Possible ways to make the game even better [edited by Mod for clarity]

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1) remove 3* pulls from alliance feed
2) implement a rematch button for duels
3) get rid of the god-awful duel event or make the rewards better
4) update the uselessness of quest crystals
5) increase overflow or remove it altogether
6) for the love of Chthulhu, let us sell from overflow
7) increase the gain rate from t3cc and t2cc dailies
8) increase the loyalty from help... 1K is nothing
9) update alliance crystals, max sig crystals and AW crystals
10) update rewards for solo and alliance events
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    It’s funny how we think the game is going to evolve but never does. Time to fire up the PlayStation again.
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    @shchong2 why would selling from overflow hurt Kabam?
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    Gwendoline wrote: »
    @shchong2 why would selling from overflow hurt Kabam?

    Anything we can sell to convert it into gold or other useful resources, is something we'll spend less units to buy from "some company".

    Anything that will be forfeited and wasted and cannot be converted into something useful, is something we will have to buy from "some company" using units (or real cash) sometime later in the game when we have specific need
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    But we do sell it right now. At least I do. It just takes more time.
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    Gwendoline wrote: »
    But we do sell it right now. At least I do. It just takes more time.

    It depends on how easily and how troublesome.

    Extreme best case is to let you sell anything you want, any time, within 1 click, as you like

    Extreme worst case is to prevent you from selling anything at all, regardless of how much you like

    and there's the IN-BETWEENER, i.e. not completely preventing you, but MAKE IT DIFFICULT TO DETTER YOU
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    Well since people are actually commenting in this post let's see.:-
    Increase the rewards for duels, 3 day events and aq events it's so old the highest u get is 250 4 star shards and about 100 5 star shards from 3 day events.
    Add new events for the love of Jesus Christ same old events is annoying af and boring as hell.
    Add more alliance based events like the duping event or the arena event that happened back in the day the only 7 day event we have is SA.
    update rewards in SA for the love of God.
    Increase the level of revives and potions for the love of God we now have r4 champs and we still have to use the god awful 6000 HP potion and 350 revive.
    Add more revives in the unit store.
    Add the gold realm thing once a week for 100 units pretty sure most players will agree to it.
    Remove gold donation from aq it's a very old concept in the game and a grind as well.
    Increase the rewards from the daily catalyst maps it's so hard to get 1 whole t3c from those maps usually it's just shards.
    Drop the phc shards from aq events and add GMC shards for the love of God.
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    Giving the rewards based on alliance rating/player rating would be nice..

    for an example...duel events rewards.. for beginner players its good rewards.. but for high rated players they find it useless rewards hence they loses interest playing for duel events.. thats i think needed reviewed and organise anyway kabam see fits.. if event milestone reward varies depending player rating/alliance rating then the problem might get solved... ranked rewards are cool i think... for milestone rewards devide em in different brackets for logical for low to high all rated players..
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    We're all entitled to our differing opinions on what is good or bad about the game, provided we are respectful of others and constructive in our discussions. While you may feel that Tier-1 or Tier-2 ISO-8 is not useful for players who are above Summoner Level 35 or 40, I'm currently at Level 55, and personally, I'm grateful for all the ISO-8 I get along the way, even Tier-1 and Tier-2. I find that these come in especially useful when I am levelling up a Champion and they are just a slight bit away from reaching the point where they need to be Ranked-up; the last thing I want to do is use an ISO-8 worth 5000 when I only need 30 or 40!

    I was not expecting an answer but I'm glad you did ! I agree with the use of Tier 1& Tier 2 to reach the correct amount of ISO without exceeding it. My guess would be that we have around 50 of these crystals with each Monthly quests difficulties. I'm convinced that we are not using so many in the previously stated scenario.
    A solution would be to have the rewards inside the crystal following the summoner level or rating.
    For example :
    Level 1-30 - Tier 1&2 (Actual rewards)
    Level 30-40 - Tier 1&2&3 (33%/33%/33%)
    Level 40-50 - Tier 1&2&3 (25%/25%/50%)
    Level 50-60 - Tier 2&3 (50%/50%)
    Level 60 - Tier 3 100%
    Not a big change compared to actual situation but a good step forward.

