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Unable to claim 7* event ally rewards despite joining alliance before the event

VernVern Posts: 48
I joined an alliance a couple of days before the 7* event started, and had a 5-7d timer before I could claim alliance rewards once it started (did not change alliances while the event was ongoing)

Now that the timer has expired, I still can’t claim the alliance event rewards. Has anyone experienced this and what is the solution to being able to claim these alliance rewards?


  • CrusaderjrCrusaderjr Posts: 1,059 ★★★★
    if the rewards and milestones were hit before your timer and contributions were added then i dont think you are able to claim. as you technically did not contribute to unlocking them as they were already unlocked...
  • FrankWhiteFrankWhite Posts: 175 ★★
    Try to restart a couple times. If this doesn’t work buy one Para Crystal and open it
  • PikoluPikolu Posts: 4,801 Guardian

  • VernVern Posts: 48
    Thanks. Opening a paragon crystal unlocked all milestones for me
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