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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • Boomfiend527__Boomfiend527__ Posts: 89
    Mysterio as an Awakened 4/40
    4 star
    Class: Tech??? (An argument can be made for science or skill)
    #Control: Denial #Villain
    #Sinister Six #Size: M

    Quentin Beck was a brilliant stuntman, special effects wizard, magician, and hypnotist that was unhappy with his job in a Hollywood studio. Inspired by his talents, he decided to go on as the supervillian Mysterio, constantly being thwarted by Spider-Man.

    PI - 3,860
    Health - 9,021
    Attack - 655
    Critical Rating - 12%
    Critical Damage - 204%
    Armor Penetration - 0%
    Block Penetration - 0%
    Critical Resistance - 0%
    Armor Rating - 26%
    Block Proficiency- 68%

    *stats are based on facing a 5/50 4 star champion

    Teammates (Venom, Electro)
    * +5% perfect block chance

    Teammates (Vulture, Green Goblin)
    * +5% perfect block chance

    Nemesis (OG Spider-Man)
    * +45 attack

    Enemies (OG Daredevil)
    * +8% critical rating

    Signature Ability: Utter Confusion lv. 99

    Mysterio takes advantage of his opponents' disorientation to incapacitate them.


    As long as the opponent's offensive and defensive ability accuracy is lowered by 100%, Mysterio inflicts Weakness (lowering attack by 50%**), Fatigue (reducing critical rate by 50%**), Exhaustion (reducing critical damage by 50%**), and reduces block proficiency, health recovery, power gain, and enemy buff potency by 50%**.

    ** the percent is affected by signature levels.


    * While Mysterio's suit was designed to protect him from his own gasses, it also protects him from all other poisons of the Battlerealm.

    Holographic Projector - Passive:
    * Every 8 seconds Mysterio will cast illusions with his projector for 4 seconds.

    * Opponents have a 15% chance to strike Mysterio's illusions, missing Mysterio himself. Non-contact attacks get a flat +10% to this chance. The chance increases by a flat +5% for each disoriented debuff on the opponent.

    * When opponents strike an illusion, Mysterio gains a passive Misdirection charge for 16 seconds. Misdirection charges lower opponents' offensive ability accuracy by 5% and give Mysterio +25 attack per charge. Max stack: 5

    * Stunning Mysterio forces his projector to reboot over a period of 10 seconds. Multiple stuns refresh the reboot duration.

    Medium Attacks:

    * 20% chance per Misdirection charge to place a disoriented debuff on the opponent, reducing defensive ability accuracy and block proficiency by 20% for 10 seconds. Max stacks: 5

    Special Attacks:
    * Activate a Smokescreen that lasts one second per Misdirection charge.

    * Smokescreen is a passive effect on Mysterio that doubles the holographic projector's ability accuracy and lowers the opponent's offensive ability accuracy by 75%

    Special 1:

    * Mysterio mixes in a chemical capable of numbing even Spider-Man's spider sense with his Smokescreen, removing enemy evasion chance until the Smokescreen expires.

    Special 2:

    * Mysterio mixes a chemical into his Smokescreen to help him hypnotize his opponent into dropping their guard and falling asleep, both armor breaking the opponent by 20% and stunning them for 3 seconds.

    Special 3:

    * Mysterio puts Disoriented debuffs on his opponent untill it is at max stacks.

    * Gain Misdirection charges untill at max stacks.

    So basically with the projector active, Smokescreen active, and max Misdirection, normal attacks have an 80% chance to miss and non contact attacks are guaranteed to miss. With max stacks of Misdirection, Disoriented debuffs, and with Smokescreen active, the opponent's ability accuracy is lowered offensively and defensively by 100% and Mysterio's signature ability activates.
  • IgnacioloIgnaciolo Posts: 2
    apocalypse pls vb31hp96rg0l.jpg

  • What about the Gifted? That’s a good show, we should add them in!
  • Scarlet Spider,
    Spider Ham
    Iron Spider
  • NewDawnDebNewDawnDeb Posts: 106
    About Anti-Venom:

    Eddie Brock became Anti-Venom after being exposed to mystical healing energies of Martin Li that interfered with the Venom symbiote, causing it to become white costume with restorative powers. These powers are strong enough to cancel out Spider-Man's radioactive powers and became deadly to Venom, whenever these are close enough together.This symbiote also lacks the traditional weakness of Venom, unaffected by fire or sonic blasts.

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    .Max PI:
    .Without Signature:
    .With Signature (99):

    Character Class: Science

    Basic Abilities: Exhaustion, Power Steal, Bleed, Fury

    Passive: X •|• chance that a Block reduces all damage.

    Passive: Anti-Venom has X •|• increased Physical Resistance than normal earthly beings.

    When Attacked: With Symbiote's burgeoning autonomous sense more evolved than even Spider-Man, Anti-Venom evades projectiles with a X •|• chance.

