Who's The Most Overated Champion In Mcoc?



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    Nope, no of the above so I'll comment who.
    I've used Quake to solo Magik as AW boss but only in tier 13. I think she is one of the best champs in the game because of her ability reduction. I don't have Iceman and she does really well against evade champs. @DTMelodicMetal

    @xananabanana Quake's a top champ but I still think she's overrated. Higher AW tiers have additional and stronger nodes. Not sure if tier 13 has true strike, tier 4 does and true strike prevents Quake from evading attacks while charging her heavy attack. Quake struggles against stun immunity more than all champs listed in the OP's poll, and doing well against stun immunity nodes is needed to achieve some of the game's best rewards through content like Road to the Labyrinth, Act 5, AQ Map 5 and Map 6, and now, AW. But if enemies can be stunned, Quake is usually a great choice:


    @Solrac_2 Aside from the example I gave about Wolverine struggling to solo Day 5 Map 5 AQ bosses, Wolverine also struggles to solo Day 1 Map 6 nodes that were designed for healing/regeneration champs. Some include node 20 (Luke Cage, starburst), node 49 (Unstoppable Colossus, degeneration), node 51 (Colossus, degeneration/outlast/optimist), node 83 (Colossus, starburst/pessimist), and node 84 (Unstoppable Colossus, starburst). Don't get hit and he has a chance to recover all lost health without using potions/revives, but with these nodes Rogue and Ghost Rider are better choices for champs who recover health.
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    Yea. You can't use her against True Strike and Cornered nodes. But I did use her a lot to help me complete Uncollected EQ this month.

    I got her at 3/45 and will definitely take her to 4/55 ahead of Hulk and Rulk. @DTMelodicMetal
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    DoctorJ wrote: »
    Archangel by far.

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    Vuska wrote: »

    thats would be : KINGPIN, GREEN GOBLIN.

    Must be upgrade to better : Dr. Strange, Jane Phoenix, Carnage, Magneto.

    Every champ is better once upgraded... I believe I voted wolverine because you need him dupped for his regen to be sufficient. As for kingpin and GG, I have then both 4* and if you know how to use them, they're beasts. GG does so many DOT and other rebuffs. Kingpin has an unlockable heavy and an unstoppable buff. Ntm he shrugs off debuffs sometimes
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    Nope, no of the above so I'll comment who.
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    I love my Blade but he is not the SW that everyone who doesn't have him say he is.
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