    Regarding Victory war crystal : From my point of view, it should be AT LEAST the equivalent of Exploration rewards (5* stars shards&4* stars shards&loyaulty). Today, this crystal is a joke when we compare it to the effort required to earn it.

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    1) remove 3* pulls from alliance feed
    2) implement a rematch button for duels
    3) get rid of the god-awful duel event or make the rewards better
    4) update the uselessness of quest crystals
    5) increase overflow or remove it altogether
    6) for the love of Chthulhu, let us sell from overflow
    7) increase the gain rate from t3cc and t2cc dailies
    8) increase the loyalty from help... 1K is nothing
    9) update alliance crystals, max sig crystals and AW crystals
    10) update rewards for solo and alliance events

    Some great ideas...

    4) I would like to suggest the crystals gathered from higher level quests (ex Act 5, Monthly Master/Uncollected) crystals at least have the rewards scale with the difficulty of the quest. I bunch of t1/t2 75/125 pt iso only wastes space in my inventory. I end up hold off opening those crystals till item use in hopes I'll get some small item useful for item use.

    5) The timer for items in overflow is just too short for certain items like cats. That time should be at least double.

    6) I can't get behind this idea enough. selling all that iso by having to claim 45 at a time, selecting all, sell, collect again, select all sell... it's painful

    7) I've had to frequently run the same t2/t3 daily event 7 or 8 times just to make 1 cat. talk about painful. At least give us 1 for completion, and 1 for explore.

    9) the drop rate from even map 5 crystals are terrible. Not asking for more full t4c, but 300 shards from a map 4/5, 150 t1a... completely deflates any desire to do AQ. Eliminate Arena boosts and ISO from AW crystals. It's really down right insulting to bust your hump in AW and get a 15 minute 1.3x 4* boost or some other junk. At least make it t4b/t4c/t2a or something...

  • Hey guys, I've moved this discussion over to the Suggestions and Requests section and edited the title as it is against Forum rules to address threads directly to Kabam or Forum Moderators.

    With that being said, let's try to make this discussion as constructive as possible. So far, you've touched on a few different areas of the game that you think should be changed, but you haven't really elaborated on these points by suggesting possible ways that they could be improved. For example, point number 4 suggests we should update the uselessness of Quest Crystals. Why are you unhappy with them at the moment, and what changes would you like to see made to them? Point number 10 recommends that we should update the Rewards for Solo and Alliance Events. What do you feel is wrong with them at the moment, and how would you change them?

    To help make this discussion constructive, if there's anything you're unhappy with, explain why and try to provide suggestions for possible ways to improve it. Additionally, remember that one of the main purposes of these Forums is to facilitate conversation between players. For that reason, when you are making a point, please ask everyone else to give their opinions on your ideas.

    Unfortunately, I can't promise that all or even any of the suggestions you put forward in this thread will be implemented in a future update of the game. However, I do want to reassure you all that we consider everyone's suggestions very carefully and we're always looking for new and creative ideas to help make the Contest a better place. I also want to take a moment to thank you all for your suggestions. Many aspects of the game were implemented as a direct result of community requests and ultimately, our aim is to make your experience when playing the game as enjoyable as possible!

    Fair enough, I guess... I just assumed most people understood the issues.

    4) t1 and t2 basic ISOs are borderline useless after 1* and 2* champs. Make the quest crystals tiered based on content difficulty.

    Ex: Act 1 quest crystal, Act 2, Act 3, etc

    10) Rewards are outdated. The only useful thing that comes from them are t1as and that's only because their drops were seriously throttled. 200ish 4* shards is seriously outdated. We need to start receiving more 4* shards or 5* shards. Lesser and greater solo shards are laughable as well as low level potions. Even 4* sig stone crystals are nearly worthless.

    The short of it is that while the game content has increased (more 5*s, 6*s) the rewards are still orbiting around a 4* game with the outdated concept that 5*s are rare.
  • As for 3 and 9:

    3) the duel event is painful and most alliances are starting to ignore it. There is no rematch button and the rewards are pitiful.

