Losing control of champs [Under Investigation]



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    I don't care about the BS nodes or the unavoidable damage, I just want my characters to block when i hold block and keep punching as i tap, is that too much to ask?
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    Honestly it doesn't surprise me that this is still on going or that they're deleting or jailing people when they speak out about all these issues or they say we're ranting.

    Which really doesn't make sense to me and they should really just concentrate on fixing their game instead of that.

    Others and I are really getting annoyed about being unable to control our champions or they weren't go back enough or respond to our inputs.

    For instance you see an attack coming and try to move and get out of the way but they don't do so due to certain things.

    A. They don't move far enough back while the ai gets an extra length to their hitbox and hit us.

    B. They don't respond and our champions just get punched in the face repeaditly without us being unable to being able to defend ourselves.

    C. Random lag spikes that give the ai free hits

    It really sucks, not to mention the ai sometimes decides to randomly charge forward into specials for no reason or try to fight themselves or fire off random attacks or specials for no reason other than to frustrate us.

    Not to mention there's all kinds of issues with blocking as well, sometimes they just don't want to block, drop the blocks, or won't move after blocking or occasionally won't get stuck in their blocks which also frustrates me.

    Sometimes they just refuse to use their specials and sometimes do some block special mumbo, even when it's successful sometimes certain champions just refuse to move afterwards while the enemy ai recovers quickly and is pressing us.

    It makes me and others really frustrated and makes you wonder if it's intentional or whether it's their lack of skill or both.

    I wish they would be honest with us, like they were in the past but those times seem to be over unfortunately.
  • When you play with star lord you got to keep on hitting and dashing back with dexterity or blacking and then when you get to your special 2 when the opponent is not blocking fire off the special 2
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    this is absurd, these probems are like 4 or 5 months old and there is still no solution, ever worst, there is complete silence from Kabam, I lost all my champs to bishop because of the non responsive block, I revive my spidey and almost lost him because it didnt dash back, what do we need to do for this company to do something about it?
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    Look up to the Sky. It’s almost spring. Everything is conspiring to make you feel good. Shhhh, you hear freshly sprouted leaves rustling in the warm breeze. Bzzzzz, you hear bees in their funny pajamas, no stings attached. Looky there, they’re frolicking among the flowers. Crunch, crunch, you hear developers fixing bugs with a flourish. Hush, child, the patch notes will bring you peace of mind and redemption. They just didn’t know these issues exist. How could they? Be a little patient. Think happy thoughts. Watch a Bob Ross video. Jeez.
  • Me Too Lag My Phone
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    Yeah I've already left my alliance leaving them down at the end of the season and costing me valuable rewards I've been working to for close to 2 months. I'm no good to them as is but was an officer and boss killer before this. I will not be returning until this issue is resolved. Sux but it's not like this is a new issue and they've yet to come up with a salution. Kabam continues to release content so they can suck as many potions out of there community before fixing this. I don't get how this can be such a wide issue yet there's no resolution.
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    Boss rush challenge.lots of potions,because the block and the dashback are not working,the heroes are just standing instead.the worst is the moneygrab iceman.it should be ok,if the game works,as it was working much better,for a couple of years.if this problem exists just for 3-4 weeks,i can believe that,this is just a bug and the team is working on it so hard.but.how many months already?5?7?i can’t remember.nothing happens,just getting worse.in the boss challenge,iceman was behaving like he has limber.he had no ice armor and in 0.2 seconds,after the stun,he destroyed me with the heavy.i supposed to have more than 2 seconds to hit him,because of the maxxed stupefy mastery.it happens so many times in the uncollected event quest,in act 5 and in the aw as well.i do not even want to talk about the parrystuns from the opponents without any reasons in the arena and aw.we all know what is happening here.to boost the ai too much,without letting us know,that is very cheap and shameless....
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    This is issue is seriously getting old, I'm tired of my champions refusing to respond to my commands or charging into the enemy for no reason or doing random heavy attacks during combos without me triggering them.

    Games been going downhill for awhile now, and I'm already started cutting back on my play time because of it and other things and I wish they would actually take a long hard look at the state of the game and fix and address it.

    Sooner rather than later or eventually more and more people will start to quit or just refuse to buy their overpriced terrible "offers" while the game spirals into an unplayable mess that will require them taking it down for an extended period of time to fix all of it.
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    This continues to be an issue! Just watched my Magik do it vs Stark Spidey in the boss challenge. Parry (actually worked) the first time, then on his attack, I evaded then blocked, he hit my block, my block dropped, he finished his 5 hit then SP1. Fight over...

    Be careful! If you say too much they lock you up! LOL! I see some of you have joined me :smile:
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    This became a major problem for me again after the update to release Boss Rush yesterday. Now I am stuck at the last fight of Boss Rush with no resources left. I got through the other fights with no problem. When I got to the Iceman fight, my character started going crazy. I have had a long standing issue with parry, dashing, and block timings being off. This was something else. I was parrying and then trying to do a heavy, and I would dash wildly instead. I would do S1 and immediately run forward to get smacked in the face. This is a huge failure. It gets better and then suddenly gets worse. These issues have been going on for a very long time.
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    During the past few days there have been many reports of similar issues in my alliance chats. I decided to see if others were experiencing similar issues and sure enough there are many others, as clearly shown in this thread. It basically comes down to occasional unresponsiveness. Here are the issues that have been regularly reported by members in my alliance:
    • Champ just stands there while solidly holding the left side of the screen for a block
    • A delay in the champ dashing back after swiping back causing you to get hit
    • A delay in parrying causing you to get hit
    • A delay in attack causing you to get parried or intercepted
    • A delay after tapping on the meter of a 5* special 3 (tap once and it clearly continues well after the tap, stopping almost at the end)

    An increase in item usage may initially seem like a good thing to Kabam. However, I'm afraid we're going to see people leaving the game if these issues aren't resolved ASAP. Since these issues starting happening, I've seen an increase in frustration, a noticeable reduction in activity and communication and people just having less fun. Please make this a top priority and get these issues resolved!

    Note: I posted something similar about 20 minutes ago but it vanished after updating it. I think you have another bug you're going to need to look into.
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    This situation is totally awful.the customer service,the communication are ridicolous.kabam doesn't listen to us at all,they do not care about our satisfaction at all.there are thousands of complains just on this forum.what happens?they close the posts,they delete them and they give warnings and bans.this is not the best way of behaviour with the frustrated customers,i think.what about to do something with the bugs?
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    It was particularly bad today, so I once again echo the above sentiments. Worst was fighting the Medusa boss I faced about fifteen minutes ago in AW. Both Magik and DV mostly moved regardless of my input. Or didn’t move at all.

    In case anyone wonders why I’m behind bars, the answer is for something I demonstrably did not do. No matter. It is what it is. As always, iPhone X here, latest everything, 5G connection. Paying customer too. Albeit not so happily anymore, and way less frequently.
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    Boooo. Boo on you kabam. Nah for real is there anything in the works for this. I’m an iPhone 5s. Been using this style phone since I started. Up to date with all updates and I lose total control of my champs. Was in AQ and everytime I’d go to block or dash back my champ would dash in. Muiltiple times my champs block will not respond causing me to get smashed. I do spend occasionally on the game. Not nearly like I used to before 12.0. But since then it’s on glitch/bug after another. Please if it takes shutting the game down for an extreme extended maintenance please do so. This would be really great to know you are doing your best to fix the game. I used to really enjoy the game but no longer can play without getting creamed. I will not play into your bugs and spend to beat content. Quitting after this war season.
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