Uncollected modok? Seriously

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Ok obviously yes I know it is uncollected but how come I managed to get through every other quest and now that I just have to explore the last quest modok is the only one stopping me. I can use resources but seriously this one guy is the only obstacle in the entire difficulty this is not to do with skill level or being extremely difficult it goes from using skill level to then just wishing you have a stark spidey rank 4 5 star so that you have a chance to solo him.
At least with act 5 the difficulty is spread kinda evenly everywhere unlike this event where you just dump everything into modok.


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    Awesome hopefully I get him tommorow I got catalysts waiting. Im just gonna finish off heroic and master and save some units for modok only modok.
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    I really hope they sort this if he is bugged phoenix got sorted pretty quick. One boss should not be the only problem whereas everythng is else is easy.
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    I got through him just fine, make sure you don't use full 5combos against him, with 4 hit combos he won't hit you after or during his auto block. 1 shot him with 4* gwenpool no stark spidey needed
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    The whole 4 hit combo doesn't work that much... he would autoblock 2 hits in at times... even the 1st hit.

    He wasn't majorly hard, just tricky, as a couple hits would KO you.
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    Why is it that these posts all revolve around the idea that xyz character is unbeatable and it's never about skill? Meanwhile people continue to beat all these complained about enemies without much difficulty.
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    @Sungj, @Deadbyrd9, @G0311, this is awesome, thanks for sharing your first hand experience on how you took modok down. Very good reference for us.
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    G0311 wrote: »
    I did him with a 4* R5 Stark spidey.

    Some of us don't have the luck of having him. Some of us got spider Gwen and then again duped with 2 attempts of getting him :/
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    Arcangel kills him faster then starky.
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    You don’t need a stark Spider-Man to beat content. I’ve been doing everything without ome and have no problem clearing anything
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    He's not that difficult but the fact that he can counter attack while blocking is a problem sometimes because it only takes 1 hit to end the fight lol
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    I did it with 4* dd classic, long & boring fight.
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    Sorry for bumping this I did not want to start a new thread to ask this question but kabam only replies on weekdays right? If so then I will not keep trying to get an answer to whether he is bugged or not for the weekend.
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    then do one hit at a time and smile :)
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    I did it with 4* 5/50 elektra, took maybe two revives each time. The first time I only had 4/55 marvel. Took me 8 revives. Ugh,
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    AA is the best against him, he shuts down all autoblocking, so you can run through him with a 5/50 AA without any issues
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    This is basically Kabam dev team being told they are getting Clark Griswald-ed in their Christmas bonus this year so they gave themselves a month to make up revenue... throw in a couple FU bosses and cha-ching Mr Boss man... we bring you monies from stupid whales (us).
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    The biggest haha is when you clear the level, you get 2x125 and 1x525 ISO for your troubles lol
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    Vision_41 wrote: »
    It's suppose to be challenging.
    Where's the challenge when you can do nothing but spend? :lol:

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    the6th wrote: »
    Vision_41 wrote: »
    It's suppose to be challenging.
    Where's the challenge when you can do nothing but spend? :lol:

    Or use strategy, like hit him 4 times, back off, evade sp1, repeat. He wasn't too difficult, just annoying because it's hard to tell when he's blocking. If you do 5 hit combos or end a combo with a medium attack and he blocks it, you leave yourself open for attack. You kinda have to fight him like spidey, cautiously hit him and back off then evade the special.
  • Just use a defensive ability reduction champ like AA or CB
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    Takes a while to get really good at this game. He's not game breaking or bugged it gets frustrating but dont get mad if you just get plain beat.... hes beatable in a one shot kill. I have a video that its doable.
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    This is how MEØW The Lions Den does it ^
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