5* Groot.



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    ESF wrote: »
    Truthfully, I would rather be able to sell 5-stars like Groot and She-Hulk for shards rather than having them just sit on my roster and never be used -- there are 120-plus characters in the game, and I totally realize and understand that not every single one can be great.

    There are plenty of great characters, as well. I never begrudge anyone their good fortune in what they pull.

    But there are so many characters....the bottom line is that it's difficult to find usage patterns that would ever see me rank up Groot before I would even pretend to use him, or She-Hulk. I have a Hulkbuster, and a Colossus, and an Ant-Man.

    It's a double-edged sword -- not only are some characters not that great, but the price to rank them all up is the same whether it's Archangel or Groot, so why in the world would anyone do that?

    If Kabam wants us to use all of the characters, embrace the diversity of the roster...I just can't justify using thise kinds of resources on wesker characters that I can't use in the endgame content.

    I don't know what the answer is...maybe there is no answer. I just know that there's no way, with the cost of ranking up characters, that there's no way Groot is going to R2 for me.

    I never speak for anyone else. But with my roster and what i am trying to accomplish in the game, there's no way I could pretend to justify diverting a single resource to a weaker character

    Very well said. As owner of a duped 5* Groot as well as a full collection of other 5* clunkers, there’s very little use for them other than shortening the T4b arena by a few matches, and there’s no reason to burn the alphas and other cats needed to R2 them. Unless you’re trying to pad your rating (at nearly 500K I’m not), champs like Groot are pretty much a waste of space.

    Dr. Zola
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    Haji_Saab wrote: »
    Joining this Garbage-champ-anonymous2k meeting now. I am deliberately stalling myself from completing the last bit of the hardest content in the game because I have no use of the rank up items that they will give. I made a list of 12 champs that I want to take to rank 4. And a select few to r5. I have none of them now.

    Deliberately stalling progress is not what a game developer should seek to achieve. "Not every champ can be great" is a wrong mentality. Every champ was useful in DOTA (at least when I played it circa 2005 - 2012). Small changes can make all the useless champs pretty useful. Not blade useful, but still Drax / Hulk useful. There is just no will from the developer to do it.

    This is absolutely correct. It’s also hilarious that you use Drax/Hulk useful as a metric—like most long time players, I’ve thrown myself into December content looking for at least Drax/Hulk usefulness from my 5* pulls. One good result (Quake) in a sea of 8-9 pulls this month definitely not at the Drax/Hulk Level. The inevitable conclusion: why bother putting in the effort if the game team won’t do the same?

    And let me add this: I’m not one of those super picky types who pouts if it isn’t Hypo, Gwen or GR. At last count, I have about 20-25 5* champ pulls out of a pool of 70ish I would be more than satisfied with, but I continue to get champs I refuse to waste 5 alphas on.

    Dr. Zola
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    DrZola wrote: »

    And let me add this: I’m not one of those super picky types who pouts if it isn’t Hypo, Gwen or GR. At last count, I have about 20-25 5* champ pulls out of a pool of 70ish I would be more than satisfied with, but I continue to get champs I refuse to waste 5 alphas on.

    Dr. Zola

    Absolutely -- nor am I. I don't complain about the pulls because whatever the drop rates are, the math says that looking for any specific character on any specific pull is simply a path to disappointment.

    It's the resources that I honestly take issue with. I grind at the level of an above-average player. Never have too much extra gold sitting around, too much ISO. I try to play the hand I am dealt and will rank up characters who I have mastered that are comfortable for me to play.

    I recognize the game is moving toward 5-stars. We all know that 6-stars are coming.

    But if I have a 4-star Iceman and 4-star Archangel and 4-star Star-Lord sitting there at 4/40 -- and I do, along with numerous other strong characters -- I am supoosed to dump 5 alphas into Groot or She-Hulk to take them to R2?

