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NEW AW Season 48 - War #7 Gameplan - Reward Tier Bump

MCOC TeamMCOC Team Posts: 540
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Hi Summoners,

Here with another update for AW:

Previously we made the decision to omit War 7 from the current season's scoring. Due to the unforeseen impact this would have on the top alliances in this competitive mode, our team has decided to revert this decision. While we made the initial decision to set things right, believing no alliance should lose due to a clerical error, this had serious ramifications at the top of the leaderboard.

We understand this has been a messy season and the handling of War 7 will cause further friction. As a result, the team has made the decision to bump every alliance one reward tier at the end of the season. As a result, all Masters alliances will receive 7-Star Scarlet Witch.

As a result of this change, reward payout may be delayed from the normal timeline. Please have patience as we try to make this adjustment to compensate impacted Alliances, and remain in your current Alliance until the season completes.

It is worth reminding you all, this reward tier bump is coming in addition to the previously mentioned compensation for difficulties in this season.

Thank you for your patience.
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    luke_dunphy29luke_dunphy29 Posts: 1
    Huge W
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    startropicsstartropics Posts: 680 ★★★★

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    Broe1313Broe1313 Posts: 11
    Let’s goooo!!
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    Smeagz23Smeagz23 Posts: 108 ★★
    edited April 3
    Good call, right decision.
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    AntsiouAntsiou Posts: 180 ★★
    This is doing the right thing. Glad feedback been given and voices been heard.
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    TreininTreinin Posts: 215 ★★★
    Thank you for listening to reason. This is a much better solution. Truly appreciate you took the time to weigh feedback and revisit your decision.
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    Lo67KiLo67Ki Posts: 56
    W kabam April just started and it’s already 🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥
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    IggyPopIggyPop Posts: 65
    Great stuff! 🙌🏽
    Now get ready to do the same with BG S17 week 3-4 meta 😂
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    winterthurwinterthur Posts: 8,034 ★★★★★

    Now I really need to fight hard to keep my rank in Silver 2. :#

    War #10 is a loss. 15 defenders not placed. :s
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    CHuck_fINACHuck_fINA Posts: 145
    This is much better compensation, thank you. But what about some changes to how you test these tactics before release? I'm sure many of us would rather have a challenging yet balanced war season than keep going through this.
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    rotterdamasrrotterdamasr Posts: 2
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    startropicsstartropics Posts: 680 ★★★★

    This is much better compensation, thank you. But what about some changes to how you test these tactics before release? I'm sure many of us would rather have a challenging yet balanced war season than keep going through this.


    this compensation will go a long way to making players whole and is very much appreciated, but please address the difficulty of globals going forward so it never gets to this point.

    i know the global was nerfed a bit, but with blacklists being a thing and the tags being as restrictive as they are, will finding proper counters be a problem next season? 5 banned global attackers is a lot and officers are already finding it difficult in assigning some fights.
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    SecondSkrillerSecondSkriller Posts: 1,276 ★★★★★
    I don’t mind a messy season if it means more rewards.
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    ShinyyoungsterShinyyoungster Posts: 12
    It does fella. Assuming the finishing placement at season end is G2, G1 rewards will be received.
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    IvarTheBonelessIvarTheBoneless Posts: 1,271 ★★★★
    Very happy with this change. Very sad our alliance went from plat1 to plat2. It is what it is tho
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    KameraryKamerary Posts: 7
    excellent 7 you don’t think about the war...ok. What if she downgraded our category? like ok? From 3 to 4...and this big difference is 4.5 coefficient or 6. Alliances that received advantages thanks to this will also receive an increase in rank rewards. cool you think. We should be in platinum 3 right now, but we definitely won’t get out of platinum 4 with your diversity rule and loss of category, thanks to the Cubs. and also the search for the enemy became 25-35 stronger than our alliance consistently (I’ll attach screenshots), but there was an error of 1-5 rating like ours. Pu skill has been completely disabled, a couple of people in the war cannot enter the battle at all, the attack bonus is loading and lost, the domino is completely broken when it is hit on a block, it accumulates energy. the season was a success, roughly speaking, there is no compensation...can I have one point of compensation from winter pain? This is for me the best compensation or task to get it.

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    ElectroElectro Posts: 7
    por todos los errores que se han presentado en guerra creo que ya seria mas justo que compensaran con 2 niveles de compensación encima del rango en que terminemos, de esa manera ustedes como equipo le pondrán mas empeño en corregir los errores antes de iniciar guerras.

    sigo creyendo que la compensación debe ser mayor que esa que están ofreciendo.

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    BadahBadah Posts: 265 ★★
    Irrelevant for all alliances below Gold 1…
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    Wakandas_FinestWakandas_Finest Posts: 853 ★★★★
    Still no potions or boosts as compensation smh
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