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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • Honestly, i really just want 5 champs added to the game.

    1.) Sasquatch
    2.) Thing
    3.) The Blob
    4.) Toad
    5.) Sand Man

    Mostly Sasquatch and members of Alpha Flight
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    Dilly Dilly....
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    You the MAN...
    I Freaking love this Guy.

    You got my Vote for them All!
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    Adding in more diverse champs in the global spectrum is long overdue like the Canadian avengers/xmen equivalent Alpha Flight, the Russian avengers/xmen equivalent The Winter Guard, and just all in all champs from all over the globe like Chinese decent Radioactive Man, Australian decent Pyro, Romanian/transilvanian decent Dracula, Japanese decent Silver Samuri/Sunfire, Irish decent Banshee/Black Tom Cassidy, Native American decent Thunderbird/Warpath, and so many others.
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    Thank you are A man worthy of a crown...
    Marvel should put u on the payroll. If they are listening. It's fans like you that will keep the future generations of fans following Marvel long into their adulthood.
    Always astonished by your posts.
    Thank you.
  • Voyager (Cosmic)
    Synergies with the Avengers
    She's cool
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    Can we get a pic of her???
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    Hey guys. I put up a poll mostly for the Kabam team. But its what we as fans want lol. I had some extra characters from former ideas of mine just passing them along. Which ever wins. Do what you wish with them lol. Original Debuts for you.
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    Probably most well known for being Dormammu's sister, one of her feats is being able to defeat Eternity himself alongside her brother.


    idea: "Power Absorption"
    Persistent charge: once Umar has defeated a mystic or cosmic champion, she gains attack and health bonuses proportional to the amount of power her enemy possessed when it was defeated. (Thus timing the kill while the enemy has as much power as possible will net her the most benefit)

    synergy: Dormammu
    Dormammu gains "Power Absorption" and both Dormammu and Umar add this ability to their SP2:
    "Fizzle" (I know, a silly name for an ability but i can't think of anything else)
    Cast a "fizzle" debuff on the opponent that lasts (?) seconds. While with this debuff, the opponent cannot execute special attacks. Fizzle can only occur once per fight.

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    Yes keep em coming...
    Ohh behave in my Austin Powers voice...
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    Blue marvel
    Adam warlock
    Emma frost
    Sebastian shaw
    Franklin richards

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    We got Action...
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    If Beyonder is the war boss, if all other allied defenders in his battlegroup are all Heroes or all Villains, Beyonder and all his allied defenders get a significant bonus to hp and attack rating. Similarly, if all the opposing attackers are the opposite alignment of Beyonder's team, these attackers gain a significant boost to their hp and attack as well. (the Beyonder himself is neutral character)

    example 1:
    All of Beyonder's allied defenders are Heroes: thus they get a bonus to stats.
    If all attackers are Villains, they too get a bonus to stats.

    example 2:
    All of Beyonder's allied defenders are Villains: thus they get a bonus to stats.
    However, there are 9 Hero attackers and 1 Mercenary attacker: therefore the attackers gain no bonus.

    example 3:
    All of Beyonder's allied defenders are Heroes: thus they get a bonus to stats.
    All of the enemy attackers are Heroes as well. Thus they gain no bonus.

    This idea is directly inspired by the events from the 1980's Secret Wars:

    from Wikipedia:
    "The Beyonder is the sum total of an entire multiverse,[3] called the Beyond-Realm or simply "Beyond", hence the name Beyonder. This dimension was originally believed to be accidentally accessed by lab technician Owen Reece. Part of the energy from the dimension escapes and imbues Reece with near-infinite powers, which he wields as the villainous Molecule Man—potentially one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe. The remaining energy of the pocket dimension gains sentience and curiosity, and becomes the Beyonder. The Beyonder creates a planet called Battleworld out of pieces of various planets (one such piece being a suburb of Denver, Colorado) and abducts a number of superheroes and supervillains from Earth and forces them to fight each other so that he can observe the never-ending battle between good and evil. During this time, his powers were once stolen by Doctor Doom.[4]"
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    Bad guys always welcomed...
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    Hello to all of marvels contest of champions fans! My suggestions for champions are listed down below.