    My best 5-star is probably Guillotine. Again, not a complaint. But who would ise the resources to take her to R2 before they would an Iceman or Wolverine or Star-Lord or Archangel, even though they are 4/40?

    You just wouldn't do that. Right? You just wouldn't. Nobody would

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    That’s the dilemma. At 90+ 4*’s, I have ranked all the sought-after ones as well as some of the duds. Apart from a tiny few of them (Iceman, Wolvie, AA, Hypo, SL, GwenPool, SW, e.g.), they are obsolete. You wouldn’t want to burn resources on any 4*’s that are no longer relevant.

    But the 5* crystal still forces many to play only in the shallow end, yet another place you don’t want to burn resources. While I would tend to think Guilly is one of the better of the older 5* options, she may not be for you, and she certainly isn’t at the top of the R4 list for most players. You’re probably better off ranking quality 4* to 5/50. But even in doing so, you’ve still got an eye on content that could really use a strong 5* at R3/4.

    So what do you do? More dilemma. You could wait years to get the 5* you want. I’ve given up waiting for my earth-shattering 5* pull, or even a strong Cosmic or Skill to use my AGs on. But I haven’t pulled the trigger on what is honestly a middling 5* roster. So cats and iso pile up, expire...

    I have an old ally mate who ranks whoever he likes and doesn’t look back. He probably got it right.

    Dr. Zola
  • Sorry guys. Haven't experinced this. Gully and magik in crtsylas
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    Haji_Saab wrote: »
    DrZola wrote: »
    I have an old ally mate who ranks whoever he likes and doesn’t look back. He probably got it right.

    Dr. Zola

    We had a similar person in our alliance. He quit the game last week because he couldn't push through 5.4 with those champs.

    I believe it -- at some point, you become stuck in the endgame content without access to select characters, unless a person wants to augment/power their way through with units.

    None of us are dense: We know that isn't something that a game developer doesn't want, players spending to complete content.

    Again: I don't speak for everyone. Each person has to make their decision about if they will ever pay, and for what, or if grinding for units and shards indefinitely is their path.

    I just know that I am not spending thousands of dollars to power through content with characters that have no business even being considered being used.

    Maybe Kabam doesn't care; RNG is what it is. But nope, I am not going to start Labyrinth with characters who are not truly capable of helping me clear it, and I am not going in without at least two 5-stars that are worth using
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    Groot is trash. Worst champ in game
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    Groot is trash. Worst champ in game

    I'm not sure he is the worst. Carnage is pretty weak.
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    winterthur wrote: »
    To do that with what I have including the new gambit I need at least 20 t4 basic catalyst. Or better champs that I'd have to level from 0.

    Getting frustrated.

    This is a game for the long haul. Joining an active alliance or a higher tier will help to get T4BC faster. I used to have to wait for 6 months to get 1, not any more, but it's still not like getting one every other week.

    I totally agree with this. I got my first great 5* 8 months into the game and the other 2 on my 15th month. Today my luck ran out. Last weekend I pulled Ghost Rider then Voodoo. Today I pulled Kamala Khan.
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    Rank 5 him
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    Groot is trash. Worst champ in game

    I'm not sure he is the worst. Carnage is pretty weak.

    Groot 1A
    Carnage 1B

    I have both duped
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    I appreciate the “long haul” sentiments that get bandied about on forums and I agree to some extent. But I also wonder: what, precisely, is the “long haul”?

    Is it playing actively and competitively since December 2014? Because, to me, that feels like a pretty “long” haul. For Summoners who have put in several months and complain about champ pulls, I think the “long haul” line works just fine. Not so much for players sitting on 90+ 4*’s, consistent Map 5/6 play, a couple dozen or more 5*’s, etc. Those players have been in it for the “long haul.” It is, after all, a toon phone game—not chess, the World Cup or Halliday’s Oasis contest.

