Science champ rank up

I can either R5 a 4* or R3 a 5*

Science champ rank up 28 votes

Max sig Void to R5
DaMunkGolden_GuardianAjavedDarkZenSKOutsiderDmack976637Lt_Magnum_1SpiderCoolsMutantWharf8AnimatronicstoCats4lifeshadow_lurker22Cats73DaddyDIBlueShiftI 15 votes
Max sig Gulk to R5
Alfa_PigeonHairyslugElitehunterShadow_PhoneixPaytoPlayKngSpc 6 votes
Unduped Rulk to R3
SaiyanHulk_Smells 2 votes
Upduped LC to R3
DrOctavius2_2buffajrSpeedbumpJulzSmash 5 votes


  • DaMunkDaMunk Posts: 1,846 ★★★★
    Max sig Void to R5
    They are all great but Void is almost irreplaceable in war for me.
  • Cats4lifeCats4life Posts: 137
    Max sig Void to R5
    I will suggest void because he's a god tier and the others are bellow god tier but are still great but not like void
  • Lt_Magnum_1Lt_Magnum_1 Posts: 635 ★★
    Max sig Void to R5
    Gulk is good but Void has the utility needed to deal with MD and regen champs. Once you have the fear of the Void on, he hits as hard as any other Science champ in the game (besides Rulk). Rulk has great raw damage but offers little utility. LC is great even when unduped but Void is the best in the utility department.
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