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Mordo Arena rewards?



  • BalicemBalicem Posts: 11
  • B8128B8128 Posts: 4
    Still waiting on arena rewards.
    Miike it's been 12+ hours and next mordo basic arena is about to start.
    We need an update and a deadline
  • SonSonSonSon Posts: 64
    @Kabam Miike please get with the player on this issue accordingly. If not, I would love to apply for a managerial position at Kabam. I'm 100% certain that the issue at Kabam can be rectified with proper management techniques. Attention to detail must become the number one priority in this business, and then eveything else will fall in place.
  • Rommel1013Rommel1013 Posts: 4
    A mí tampoco me llego y ya paso 20 horasp8dy9aghhu0x.png
  • King3711King3711 Posts: 8
    Still haven't gotten my rewards
  • King3711King3711 Posts: 8
  • BuzzBeeBuzzBee Posts: 71
    Repeat arena is gonna start soon and still no rewards for the previous one. Come on kabam, do your job.
  • 3 hrs to start the 2nd for mordo arena.. and nothing is still on my email..!!????
  • Monkey0715Monkey0715 Posts: 12
    I don't know if I want to run the 2nd mordo arena if we going to have this problen again nearly 24 hours and no rewards it's beyond a joke now especially when people in my alliance that scored lower than me (I scored 6 mil) received mordo after a couple of hours
  • DLegendDLegend Posts: 745 ★★★
    edited May 2017
    007ENT wrote: »
    Hoping this problem doesn't occur on the upcoming arenas and end up with us all being owed a backlog of rewards.
    The fact not even an apology message or any sign of acknowledgement is concern for me.

    But either way a 4* Mordo for all ranked players should make it more understandable.
    And duped 4* Mordo for anyone ranked 1-10% and above.

    That would be crazy. 4* mordo for everyone? I don't think so. But it instead should be something like below.

    For all ranked players who already have mordo get him duped. For ranked players who don't have mordo get some 4* shards (a good amount, probably about 500-1000 shards).

    For all 1-10% ranked players, they get a duped mordo. The people who already have him and have scored in the 1-10% bracket they would get mordo double duped (40 sig levels)
  • MfallsMfalls Posts: 94
    Deeparvi wrote: »

    I have raised 2 rickets for the same issue, but I am receiving the same old generic computer generated statement from them that if you have scored and crossed the rank rewards milestone, you will shortly receive the rank rewards.. I mean what the heck man.. What are they thinking, half of the people are getting rewards and half of the people are not getting. 3 other people from my alliance have already got the rewards and I have only being left... If raising tickets can't help it then what else would or should.. And I think the mods here are completely ignoring us.. I can't understand on what to do????
    Unless things have changed drastically your response to tickets are auto generated based on key words in your ticket. The biggest problem kabam faces is their lack of communication and honesty with the player base. This includes all bugs in the game. If they were honest with the player base it would eliminate a lot of the animosity that is seen in the forums.
  • B8128B8128 Posts: 4
    Just got my Mordo hopefully the remainder are soon to follow
    Has been a long wait
  • Nick_Caine_32Nick_Caine_32 Posts: 587 ★★★★
    I am one of many who hasn't received their Mordo. Ranked #2479 with a score of 6.608 million, sent a ticket to kabam and got a response that their servers were having issues. Shocking. Now alliance defense placement is quickly expiring, so I won't be able to use him for that, and to top it all off with some salt in the wound, they started mystic advancement! We have 6 hours left for that...any bets on if this issue is gonna be fixed or not when that's over? I have played this game for two years now, and NEVER registered or posted on this forum. I am so unbelievably shocked at the ineptitude of the game runners and the company behind it. All the issues the game currently has, and it's like no one is listening or cares. I just don't understand it, and I don't think I ever will.
  • ScouseladScouselad Posts: 1
    Just got mine now
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