    1. Blue MARVEL
    2. Anti-venom
    3. Spider-Man 2099
    4. Toxin
    5. Adam warlock
    6. Onslaught
    7. Beta-ray bill Thor
    8. Nova
    9. Mr.sinister
    10. Super-skull
    11. Apocalypse
    12. Scream
    13. Satana
    14. Living tribunal
    15. Beyonder
    16. The stranger
    17. Proteus
    18. Prowler
    19. Dr.strange(movie version)
    20. Surtur
    21. Master order
    22. Man-thing
    23. Magus
    24. Multiple man
    25. Baron zemo
    26. Captain universe
    27. Cosmic Spider-Man
    28. Captain mar-vell
    29. Amatsu-mikaboshi
    30. X-Man
    31. Xarus
    32. Zarathos
    33. Star brand
    34. Penance
    35. Madman
    36. Maelstrom
    37. In-betweener
    38. Lord chaos
    39. The watcher
    40. Gorr the God butcher
    41. Galactus
    42. Eternity
    43. Infinity
    44. Starhawk
    45. Rachel summers
    46. Venom 2099
    47. Doppelganger
    48. Supreme intelligence
    49. Wonder man
    50. And finally zombie versions of the Avengers!!!

    How do you like the unique list? Comment below!
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    Machine Gunn those off then.
    That list is the Bizz Ness
  • _Epic_2099_Epic_2099 Posts: 8

    Don't forget one above all!!! :D

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    Lockjaw! It would be fun to have another animal character besides Rocket.
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    edited January 2018
    After all they did kinda pull a fast one on us with the whole Black Bolt n King pin move...
    I thought old Lockjaw was gonna be available then...
    Good one Epic

  • Quicksilver

    High critical rate
    Medium critical damage.
    Low block proficiency.
    Low health.
    High base attack.

    Shrug off non damaging debuffs 65% faster.

    Dashing towards the opponent:
    All incoming attacks MISS
    Dash attacks deal upto 180% incresed attack based on stored power.
    If you intercept your opponent using a special attack, the entire special gets the attack bonus.
    Opponent cannot evade these attacks.

    Special attacks:Sonic Boom
    60% to stun for 2.5 seconds on SP1
    80% chance on SP2
    100% chance on SP3

    When attacked
    Upto 15% chance to auto block based on stored power. Doesn't trigger parry.

    When attacked by a special attack
    Flat +66% chance to MISS based on stored power.


    Sonic Boom(Special Attacks) inflicts a 7 second concussion, reducing enemy ability accuracy by 75%.
    Concussion can activate even if the opponent's blocking.
    Flat+24% to evade special attacks as long as the opponent has a concussion.
    Opponents under a concussion have upto 81% reduced power gain based on how long a concussion has been active, reaching the maximum bonus after 21 seconds.

    15% increased power gain while opponent has a concussion.
    Special attacks have a 60% to ignore evade.
    Gain +30% attack rating on dash attacks.

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    This is the first of several posts suggesting a new team to join the contest - The New Warriors.

    Hey, I was reading comics in the 90s, and I still like the characters - don't judge me!

    First off the bat: The Man Called Nova


    Cosmic: Ricard Ryder gained superpowers as a member of the Nova corps.

    Good base attack and damage. Moderate critical rate, damage and armour.

    Signature: Durability - Nova gains up to +2200 Physical Resistance and +1100 Energy Resistance with increasing Power levels.

    Passive: Nova has a base +600 Physical resistance and +300 Energy resistance.

    On being struck: 10% charge for Fury lasting five seconds.

    Special attacks:
    S1 - Nova charge: Nova flies forward with a rocket-propelled punch. +400 critical rating and block penetration. 60% chance to inflict Armour Break.
    S2 - Multiple blows from energy-charged fists. Each inflicts a burst of Energy for an additional 50% Energy damage.
    S3 - Gravimetric burst: Nova unleashes a powerful blast of cosmic energy. This inflicts True damage, bypassing all armour and resistances.