    9) in the same vein as the aforementioned quest crystals. I stopped buying alliance crystals a long time ago because the 1K cost (a day's loyalty) isn't worth the abysmal rewards... The best reward? 4* UC? He's pretty worthless in all aspects of the game.

    Max sig crystals are nearing worthlessness as the only good thing to come from them are a super rare chance at a sub par hero or shards. The other rewards are bleh. Only max sig crystal worth getting something other than shards is a 5*. I hate getting anything other than shards from 4* max sig crystals simply because of the rapid deterioration of the value of 4*s.

    AW crystals rewards are bleh too. I always hope for straight loyalty.
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    Weekly gold donations for aq for me are 125k. I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve stopped doing arena cause it’s pretty damn boring. Since I’ve stopped I went from 3m to 800k. So I’ve completly stopped ranking champs cause I won’t be able to pay donation. All I want is a way to get a decent amount of gold that doesn’t require arena. Maybe reduce map cost, till you’ve updated the rewards. Or triple arena crystals gold payout. Cause then I’d prob do arena but won’t have to do it as much.
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    I’d also like to see removal of the Loyalty limit for helping alliance allys.
  • 1) remove 3* pulls from alliance feed
    2) implement a rematch button for duels
    3) get rid of the god-awful duel event or make the rewards better
    4) update the uselessness of quest crystals
    5) increase overflow or remove it altogether
    6) for the love of Chthulhu, let us sell from overflow
    7) increase the gain rate from t3cc and t2cc dailies
    8) increase the loyalty from help... 1K is nothing
    9) update alliance crystals, max sig crystals and AW crystals
    10) update rewards for solo and alliance events
    1) This hurts nothing and unmuddles the feed.
    2-3) Since the duels event is never going away (a bunch of free crystals for the alliance to use in SA and random solo events doesn't really hurt anything), Rematch would be perfect. I can also agree that making the PHC shards GMC shards would be a huge upgrade and is extremely unlikely to unbalance the game in the slightest.
    4) I can see why the mod and others say the t1-2 iso can be useful for small gaps in leveling, but we also get plenty from EQ and such. Given the cost to up 5-6*, starting with t3 cuts down on the time we put in leveling champs.
    5-6) I'd like to see a larger overflow, the ability to sell from it (because sometimes you have a lot of class iso waiting in inventory and not being able to move much expiring from overflow due to that is a pain), and the ability to use the items directly. Since we're likely to be stuck with tons of t1-2 iso, not having to move it to inventory, use it, then repeat would be outstanding.
    7) Never going to disagree with this. If I 100% that, I should get a full cat. It's one, once a week. There's still the chance I'll buy the offer if I need more.
    8) Again, never going to disagree with this. 1k/day, so 7k/week from clicks. Since Kabam has said a "Help All" button causes lots of issues, very few help beyond the 100/day we earn loyalty for. I know we can get it other places, but who wants to lose a war and hope they get loyalty from the challenger crystal?
    9) Any crystals that come from events where we likely used costly items could be improved. Remove some things like low end arena boosts and replace them with better boosts, double the shards given in max sig crystals (at least below 4*), and generally improve rewards that are 2-3 years old.
    10) Gold could definitely be bumped up in this, and give iso 3 instead of 1-2. We do get enough of those from EQs.
    Off topic, I've offered before that they could introduce Uncollected versions of some crystals, particularly gold. If we've cleared 5.2, we're probably in a position to need more gold from the game. UC gold could be comparable to the multiplying increase seen in UC arena crystals..
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    Map 5 & 6 crystals should contain t1 alphas
  • @Kabam Porthos

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    When I was younger, my dad had a little argument with a cashier, it involved him buying something and the change he would get back was 5 cents, cashier didn’t give him back his change, now as a kid I naturally was flabbergasted on why he was angry at not getting 5 cents back, after all, that’s nothing, monetarily speaking.

