Anyone else experiencing connection issues?



  • PiccoroPOEPiccoroPOE Posts: 6
    Almlst 6 hours here ever since the emergency maintenance i haven't been able to get back on
  • SkxxxtySkxxxty Posts: 86
    I noticed around 9est my usual log in now I miss out on rewards and calendar and war was supposed to start hours ago can’t wait up all night. KABAM MAKE IT RIGHT FOR ONCE!
  • Hey all!

    I am sorry to hear that you are still unable to access Marvel Contest Of Champions. Please try reinstalling it on your device to see if this resolves your issue. Let us know if the issue persists.
  • Aditya17Aditya17 Posts: 5
    Pls let me know, if u guys have same experience
  • PiccoroPOEPiccoroPOE Posts: 6
  • D_HooperD_Hooper Posts: 2
    Add me to the list...
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Rose @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Loto
    Can you guys please look into this as a matter of urgency as there are so many players who can't log in and its reaching the saturation point of our patience?
  • spidey31415926spidey31415926 Posts: 145
    Haven't been able to log on for the past few hours says "problems connecting to network. Check network connection." All other apps are running fine and I have great connection and wifi. Anyone know what's going on?
  • PiccoroPOEPiccoroPOE Posts: 6
    Update go to store
  • Morph4226Morph4226 Posts: 2
    I have 3 accounts and my morph6852 account can’t get into the game it says problems connecting to network on all 3 devices that I have iPhone 8plus , iPad Air 2 and Samsung tablet. I have to uninstall game and reinstall to get back into my other accounts if I try logging into the morph6852 account. Please help
  • Aditya17Aditya17 Posts: 5
    Already done that, but still same
  • Stevo_0316Stevo_0316 Posts: 11
    I have tried on several devices to login, I’ve used WiFi & cellular, iPhone & Android, & I have tried to login on friends devices that play the game also!!it gives me connection error, & then gives me unknown error. Idc who calls me a whale, I spend money sometimes. I am unable to login or submit a support ticket. Even when I delete the game it won’t allow me to login. It doesn’t allow me to login on a friends phone when there’s were working.
  • Stevo_0316Stevo_0316 Posts: 11
    @Kabam Miike I am trying to login anywhere& everywhere I can to do any content. It sux to drive around to friends houses to be disappointed. Hopefully y’all can send me an email back soon. Shy of having a friend submit a support ticket this is all I can do
  • JDHJDH Posts: 13
    I haven’t been able to login for over 4 hours npw. It keeps saying to check network setting but I don’t have any issues. I can open any other app using WiFi and cellular data. Anyone else has this issue?
  • Woody471Woody471 Posts: 1
    Same here. Seems like a widespread issue.
  • JDHJDH Posts: 13
    This is ridiculous
  • JDH wrote: »
    This is ridiculous

    Yup. Been about 4hours here too. I’ve noticed several posts about it disappear while the only mod response is to some guy logging in multiple accounts. Shesh.
  • Freddy0598Freddy0598 Posts: 3
    Same here I'm having problem logging into my account. When I log into my main it goes in fine.
  • M_HeibaM_Heiba Posts: 6
    M_Heiba can't log in for over 4 hours as well. network error but my network is fine, tried both cellular and wifi, tried other devices, tried uninstalling. no luck! middle of arena and with the start of season 2 AW
  • UM1987UM1987 Posts: 0
    Having trouble logging in. It says connection is bad.. but my WiFi and data are working fine.. I’ve also deleted and reinstalled the app..
  • IAMSHAZAM215IAMSHAZAM215 Posts: 46
    Where u at kabam? Ppl wanna play an cnt play but u r no where 2 be found ? No explainations no resolutions no nothing come on kabam mike
  • XfatbummXfatbumm Posts: 8
    They’re laughing and counting their money
  • HygghuHygghu Posts: 146
    The game has been down for the past few hrs.cant log on (Samsung galaxy s7+)why?
  • XfatbummXfatbumm Posts: 8
    KABAM I CANNOT CONNECT SAYS “Problems cannot connect to nerwork please check internet connection.” Nothing os wrong with my connection because all my other game apps are working fine! There’s a problem an u need to fix and compensate for the inconvenience!
  • AkpuddinAkpuddin Posts: 5
    Hey kabam can we get a delay on alliance war due to so many not being able to log in? It’d be helpful and less of a backlash on the start of what should be a wonderful season.
  • IAMSHAZAM215IAMSHAZAM215 Posts: 46
    Im sure they r
  • BáihûBáihû Posts: 6
    I was grinding in the Corvus arena and my game stopped working... can you guys give me a solution or an answer on why is it not working thanks
    Hope i do enough in his arena to get him
  • AkpuddinAkpuddin Posts: 5
    Deleted the game on iPhone. Looked for a update to game. Downloaded previous version... still can’t get in. Please delay aw we are a good amount of time into the initial placement (can’t twll you how far because I can’t get in) an it’ll be a **** storm if we have to get others to place for us to get around your connection issue. Then we will get punished for something we have no control over. Best bet for everyone involved would be a restart of aw tomorrow and just have a short week or whenever y’all find the problem and resolve it. Thanks for listening hope things work oht
  • Acesheye70Acesheye70 Posts: 0
    Been waiting for along time losing rewards when will the problem be fixed
  • GrønnerGrønner Posts: 13
    Same here.. cant connect, tried reinstalling.
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