    Night Thrasher (Unique) - NT gains +8% Perfect Block, Nova gains +10% Special damage.
    Ronan (Enemy)
    Speedball (Friend)
    Namorita (Romance)

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    Thank you... Another guy I never heard of.
    Thanks for the pic and the post.
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    Who's next? A new warrior and a new mutant, she's the polar opposite of Iceman - FIRESTAR!


    Mutant: Firestar is a mutant with the power to emit microwave blasts (not, as her name implies, actual fire). Like many mutants, her base attack and health are moderate; but she has high basic Special damage (all energy-based).

    Signature - Firestar's special attacks become ever more powerful. She causes up to +100% Special damage, falling proportionately with her health.

    Passive - Firestar is immune to all cold-based damage (frostbite, coldsnap, cryokinesis). She has no intrinsic resistance to heat or energy attacks.

    Special attacks:
    S1 - Heat blast
    S2 - Microwave blast
    S3 - Stellar blast

    All Firestar's special attacks are Energy-based ranged attacks. The microwave bursts cause disruption in electrical systems; inflicting -50% ability accuracy in tech-using champions for eight seconds. This affects all Tech champions, as well as any Science or Skill champion classed as 'Metal'.

    Limitations on specials - champions with Incinerate immunity take only half damage from Firestar's special attacks. Red Hulk and Vulture Vulture can both absorb this energy (at-50% ability accuracy for Vulture)

    Iceman - Mutant supremacy - all mutants gain +12% Special Damage.
    Cyclops - Friend
    Justice - Romance
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    Let's go....
    Ok ok ok...
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    Next is the young Vance Astrovik, destined to one day carry Captain America's shield as Major Victory - Justice.


    Mutant: Justice is a powerful telekinetic. He has moderately low physical abilities, but high special damage.

    Signature - Telekinetic shield: Justice generates a Telekinetic shield providing up to +2500 Physical Resistance, depending on his Power levels. He cannot generate this shield when stunned or concussed. Chance to deflect physical projectiles increases by up to a flat 45%.

    Passive - Telekinetic deflection: Justice uses his abilities to deflect physical projectiles with a 20% chance, rising to 50% when blocking.

    Passive - Although he does suffer from the usual class advantage against tech opponents, Justice holds back less when fighting robots, inflicting an additional +40% special damage and armour break intensity against then with his special attacks.

    S1 - Telekinetic blast - This barely visible projectile attack reduces enemy evasion chance by 75%.
    S2 - Telekinetic whirlwind - This inflicts multiple strikes, each with a 40% chance to inflict a low-level but long-lasting Armour Break.
    S3 - Crushing Grip - Justice compresses his victim, with a100% chance to inflict a severe Armour Break.

    Firestar - Romance
    Namorita - Friend
    Captain America - Idol
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    The guy who put the team together, to avenge the parents killed by his evil guardian, it's millionaire crime-fighter Night Thrasher. Terrible name, but could make quite a good champion!


    Skill champion: Lacking super-powers, Night Thrasher has a defensive and opportunistic fighting style with his escrima sticks, giving him an excellent blocking ability, and a tendency to target his attacks selectively. He therefore has a moderate base attack, good armour rating, excellent block rating, and a low critical rating but high critical damage.

    Signature ability: Combat focus. For every five-hit combo completed or special attack connected, Night Thrasher gains a Focus charge for twenty seconds. Each focus charge increases his critical rate and block proficiency by up to +110, and his critical damage by up to +55.

    Passive - 15% perfect block.

    Passive - an opportunistic combatant, Night Thrasher gains +500 critical rating against stunned opponents.

    Passive - Specifically designed to provide him a strong defense against fire, Night Thrasher's armour grants him 50% Incinerate resistance on top of his basic armour rating.

    Special attacks:
    SP1: Multiple strikes plus flashbombs - inflicts Blindness for 5 seconds causing all attacks to have 50% chance to miss, and dropping critical rate to zero. Blindness cannot be shrugged off or converted; but it has no effect on champions employing nonorganic methods of seeing (robots, dimensional beings, Daredevil, Iron Man variants, Falcon).
    SP2: Tasers - inflicts Shock and 80% chance to Stun for three seconds.
    SP3: Multiple hand-to-hand strikes, opening opponent up to a barrage from his micro-Uzi: 70% chance to inflict each of four stacks of bleed.

