Multiple bugs in BGs since yesterday

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There's been bugs here and there but since yesterday pretty much every 2 fights the following occurs:
  1. Black screen when fight finishes (see this post, same case every time: )
  2. The winner is the opposite (or at least you are not granted with the victory) even though it is a tie (see screenshot below)
  3. To make things worst, many times the first of your defenders is already picked for you when you come out from the banning phase countdown.
Tie screenshot 1-1 - why is it a lose:

Quite frustrating this week.

I am on an iPhone 12 Pro Max
iOS 16.1
Latest MCoC release.


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    Again, I think the user withdraw (I won my fight less than 20s), it was the second fight and none of them registered...

  • Those are both showing that YOU lost because your connection with the servers had been interrupted, slow, missed “ping” signals verifying constant connection, etc.

    The 1st set of pics show FORFEIT on your side of screen (so it was NOT a tie, your device lost constant connection with server). And 2nd match shows you LOST (and so no completed fights within the match), because of “forfeit”.

    Even though your game continued in the fight and you defeated the opponent, the connection with server being interrupted made that fight not count.
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    Thank you, but I've restarted game, iPhone, tried wifi and 5G. I definitely think this is Kabam servers.
  • I just had the same thing happen to me as #1. I posted as well. Super frustrating when you would’ve won otherwise
  • I lost 90 of my elder marks because I was fighting and completed a match and when it ended it showed the last match I was in and did not give me credit for completing that match.
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