    Light Attacks: X •|• chance to Exhaust the opponent, reducing Critical Hit Damage Rating by X •|• and the potency of their Power Gain effects by X •|• for X seconds.

    Critical Light Attacks: X •|• chance to gain Fury, increasing his Attack by X •|• for X seconds.

    Medium Attacks: X •|• chance to inflict Bleed, dealing X •|• of your Attack as direct damage over X seconds.

    Critical Medium Attacks: Anti-Venom's impurity sense grants him internal bodily cleansing of the opponent when he comes in touch with opponent thus, his medium attacks have a X •|• chance to steal X •|• of the opponent's power during cleansing.

    Special 1: Webbing Generation- Anti-Venom Shoots strands of the alien's substance towards opponent.

    .If the target isn't Bleeding it has X •|• chance to cause the opponent to Bleed, dealing X direct damage over X seconds.

    .If the target is already Bleeding, the attack instead gains a X •|• chance to convert 1 existing Bleed to cause X •|• of Anti-Venom's attack as direct damage over X seconds.

    Special 2: Stretching and Deforming- Anti-Venom Stretches and Deformes his body and Increases his size and hits with his Tentacles.

    .If Anti-Venom hasn't Fury active the attack has X •|• chance to gain Fury, increasing his Attack by X •|• for X seconds.

    .If Anti-Venom has a Fury active he instantly copy his Fury as a Permanent Buff(Maximum up to X).

    Special 3: Constituent- Matter Manipulation: Anti-Venom Morphs his hands into Blades to Augment his Attacks.

    .Damage from this Attack increases by up to X •|• based on how low the opponent's Health is at the time of impact.

    Signature Ability: Antibodies- The Symbiote produces antibodies according to his needs as per the class of the opponent.

    When Attacked & All Attacks: Anti-Venom has X •|• chance to Regenerate X •|• Health over X seconds.

    Passive: Anti-Venom has X •|• chance to shrug of any Debuff.

    On Heavy Attacks: X •|• chance to gain True Strike, for X seconds.

    All Attacks: X •|• chance to gain Cruelty, increasing his Critical Damage by X •|• for X seconds.

    Passive: Reduces the Ability Accuracy of opponent by X •|•.

    Heavy Attacks: Heavy Attacks becomes Unblockable.

  • NewDawnDebNewDawnDeb Posts: 106
    A change i want to put in my Anti-Venom(ideas) i.e.
    Signature Ability: Antibodies

    Special 1: Special 1 becomes Unblockable.
  • NewDawnDebNewDawnDeb Posts: 106
    Signature Ability: Antibodies

    Specials: Specials Attacks bexcmes Unblockable.(Finally)
  • Alex15GAlex15G Posts: 1
    Seeing how there is that new image on twitter about more heros...imma take a shot
    2.red skull
    3.fantastic 4 (seems be popular)
    4. Iron spider (Id really love to see this!)
    5. Baby groot
    6. Thor (infinity war w/stormbreaker)
    7. Wong (Doctor stranges ally, i hope i spelled it right)
    8. Anti venom
    9. A crossover of Groot and Deadpool or Groot and Venom (id think that’ll be insane!!!)
    10. Scarlet witch (infinity war)
    Thats all the ones i could come up with!! Hopefully i was able to help
  • mum_m2mum_m2 Posts: 1,776 ★★★★
    Squirrel Girl please
  • JakeG13JakeG13 Posts: 1
    Some characters from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD?

    Notably Agent Coulson (with his robot hand) and Graviton, maybe AIDA, HIVE and Lash as well
  • Escape2794Escape2794 Posts: 87
    Pete wisdom, devil slayer, bullseye, Melinda may, Starbolt, Warstar, Kaluu, wolverine (daken).
  • Escape2794Escape2794 Posts: 87
    Ancient one (mcu), Mr hyde (aos), squirrel girl, Dr Druid, Kaecelius, frost giant. Mystic,science,skill,mystic,cosmic respectively.
  • Escape2794Escape2794 Posts: 87
    Zeitgeist mutant

    Poison, armor break

    Stick (mcu)
    Precision cruelty, evade.
    I want iron spider mcu and regular and lasher awsome green symbiote spawn of venom scarlet spider black and red version agent anti venom hmm and 2099 Spider-Man and gwenom awsome
  • I really like the idea of Cloak and Dagger and also I just really really really want Quicksilver
  • DrewskiDrewski Posts: 27
  • Dan99Dan99 Posts: 132



    passive: metal opponents suffer ability accuracy reduction proportional to Polaris's combo meter.

    Each time a metal opponent triggers an ability, Polaris gains additional attack damage.

    When blocking a metal opponent, Polaris gains +200% offensive ability reduction.

    passive: "Scrap"

    Each time Polaris lands a hit on a metal opponent, she shreds a piece of metal off that foe, gaining a stack of "metal scrap". Each stack of scrap increases her attack damage and armor.