    Anyways, he told the cashier:

    “Look, If I was missing 5 cents from the price of the item, would you sell it to me?”
    She responded: “No”.

    “Then give me my change, it’s not that I need it, but it is mine, it’s the sentiment behind you keeping it while me knowing it belongs to me”.

    Once we went back in the car, he explained further: “How many times a day you think they do that? They keep 5 cents from several folks, over days and weeks, sooner than you know it, they have a huge amount of change that you don’t have to report, extra money in their pocket”.

    In regards to the situation with the cheating alliances (yes plural, it’s not just the one) I feel the same thing applies.

    So let me get this straight:

    1. Deadpool nerf (when he originally came out)

    2. Doctor Strange nerf (at least 3 times)

    3. Willpower nerf

    4. Perfect Block nerf

    5. 12.0 nerf

    6. The wars debacle, when they we’re changing the maps and difficulty non-stop last year

    7. The sentinel debacle

    8. The revive “exploit”

    9. The Archangel “exploit”

    All of these changes we’re done “for the health of the contest and in the name of healthy competition”.

    So, we take advantage of certain situation if the game, like the revive farming and that is considered an exploit, yet the constant proof of piloting and cheating is NOT persecuted nearly as emphatic and certain situations and against certain individuals.

    I ask of you, game team:

    If those situations we’re deemed unhealthy, how are we to categorize piloting, fraud and bribery (allegedly)?

    Now, I see that the most common argument is that no one that is below the top tier should worry, because well, of course we shouldn’t we don’t play the same game, it’s a whole different experience and who cares right? It doesn’t affect 99% of us, the elite are the best and if they want to spend to be at the top, nobody should complain, of course some will say we are jealous, vindictive, envious and just plain spiteful that they are the best and have the top tier spots. (Elite players feelings)

    While I don’t doubt that some feel this way, I think it’s more profound that we think and might realize at this moment.

    Any effort that we make in this virtual world and how easily it can be taken away, things we’re better before and after 12.0 they haven’t been well. For those in the opposition, you get the dismissive messages, the ridiculing ones, mockery, insults, and the general gid gud rhetoric and of course the classic:

    “If you don’t like it, don’t play”

    Fair enough, that is all true but regardless of how you feel I think that we are looking at this with a very narrow-minded view.

    First of all:

    It’s been known for months now that alliances pilot, but the problem is, everyone just concentrates in one alliance, one aspect of the game. It is widely known that piloting… happens in the upper echelon of the game, but we’ve never asked ourselves why… Why does this happen? Is it OUR fault, or is it the companies fault?

    When you make map 6 and even map 5 at times, so long and time restrictive, people will find loopholes to play around it and make the most of it, even if they are not able to normally get the rewards, we have to understand, some people have a lot of money, but sometimes lack time, they like the game but also can’t play that much, time is money so if you can cut corners to get the full benefits of the rewards, what do you think is going to happen?

    Also, what is considered piloting? Is it like one individual believes, that if you just move for a friend on a night you are indisposed, that is not piloting? Or if you play one match of wars, maybe a miniboss and you have the better champ to take him down, but maybe not the desired skill? Or is it like a certain French player who posted a photo of him handling 7 different mobile phones and playing in all of them? (allegedly)

    And I think this is where the problem resides. There is clearly a very loose application of the terms and conditions of this game, and what is piloting, depending on who you are.

    All the time, you see these posts about people getting banned, which means they do ban people and they do have the power and the resources to do it.

    We need to have a firm stand that any type of account sharing, no matter the situation should be considered a TOS violation. When you let the small stuff slide, that’s when the avalanche starts forming.

    The issue is, they apply their rules and regulations in an odd manner sometimes. But again, is this the elite players fault?

    I honestly don’t think it is, I think that the game has created an environment that drives players to this kind of behavior.

    How come war timers are so long? AQ timers are so long? Arena is so time consuming? Challenges have had mostly the same rewards for the past 2 years and a half? EQ quest no matter what month have the same rewards? Duels, 3 day alliance quest, alliance quest milestones, etc.

