Anyone else experiencing connection issues?

Is anyone else having trouble logging into their game for no apparent reason at all? Plz let me know if u are


  • So ever since 4pm central time I have not been able to log into the game. It keeps telling me that I have connection issues and to check my internet. I can go on YouTube and other game. Just wondering if anybody has heard anything about this.
  • XHans_GruberXXHans_GruberX Posts: 89
    Yup a few of us are having problems logging in...kinda sucks
  • Hi Avengerscap_2002,

    Please try reinstalling the game to see if this corrects the issue that you are currently experiencing.
  • Ya I restarted my phone and even reinstalled game twice. Sucks because I need to do dungeons and the new quest
  • Omorogieva1_Omorogieva1_ Posts: 23
    I can’t log into game and I have a card for the month that I got yesterday
  • TuxeTuxe Posts: 9
    Same here. I think it's an Android issue.
  • JohndeeperJohndeeper Posts: 33
    I’ve been trying to log into the game for the last few hours with little success. I have great WiFi connection and cellular. Tried deleting app and reinstalling anyone else having the same issue?
  • Swift1841Swift1841 Posts: 2
    I can’t log in. It says connection error but i can log into my secondary account fine.
  • Yes same here
  • cx234333cx234333 Posts: 111
    @Kabam Miike

    Are we going to lose calendar days for the servers being down?
  • VaincentVaincent Posts: 15
    good question
  • JohndeeperJohndeeper Posts: 33
    I have an iPhone and cAnt log on either.
  • TuyaniTuyani Posts: 1
    Im having the same issue. Husband is able to log in and play. Both with same carrier, wifi network. Ive deleted and reinstalled. Tried a different device and nothing.
  • JohndeeperJohndeeper Posts: 33
    Is your husband able to log into your account from his phone?
  • IanMoone89IanMoone89 Posts: 590
    Calender resets every 24 hrs so there is still time
  • XfatbummXfatbumm Posts: 8
    KABAM I CANNOT CONNECT SAYS “Problems cannot connect to nerwork please check internet connection.” Nothing os wrong with my connection because all my other game apps are working fine! There’s a problem an u need to fix and compensate for the inconvenience!
  • Guesswork133Guesswork133 Posts: 3
  • cx234333cx234333 Posts: 111
    IanMoone89 wrote: »
    Calender resets every 24 hrs so there is still time


  • Swift1841Swift1841 Posts: 2
    Tried deleting and reinstalling. Nothing works.
  • 5olas5olas Posts: 12
    I am.
  • JohndeeperJohndeeper Posts: 33
    They’ll need to compensate the people that can’t log on because my o my time I can sit and play is coming to an end. This means I won’t do dungeons, energy went to waste since I was at full capacity and will be missing gold, dust for not completing events.
  • I was playing earlier today and then I started having connection issues. I tried shutting my phone of and using WiFi to see if it needed another update. Nothing worked. And now I may lose out on getting a new character.
  • Swift1841Swift1841 Posts: 2
    Mods please help. I’m missing daily rewards and can’t do any dungeons, aw, etc
  • Dollas78Dollas78 Posts: 12
    The game is still down for me. I’m on an iPhone 8 Plus, Verizon network and current software at 11.3.1
  • Nick200404Nick200404 Posts: 0
    The game claims that I have connection issues but I can stream videos all I want. Cmon kabam.
  • IAMSHAZAM215IAMSHAZAM215 Posts: 45
    Yea its B.S. an not even an explaination on why
  • TrapavkoTrapavko Posts: 36
    Ditto. Im on Android and this afternoon I couldnt log in. After getting home and upgrading to 18.0.1 I still cant log in. So according to known issues log I've uninstalled and reinstalled. At this point I got in using my second account for which I have google acct defined on phone. As soon as i put kabam sign in and used my main account which is not defined on the phone as email account i cant log in... Cycles and errors out.
  • 5olas5olas Posts: 12
    It's been down for me about that long also. I uninstalled and reinstalled and was able to play for about 30 minutes before it went down again.
  • ThebgjThebgj Posts: 635 ★★
    Same here. I just started the daily trial on master and I bet I lost my 1 entry :(

    Didn’t even get to enter it, I hit start and the connection issues started
  • JohndeeperJohndeeper Posts: 33
    Mine going on 4 hours. I deleted app reinstalled and nothing.
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