    Captain America/Iron Man - Idol
    Firestar - Unique (NT's Focus charges last 25 seconds, Firestar gains +7% critical rating)
    Nova - Rivals
    Punisher - Skill champs gain +10% Ability Accuracy
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 2,375 ★★★★
    She's an Atlantean Princess who can bench-press a bus: Namorita.


    Mutant: Namorita would have High base physical resistance and damage; a low to medium critical rate and damage, and little energy resistance.

    Passive : Namorita's hybrid mutant/Atlantean physiology makes her immune to Coldsnap and Frostbite; and reduces the duration of all other debuffs except Incinerate by 25%.

    Weakness: Fire-wielding characters (currently Dormammu, Phoenix, Ghost Rider, Red Hulk, Firestar) gain +10% attack when fighting Namorita. This does not apply to characters who can use weapons to inflict Incinerate, but Incinerate has the additional effect of reducing Namorita's attack by 30% for the duration.

    Signature Ability: Atlantean heritage - Namorita begins to shrug off debuffs faster, reducing their duration by (up to) an additional 50%. The duration of her own buffs also increases by the same percentage.

    All attacks: 15% chance for Fury, raising attack by 40% for five seconds (does not stack). Fury also triggers automatically when Namorita recovers from being incinerated.

    Special attacks
    Special 1 (Crushing Blow): 60% chance to Armour Break for 6 seconds. 80% chance to inflict Concussion for 6 seconds.

    Special 2 (Strike from the air): 80 % chance to Armour Break for 9 seconds. 80% chance to inflict Stun for 2.5 seconds.

    Special 3 (Waterspout): Namorita summons a waterspout, to rejuvenate her before battering her opponent: Immediately nullifies all debuffs and passive effects, heals Namorita 5% health, and grants +1000 physical resistance buff for 8 seconds.

    Nova: Romance
    Night Thrasher: Unique (Namorita's Fury trigger rises to 25%; Thrasher starts combat with two Focus charges if Awakened)
    Speedball/Justice: Friends
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    Finally, it's bouncing ball of energy Speedball (and, optionally, his super-cat, Nils). The next God-tier science champion?


    Science champion. Speedball's powers revolve around kinetic energy. He lacks skill or finesse in attacking, but has very high base health.

    Signature ability: Kinetic absorption - Speedball harmlessly absorbs up to 25% of damage from all physical attacks, which is stored for up to eight seconds. When blocking, he absorbs 25% of the damage that would have been inflicted, had the attack not been blocked. Stored energy is inflicted as additional Physical damage with the next effective attack.

    Passive: Speedball gains 20% more Power when stuck by a physical attack, and opponents receive 20% less Power when they strike him. Unstoppable or Unblockable attacks grant an additional +40% Power gain.

    Passive: Speedball gains 25% less Power when he strikes an opponent, or is stuck by an Energy attack.

    Passive: Speedball suffers -20% physical damage when struck; and physical attacks have -40% Offensive ability Accuracy; but they do inflict +50% knockback; which can make it hard to sustain a combo against him.

    Special attacks:
    S1 - Bouncing bomb
    S2 - Bubble attack - this ranged attack with hundreds of bubbles cannot be evaded.
    S3 - Pinball Wizard - Speedball's multiple ricochets disorientate his opponents, causing Dizziness (-20% attack and critical rate and -75% evasion) for ten seconds.

    Spiderman - Friend
    Nova - Unique (Nova gains +10% Power Gain, Speedball gains +7% attack)
    Firestarter - Camaraderie (all champs gain +90 Energy Resistance)
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    Yo. Mag... U are taking the top spot with these posts... We have a Challenger for the crown.
    And he is rising fast
    Thanks Mag. U had me at hello lol

  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 2,375 ★★★★
    Taxman666 wrote: »
    Yo. Mag... U are taking the top spot with these posts... We have a Challenger for the crown.
    And he is rising fast
    Thanks Mag. U had me at hello lol



    Decided writing these up might be more fun than grinding the arena. Glad they made someone else smile, too.
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