    And that’s where the 5* Groot comes in. For the noob, it’s a disappointment but may still be useful for clearing content beneath 5* level. For the “long hauler,” that Groot (or whichever bottom-barrel champ sticks to your account like dog manure on your trainers) isn’t part of your or anyone’s long game. It’s just a stick in the eye.

    Again: fix the crummy 5* champs. Give them something other than a synergy with a God-tier the RNGenie won’t give us. And stop making up lazy solutions like AW diversity that you don’t intend to stick with anyway.

    Dr. Zola
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    I am a Howling Commando, as well -- I know you have been around just as long. The frustrations you express about being expected to remain patient are, indeed, fairly hollow when a person considers the truth of 5-stars: No one who has the Doctor Voodoos and Gwenpools and Hyperions are necessarily better players than me with a duped She-Hulk and Ant-Man and Groot.

    Maybe they intercept more consistently, or maybe they land an extra parry or two over the course of a tough fight, but at some point, I can say that it isn't overall skill holding us back.

    At some point, the inherent unfairness of the 5-star system is as clear as day: You cannot have content that scales in difficulty but maintain players who are luckier than others.

    I have a duped She-Hulk. Others have duped Star-Lords. There hasn't been any 5-star Arenas. There is no valid reason based on skill or work ethic that renders this outcome as justifiable.

    The person who has the duped 5-star Star-Lord has a clear advantage in clearing difficult content which leads to more rewards AND separation from those who are simply unlucky -- and that is ridiculously unfair.

    It is an exponential curve of separation. As was said earlier, one person rage-quits because he literally cannot clear 5.4 with his ROSTER. Not his skill or work ethic.

    The ROSTER.

    The more I think about this, the more frustrated I get. You, me...we all should be. Kabam has failed us with this system. It's patently unfair.
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    Groot sucks. he'll be just another champ to rust.
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 5,739 ★★★★★

    Well said, indeed.

    Dr. Zola
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    I have Groot, Hulkbuster (Duped) and Colossus.

    gimme an Ant Man and She Hulk so i can have my full god tier team!
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    This is just a kick in the nuts. Beat Uncollected Thanos, then open a 15k Featured crystal with the rewards to dupe this stinking pile. Really hard to stay motivated with this game....

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    phillgreen wrote: »
    I pulled a 4* and 5* Groot this week.

    Won't waste a single resource on either, or the KK 4* from earlier in the week and I am far from an endgame player.

    Oof I know the feeling, pulled back-to-back 4* and 5* Ant-Man over the course of two days XD
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    They should put the widely disliked champs in there own 5☆ crystal and budget price it at say 5000 shards for collectors and strugglers.
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    I pulled back-to-back 5* Groot in 3 days earlier this month! Have only opened around 22 crystals and 3 times were Groot.
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    My son got his third 5* and it made him quit. He has 5* OML, Carnage and now he pulled Groot. I feel so sorry for him, he was really sad.
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    I am Groot
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    Actually Groot really isn't as bad as everyone thinks. He's far from the worst. He has a double immunity and even a little regen. And once you learn how to fight with him, he does some pretty respectable damage if you can get off some heavies in between combos. I stilk say jane foster is the worst from what ive noticed.
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    He was my first 5* and i was dissapointed too, at first.
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    I got Juggernaut, BPCW, Karnak, and Superior iron man from my first 4, then my luck turned around and I got Gp and magik just keep going
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    I am Groot
    Dexman1349 wrote: »
    Not going to lie, pulling a champ like Groot from a 5* crystal that you've spent weeks saving up for is quite disappointing. Only my 4th 5* in my 8 months of playing and really am not seeing the "future of the game" with these champs. They take so long to earn, but don't seem to have any use when I can can get more useful 4* champs (despite lower PI).

    I know this is just a rant thread and don't expect anything in the game to change. That being said, any way to salvage a pull like this (synergies, usefulness in specific quests, war defense nodes, etc), or is this just one more champ to sit on the shelf while I earn more shards for the next?

    Anybody still discuss about this in 2018? 🤣🤣🤣
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