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  • Therefore like I said... either they take away those sentrys and replace them with voids or they hand out at least a basic 5* Hero Crystal to those who hadn't the luck of pulling sentry, so everyone gets 2 Champs out of 15k shards... that would be fair

    That would be massively unfair. What Kabam did is the fair one

    How would that be "massively unfair"? Some getting 2 Champs out of 15k shards and the rest getting just one.... that is massively unfair.... fact.

    NO, it's not. You got exactly what you "paid" for, nothing more, nothing less. You were not short changed at all, completely fair

    The ones that suffered the accidental "false advertising" by Kabam, did NOT get what they paid for. They were short-changed. So Kabam fixed this for them and offered a little compensation as an apology. The community is asking for compo ALL the time. This time it was justified, and because you don't get it you think that is unfair???

    Like I said, you got every single thing that you paid for, so you do not need any compensation

    I know that I've got exactly what I paid for and I can live with that just fine. But let me put it this way... some went for this Crystal and kabam said "hey it was the wrong crystal but either way you didnt pulled a featured Champ at all, so it doesn't make any difference" on the other hand some went for the wrong crystals and kabam said "hey it was the wrong Crystal, in some way it was your fault but you know what? Since you pulled the featured Champ, you can keep it and get another one just for free, that would give you a slight advantage in arena and you got all you need to use the sentry/void synergy in full expanse in aw defense or anywhere else "

    For me personally it's fine what I've got... one champion out of one Crystal, but I'm not fine that some get two champions out of one Crystal even though they went for the exact same Crystal, they've got more than what they paid for. So if kabam would take these sentrys back and hand them a void I could totally live with that, but let them keep it and gift them yet a second champ for free while telling anyone else "it's your fault, learn to live with that"
    I mean some pulled Sentry twice or even more so they don't just got an awakened sentry they will also get a fully awakened void, so if kabam don't want to take away all those sentrys it would only be fair to hand all the other ones who went for the wrong crystal just one basic 5* Hero Crystal, and that's too much to ask for
  • Worst solution really. Give me back my 15k shard and take back Iron man. I dont mind if i will receive him again, but i want my shards back to open right cristal. It was your fault KABAM, not ours.
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    Fairness is a "quid pro quo" scenario. Fairness would have been a situation where they replaced the Sentry with Void. Keeping in mind that only those who actually pulled the Featured would have been affected. Doesn't matter what Champ is the Featured because the current RNG drops it at a certain rate. If it wasn't going to drop, it wasn't going to drop regardless of the mixup. However, as was mentioned, it's more difficult to discern and replace, so I suspect they opted for this solution as a bit of a compensation to those who were affected. I have no issues with it. The purpose of compensation is to amend the result.
  • I get your point, and up until some point I do agree , all I say is that every player should receive the same amount of champions. So if some players get a second, everyone should. I'm not asking for void, a second featured Crystal I'm not even asking for a refund, even if I get a Luke cage, carnage, she hulk or iron patriot, that would be fine with me... just the same amount
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    If everyone gets a second champ I'll be really pissed for not opening the crystal when I noticed it was the wrong one.

    The current solution might not totally be fair, but it's the fairest option to the most people. Any other solution would be even more unfair to even more players.
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    So we all can agree to disagree. Some think it is fair and some don't. Bottom line here is kabam should be more careful as well as the players in the game. We know Kabam's track record with releasing content or items that are not ready. If this happens again (kabam releasing a crystal as not intended), and ppl open another crystal and not read before opening in it then shame on them. They get what they deserve.
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    Ridiculous solution and totally absurb, i would like my shards back and if i pull kamala khan in the right crystal i am ok with it, but not in the wrong crystal. Kabam please revisit the solution and make it right for those bought the right crystal and those who bought the wrong one
  • I've read all of your posts hubris along with the others. You have stated that kabam made a mistake and falsely advertised yes?
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    Keep sending in tickets. This fix is ridiculous.

    This was my reply to supports response about the fix...

