my alli I've heard of at least 3 other TBs who've also remarked it's missing for them so far.
  • Test18Test18 Posts: 1
    Also haven’t seen the October calendar on either my iOS device or Android. I am in the Eastern Time zone in the United States and the calendars refresh at 8:00 PM for me. No October calendar last night when there should have been. The other calendars refreshed fine.
  • Brad366Brad366 Posts: 30

    Think it’s impacting people with dual accounts, only one works no matter how many times u log out and log back in

    No, I only have one account and don't have it
  • Jank39Jank39 Posts: 139
  • Nemesis666Nemesis666 Posts: 166
    Same here. Did some people get it?
  • Blackfriar63Blackfriar63 Posts: 91
    Same. It's missing on 2 of my accounts, but showing on another account. Reboot/ reinstall did not correct.
  • Not sure that’s the case as I have it on both of my lower level accounts, but not mine.

    Think it’s impacting people with dual accounts, only one works no matter how many times u log out and log back in

  • StarhawkStarhawk Posts: 555 ★★★
    that is incorrect. I have 2 accounts and both of them don't have the login calendar. This likely has to do with what time you logged in after 8:00pm EST yesterday would be my guess.
  • MidnightfoxMidnightfox Posts: 1,008 ★★★
    Hey @Kabam Miike can we at least get a we’re aware and looking into a fix? Or is it gonna be the regular act like there’s not an issue?
  • Dragoon81Dragoon81 Posts: 147 ★★
    Same one TB and one Paragon account no calendar on either.
  • StrategicStrategic Posts: 632 ★★★
    Just got paragon title this week and was looking forward to my paragon login calendar.
    Guess kabam refuses to admit I got paragon finally...
  • JohnlakshayJohnlakshay Posts: 14
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit brothers no calender still for me as well as last war won but tier reduced from 14 to 15 too many bugs this month didn't expect that
  • Yeah same here
  • CirrusCirrus Posts: 83
    No calendar here either . Will we be reimbursed for days if they go down as unclaimed @Kabam Miike ?
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 8,001 ★★★★★
    Not showing for me, but unless I’m mistaken all I missed out on was a small chunk of gold. I can wait a day for that.

    Dr. Zola
  • I cant find Oct login calender in game. Is it a bug anybody facing just like me.
  • MᗅՏᗅCREMᗅՏᗅCRE Posts: 115
    For me it's fine

  • FaizFaiz Posts: 2
    Yup me too, monthly calendar is gone..!
  • champ9090champ9090 Posts: 28
    Same the me (missing).
  • On my other account it appears, but on my main account the October calendar does not appear.
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