    When she is hit, a stack of scrap is removed per x damage she receives (basically the pieces of scrap absorb any damage, similar to the Breakthrough node) If the stacks of scrap are insufficient to absorb all the damage she receives, the remaining damage is applied to her.

    As long as she has scraps of metal stacks, she is bleed immune.

    The pieces of scrap she collects from fallen metal foes carry over to subsequent fights.

    sp1: Polaris chooses to use all stacks of scrap offensively: thus she gains additional attack damage from these scraps at the cost of having no defensive benefits.

    sp2: Polaris chooses to use all stacks of scrap defensively, foregoing the offensive benefits of scrap and uses it all for defense (additional armor bonus)

    sp3: this resets the mode of her scrap to "balanced mode" (both offensive and defensive)
  • 1. Jessica Jones
    2. Cloak
    3. Dagger
    4. Mr. Fantastic
    5. Invisible Woman
    6. Human Torch
    7. The Thing
    8. Dr. Doom
    9. Namor
    10. Silver Surfer
    11. Nova
    12. Professor X
    13. Kitty Pryde
    14. Mystique
    15. Emma Frost
    16. Jubilee
    17. Pyro
    18. Outlaw (Inez Temple)
    19. Goliath
    20. Klaw (Ulysses Klaue)
    21. Man-Ape
    22. Sif
    23. Valkyrie
    24. The Enchantress
    25. The Executioner
    26. Beta Ray Bill
    27. Surtur
    28. Odin
    29. Hercules
    30. Spider-Woman
    31. Spider-Man 2099
    32. Silk
    33. Scarlet Spider
    34. Black Cat
    35. Kraven the Hunter
    36. The Lizard
    37. The Shocker
    38. Sandman
    39. Mysterio
    40. Calypso
    41. The Scorpion
    42. Shriek
    43. The Prowler
    44. Silver Sable
    45. White Tiger (Ava Ayala)
    46. Bullseye
    47. Misty Knight
    48. Colleen Wing
    49. Hellcat
    50. Tigra
    51. Killgrave
    52. Mockingbird
    53. Squirrel Girl
    54. Madame Hydra / Viper
    55. Nighthawk
    56. The Whizzer
    57. Quicksilver
    58. The Mandarin
    59. The Patriot
    60. Baron Zemo
  • Here List Champions

    Doctor Druid
    White Tiger
    Red She-Hulk
    Ghost Rider (Robbie-Reyes)
    Blue Marvel
  • Why do you fix some of the trash champs in the game? Thanks
  • TomCat96TomCat96 Posts: 2
    1. Nakia (Skill)
    2. Okoye (Skill)
    3. Mantis (Cosmic)
    4. Mockingbird (Skill)
    5. Black Cat (Skill)
    6. Silver Sable (Skill)
    7. Jubilee (Mutant)
    8. Supergiant (Cosmic)
    9. Enchantress (Mystic)
    10. Spider-Woman (Science)
    11. Valkyrie (Cosmic)
    12. Shuri (Tech)
    13. Cull Obsidian (Cosmic)
    14. Ebony Maw (Cosmic)
    15. Quicksilver (Mutant)
    16. Grim Reaper (Skill)
    17. Shocker (Science)
    18. Mysterio (Mystic)
    19. Klaw (Tech)
    20. Pyro (Mutant)
    21. Avalanche (Mutant)
    22. Kraven (Skill)
    23. Ares (Skill)
    24. Technovore (Tech)
  • Spawn00Spawn00 Posts: 1
    Spawn and spiderman 2099
  • ArrowstreamArrowstream Posts: 178
    Kitty Pryde, Arsenic, And Shatterstar.
  • ron67mjrron67mjr Posts: 27
    Namor the submarine
    Quick Silver
    Emma Frost
    Dark Phoenix
  • Agent_PanaceaAgent_Panacea Posts: 1
    edited June 2018
    Iron Spider
    Scarlet Spider (Kaine)
    Ben Reilly
    Agent Anti Venom
    Superior Spiderman
    Kitty Pryde
  • JayT1996JayT1996 Posts: 95
    Add skaar to the game please.
  • Samanyu_8Samanyu_8 Posts: 113
    General Okoye
    Baby Groot
    Anti Venom
    White Tiger
  • ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 4,743 ★★★★★
    Just watched season 2 of luke cage. Any chance to get misty knight or bushmaster?
  • ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 4,743 ★★★★★
    Or nightshade as well
  • BaestrongBaestrong Posts: 1
    We need Angela queen of Hell, the current Angela is amazing but this variant should be stronger, she went to Hell and defeated her sister Hela who was the queen of hell before Angela arrived, and also she was part of guardians of the Galaxy, odin’s daughter and older of Asgardians siblings! As I said before, we need her!
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