    The game advances, yet rewards stay stagnant, except…

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    It’s not a matter of just wars, there is piloting everywhere in the game, done by the very top summoners, to the middle and maybe even the bottom, usage of bots, cheating apps, you name it, we have it all.

    It’s not just the elite, it is everywhere and the problem is people focus on this like it’s only a war thing. Don’t you guys wonder why scores drop so much in arena when some folks are banned? Do you honestly believe these top tier grinders play all day or pay 300 or 500 dollars every 2 weeks just to get a champ? Or maybe they pay others to do it for them? Or maybe even use bots?

    Same thing in AQ, you KNOW there are people who don’t have the time to do map 6, yet because they pilot they can manage to do it, normally they probably wouldn’t be able to, but because they pilot they can do it. You are telling me, that 30 members are at all times in sync to move precisely at the right time, to be able to complete that map, all the time without any issues?

    Same thing in wars

    The problem is not the player, the problem is the game and how is structured. If timers were cut in half, there would be no need to pilot, everyone would have enough time to complete all maps, it would be a question of whether or not they have the ability to do so, not a time constraint issue or because one member is not able to move, everyone would move in their own time and be able to contribute in a timely fashion.

    The same applies in wars

    Now, there are purists who will say:

    “That is nonsense, you need to adapt, and you are just whining and complaining because you can’t cut it”.

    “Timers are fine like they are”

    “Silence pleb, you suck”

    To that I say: The empirical data says otherwise, because instead of making AQ and AW harder with these long maps and timers, they have just created a game environment that pushes you to pilot, because if you have the rating, the champs and the skill, but don’t have the time, you really think people are going to be sober enough to just sit back and say:

    “I can't do it, I just don’t have the time, I’ll just do map 3 or a lower AW because I don’t have the time to do anything else”.


    They will use pilots and alliances will enable them to use them, so they can get rewards they are not meant to get, even do they have they account and skill.

    AQ, AW in the upper tier is about how much time you have, to get stuff done and how much you are willing to spend to get it. And because rewards are so unbalanced, when there is only one source of great rewards and you have:

    1. Time constraints

    2. Lack of skill

    3. Faulty game mechanics

    4. Faulty masteries

    5. Faulty synergies with champions

    Players will do just about anything to get those rewards, but it’s not their fault, they are making the best of what they are given.

    kabaam are the ones who have these ridiculously long timers that create these situations, so players start piloting to be able to stay ahead, they are the ones that because of their sometimes weak enforcement of the rules of their terms and conditions, have players that get away with fraud, bribery and 2* alliance wars. (allegledy)

    Pure skill, inequity, EM, faulty game controls, faulty AW synergies, lag

    And the list goes on

    There is a degree of neglect, lack of transparency and disregard of the fan base.

    Imagine if timers we’re cut in half, if any type of account sharing was banned, if they fixed all of the bugs and errors that plague the game, that they would balance out rewards across the board, maybe people would be able to enjoy the game better and not have to resort to all of this madness to be able to stay ahead.

    Kabaam has made the games most competitive aspect the most lucrative, but because of their lack of foresight a lot of issues have come from it.

    I truly believe that by:

    1. Cutting timers in half

    2. Banning any type of piloting and being harder in their handling of it (with degrees of severity of course)

    3. Balancing out rewards across the game (updating ALL rewards in game, AQ, EQ, 3 day quest, duels, etc) and opening the gap of rewards across the game

    Would solve a lot of the cheating issues that plague the game currently.

    Thanks for reading.
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    1) remove 3* pulls from alliance feed
    2) implement a rematch button for duels
    3) get rid of the god-awful duel event or make the rewards better
    4) update the uselessness of quest crystals
    5) increase overflow or remove it altogether
    6) for the love of Chthulhu, let us sell from overflow
    7) increase the gain rate from t3cc and t2cc dailies
    8) increase the loyalty from help... 1K is nothing
    9) update alliance crystals, max sig crystals and AW crystals
    10) update rewards for solo and alliance events

    "we're looking into this and investigating. Once there's more information to drop, we'll be back to share"
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