Vanquishing Blows, Too Time Consuming [Merged Threads]

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Please make a update to this ASAP. You shouldn't be making this game a 2nd job. People work 9-5 days, hardly have any time to play during work other than aq and aw. Now you are requiring users to play 75 battles only using class specific champs each day? Is this a joke?

On top of dungeons (which I just completely stopped doing since its way too time consuming) this is outrageous. You are just burning out your user base instead of helping out there account and making this a user friendly game.
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  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 25,420 ★★★★★
    It literally just went live. Lol.
  • TsoderbeTsoderbe Posts: 31
    Yeah, it did. So? They started with one that either shows the difficulty in getting all of the milestones without having to grind for yet another thing, or they made a really poor choice in what to start with and the next ones will be reasonable. Either way, poor decision making skills.
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    Nah next will be to a champ from each class every fight in a specified order while doing each special and ending it with an sp3.
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    Vanquishing blows takes 75 fights why do I have to put in extra extra extra time to get energy and make sure I use a cosmic and end a fight in certain way.

    At least make it around 40 fights or 50 at the most.

    Then you also exclude fights from some areas as well.
    It just proves no matter how much feedback is given you will never act upon it in the way we asked for.
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    Dear Kabam, please implement a button that gives me every reward, and the only thing I have to do to earn those rewards is press the button.
  • The1_NuclearOnionThe1_NuclearOnion Posts: 893 ★★★
    I'd like to see some challenges that are against one boss champ. Not energy consuming, not time consuming but 1 difficult champ on jacked up node buffs featured every week or something.
    I agree with op that the more time consuming the less I'm interested nowadays.
    Grind arena. Fine. Grind arena, grind dungeons, grind quests, grind etc. Nah I'll pass.
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    Take your sarcasam and go find somewhere else to act smart.

    I don't remember saying I can't do this kabam don't make me do any of it, I offered suggestions.

    @Rotelly That sounds better
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    It's time-consuming to end a Fight with an L2? Really....Lol. If you're that determined to Rank in it, run Beginner or Normal for Exploration towards Dust and fire the L2 when it fills. No one says you have to do it. If that's your personal goal, you can't complain the game is at fault.
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    i mean this is easy with hyperion. no problem for me at all....75 cosmic fights doesn't seem like that much in the course of a day.
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    AxeCopFire wrote: »
    Dear Kabam, please implement a button that gives me every reward, and the only thing I have to do to earn those rewards is press the button.

    I used to think that way. But if you think about it, not everyone has tons of lazy time to spare. Not everyone is asking for free stuff. I want something difficult/challenging but would cost less time. Just like this month EQ. It was challenging (beating Thanons) but you had to do just once.

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    Because they obviously don't care and only change things if enough of us complain and they can't sweep it under the rug as usual by locking threads. I just wish they'd treat customers with respect.
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    Day 1: Hyperion Blows. literally.

    and that's what she said too.
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