    No. That’s not how it works. You guys placed the wrong crystal in the store. Just bc they are both feature crystals does not mean it would have been the same outcome. That doesn’t make any sense. Its RNG and it isn’t based on time. If I opened a sentry crystal the same exact time as I opened a Void crystal I would get two different champions not the same one. It’s two different variables which would have had two different outcomes. I need to speak to a higher person up the ladder. This is ridiculous and I will not let this go. I want my hard earned 15k 5* shards back so I can buy the crystal that you guys were supposed to have in the store. It is your mistake and this is not an adequate fix. I need to speak with a supervisor or manager.
  • I pulled kingpin. I just noticed you were very opinionated on this matter and wouldnt want you to stop now as I think you deserve a chance to defend your reasoning. Do you believe there was even a mistake made by kabam?
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    @Hubris_hater I pulled Phoenix. Great for prestige, but I wanted my shot at void. I got a Science 5* 3 to 4 from act 5. I still would have said something even if I pulled one of those champs.
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    @Hubris_hater you obviously haven’t followed through with tickets to support before. That is the only way to get an actual response and solution from them. It normally takes about 5 or 6 different messages.
  • @Hubris_hater I want you to assure you I'm not trying to be combative in any way but as I said I had read your arguments already and understand those arguments. But they are predicated on the fact that you believe kabam actually made a mistake and owes even 1 person compensation. If you could humor me, why do you believe there needs to be compensation when a void will be showing up in their mail box for every sentry that was pulled?
  • I will actually answer this for you. In your words, there was "false advertising,". Ok so I will follow your logic. There was an email sent out stating void was available. 100% of the people who who purchased the incorrect crystal went to the crystal store, saw the same crystal on offer and paid 15k shards each. The moment they realized the crystal was the wrong one may be different for all, but they purchased it under the same conditions of advertising. The outcome of those crystals were different, yes, but the conditions of influence of purchase were the same. If this is the case, then compensation in the end must be for this false advertising ALONE that you mention and it applies to all, or it applies to none regardless of the outcome.
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    Here's an analogue of this scenario. You go to the butcher they have a display of different cuts of wagyu beef. you look at it and purchase some tenderloin. You find out later that it wasn't wagyu at all that you purchased and the butcher accidentally set out black angus beef instead. Accidental yes, but is it false advertising? You are saying yes it is. Why should only those who purchased the tenderloin be compensated By receiving the correct wagyu plus keeping the black angus and those who purchase ribeye not be are just stuck like chuck. Maybe this is oversimplification but no one in their right mind would say it's ethical to apply compensation to some and not all IF this apology by way of compensation is because of false advertising like you said.
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    @Hubris_hater so you are telling me that if it would have been the correct crystal I still would have pulled Phoenix? Like a 100% chance that I pulled Phoenix? Do you have the coding that show this would happen? It’s ****.
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    And I don’t want a 2nd champ. Idc about that. I want to spin a crystal that actually has void in it. I am done with this conversation though. You see it your way and I see it my way.
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    The difference between the Void and Sentry crystal is which feature champion is a possible outcome.

    If you like analogies, this is like Kabam awarding champs based on a roll of a die. Everyone who rolls a 6 gets the featured champion all other rolls are not the featured champion, this is ubiquitous across all featured crystals. If you opened the wrong crystal and got Sentry you did so by rolling a 6 which would've been the same outcome if you had opened the correct crystal for Void. To fix this you give everyone who rolled a 6 on the wrong crystal a Void.
  • Now here is a problem I have with scenario B you gave. I pulled kingpin who is a subfeatured champ. I am not a coding expert but if we consider the RNG system and how I'm under the assumption it works. There is a digital roll of the dice and you land on a number that dictates you will get a subfeatured champ. At the time of the crystal that had Sentry as the featured champ the subpool consisted of 10 champions doc oc through modok. So your chances of pulling a specific sub featured is a new roll of a 10 sided dice. But if the crystal is now a featured crystal with void, the sub featured pool is increased to 11. The odds of me pulling kingpin are no longer the same. iF this is the case, and again I'm not an expert, those who pulled a subfeatured may indeed have been affected.
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    Technically, this is a fair solution for what happened.

    The only unfair part was the folks who pulled Sentry, technically get 2 5*, but if you think about it, from Kabam's standpoint, what do you want them to do? They can't take away Sentry because what if someone awoke their champs and put stones on them. You are going to pull those also to unawaken the champ? You need to be reasonable and what is the fairest solution.
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    @Hubris_hater so you are telling me that if it would have been the correct crystal I still would have pulled Phoenix? Like a 100% chance that I pulled Phoenix? Do you have the coding that show this would happen? It’s ****.

    I find it amazing that you cant see that this is 100% what you would have pulled. No difference at all

    I mean, you can’t prove it is, and nobody without access to the code can prove it isn’t.
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