Kabam pls mercy me

Kabam i have been playing marvel contest of champions for the last one and half months, but i only have 2 four stars, but my friends started to play with me and got nearly 4 to 3 4 star champions,so i kindly request you to give me some four star champion. Pls


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    Before when the game started, It was (almost if not) impossible to get a 4* in the first few months, let alone 2! So if you want more 4 stars, you should play the game and if you progress, you will (maybe slowly, but surely) get a 4*
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    If you want 4 stars, there are a few ways to get them, such as joining an Alliance.
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    Below (in Red) is how you can get 4 stars

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    As you may have noticed (in Blue) There are some other items that come with the 4 star crystals that are helpful such as 2 T1 Alphas, 4 T2 Alphas, 4* AG and 15 4* SS
  • Play the monthly event quests and in no time you will progress greatly.
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    Play the monthly event quests and in no time you will progress greatly.

    For a moment i thought you wrote pay the monthly event lmao
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    You still have it a lot easier than the people who’ve been playing for a long time. It took me months just to get one 4* while you got two in a month and a half. Be patient, play the game. They will come.
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    i open at least 1 4* every week. I dont even know how I accumulate the shards for it.
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