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Connection issues following the 17.0.2 update (merged threads)



  • Connection failed during AW placement.
  • Is becoming a bit farcical that there is no update from @Kabam Miike or @Kabam Vydious to say anything like we have tried this or that or even just a simple we are still looking at it! Luckily I have let my alliance know about issues or else would have been kicked although am losing out on lots of rewards as they are doing back to back AWs! Please update with what is going on and likely fix time
  • Mr_OMr_O Posts: 7
    Same as everyone here this is absolutely ridiculous. With everything going on in the game with War being ranked how is this not a priority or is it just we aren't important enough.
  • We need to get the youtubers talking about this.
  • So. I appear to have found a solution to my connection problems, it might not work for everyone but it's currently working for me. I play on an android Tablet Lenovo tab2 A10_30. I found a video on YouTube which directed me to Google play store and download a VPN app called super VPN, it's free for 60 days. I have downloaded it and my game is working fine. Hope this helps.

    PS my internet provider is sky, in the UK.
  • @Drama77
    OMG!!! Thank you so much. I'm based in the USA and it worked for me! Thank you so much. Only if you worked at Kabam!! :D:D:D
  • Jebus1985Jebus1985 Posts: 21
    Day9 please gives update !!
  • @ISO8Legionaire That's awesome it has worked for you 😁. Happy to have helped. Happy gaming buddy 😉
  • Ps @ISO8Legionaire if I worked for kabam I'm sure I'd be pulling better champs than war machine every second crystal 😂😂😂
  • I have T-Mobile, while the update 17.0.2 fixed the connection issues for cellular users. Another issue has come up for my unsecured work WiFi. I routinely click on my work’s Term of Agreement and it connects without issues. Since the update, I have been unable to play on an unsecured WiFi here. It’s been well over a week since this has happened and nothing has been done. Everyone is getting frustrated. Fix the issue without new glitches or it’s time for bad reviews and boycotts again, Kabam.
  • ReArthuReArthu Posts: 12
    Lewisjanes wrote: »
    Well what is adblock for android?....android doesn't have adblock but it probably has something the same calls something different.

    The Device is rooted and i have adaware installed.
    I disabile adaware and all work fine.

    Googled "Android adware" and You find the responce...

    Adaware in Android exist but You must bè rooted
  • Please can we have an update on this?
  • There is already a post on this currently open but it's coming towards the end of day 10 of the problem for me and still no fix. Kabam haven't posted anything on that thread for the last 4 or so days so I'm opening a new one so we can actually get an update and maybe a fix.
  • Is anyone else having problems with the game connecting, it keeps saying network error and not loading, it isnt my wifi cuz all other apps work but if i go on my hotspot it works fine but its really getging annoying now its stopping me doing quite a lot id be in a fight and it makes me lose through no connection??
  • Kriya3000Kriya3000 Posts: 68
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    Ok. So my home WiFi is Sky and my sister in Law's WiFi is Sky (most of the UK use Sky for Broadband). Kabam's 17.0.2 update has somehow messed how the game connects via Sky Broadband WiFi. I don't know why. When I use my exact same phone on my friend's Orange WiFi, I have no problem and it's just like the good old MCOC that I've played faultlessly on WiFi for the past 3 years.. Until the 17.0.2 update. This means Kabam have somehow specifically messed up how the game interacts with Sky UK Broadband WiFi. How can this be?! How is it that Sky Broadband is affected? What makes Sky Broadband different to other WiFi Broadband? I repeat, Sky BB is not broken as it works for everything else. I have just streamed 1080p HD content totally perfectly on it. This is getting old and tiring now. Don't forget about us. Fix the @#& D@%~ game Kabam. I'm close to 2 GB mobile data now. You must get annoyed reading negativity all the time to the point where u have just turned off to it. Please do the right thing and fix it for you and me and you. Thank you and goodnight. Xxx
  • MareskaMareska Posts: 5
    @Drama77 thank you man,the super VPN app worked for me as well, I am back on
  • MkYidMkYid Posts: 6
    What is this 11 days now? I've officially ran out of mobile data and it's still not fixed.. sort it out kabam
  • @Mareska Awesome that it's working for you now. Hopefully kabam will have it fixed before our free 60 days are up, lol.
  • @Kriya3000 @MkYid try the super VPN app as described above, it may help.
  • Super VPN working for me to. Whatever was in that update Sky have blocked it for security reasons
  • Barath121Barath121 Posts: 49
    cant start alliance war its shows temporarily down
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,936 ★★★★
    I've now been kicked I can only log in via mobile data and I don't get mobile signal at home
  • Banner31Banner31 Posts: 8
    Its been very frustrating to play since the last update. Iv been having connection issues on both Wifi and Data. Is there any update going to be released to address this issue?

    - Samsung S8+
    - Android 7.0
    - Etisalat (Service Provider)
    - Several failed attempts to connect to the game using WiFi and cellular connection since last update
    - Have you have tried connecting through WiFi as opposed to a cellular connection or vice versa, and if so, what happens? Yes i have, ( Problems connecting to network. Please check you connection)

    I have tried to reinstall the game twice, since i keep getting error pop up notifications asking to force close the game, even though i'm not gaming at that moment.

    Please advise @Kabam Miike
  • Kriya3000Kriya3000 Posts: 68
    I don't want to download a VPN app to play a game. It only works for 20 days then u will only be able to use for 60 minute segments and no doubt the free version has adverts. I just want to play the game on my normal WiFi like I did for 3 years until 17.0.2 update. Please sort ASAP please. Thanks in advance.
  • This is getting silly .... day whatever it is with no update from ANYONE @ kabam. From posts on here the beta appears to resolve the issue ..... WHY HAVENT YOU RELEASED THIS YET!!?? Also what compensation is going to be given!? @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious anyone else @kabam ....
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    Keith_1979 wrote: »
    This is getting silly .... day whatever it is with no update from ANYONE @ kabam. From posts on here the beta appears to resolve the issue ..... WHY HAVENT YOU RELEASED THIS YET!!??

    Because this is not how releases work. We can't just throw out a new update whenever we would like (that would make life way easier though), and there is still lots to be done to ensure that there are no other knock ons.

    Thank you all for your patience. We realize how annoying and frustrating this is, and we are working to get this fixed ASAP. We're still investigating and will update you guys ASAP.
  • Kriya3000Kriya3000 Posts: 68
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    Thank you for the update @Kabam Miike
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