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  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 20,662 ★★★★★
    I could always use extra Shards. Bring it on.
  • BrandJennBrandJenn Posts: 145
    BrandJenn wrote: »
    Its FREE extra stuff. No one is being forced to run extra quests. If they’re so horrible, just don’t run them

    That's not the point, it's a step backwards from an already outdated reward set. Last time rifts were here they were outdated and the rewards this time are even worse. It's like if next time modok's lab gave out only 3* and 4* shards.
    Its just free extra stuff. You dont HAVE to do it, and they don’t have to any free extra content. As for me, I’m always appreciative of free extra stuff in the game
  • BrandJennBrandJenn Posts: 145
    “These extra 5* shards are such a burden”
  • Gunz BlazzinGunz Blazzin Posts: 7
    Hey its a game and a business. whether ur in it for just play or pay u have to think of it like this. Do or Dont. nmw the rewards are every little bit ads up so no sense in complaining about it.
  • ShawnShazimShawnShazim Posts: 16
    What if you lose connectivity?? Will you be able to resume your entry or is that a lost as the previous quest?
  • TX1600TX1600 Posts: 31
    I don't mind the game play, it's all fun, but to keep doing the same idea with a new name is getting boring now... We need new content, as a company you should be all about making t fun for the consumer... Apart from profit of course lol
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    Kabam Doot wrote: »

    A breakthrough in Pym’s molecular technology has led to the discovery of new Micro-Realms in the Contest! These Realms may be small, but they’re packed full of rewards for the taking. Using Pym Particle Disks, Summoners can shrink down and snatch up these newly discovered treasures. Be careful, as you’ll only be able to stay in these Micro-Realms for 1 hour!

    Micro-Realms will be available from July 3rd, 10:00 AM PDT until August 1st, 10:00 AM PDT. You will need to be on our forthcoming build to see and participate in them.

    Micro-Realms run in a very similar fashion to our previous Rift events. Not sure what that means? All of the details on this event can be found below!


    Micro-Realms are Quests that have ENTRY COSTS. That means you won’t be able to enter them until you collect the respective PYM PARTICLE DISK for that difficulty and spend them to enter. Like previous Rifts, there are 4 Tiers of Micro-Realms, and 4 corresponding Particle Disks. This means you’ll need to collect the right Particle Disk to enter your Micro-Realm of choice.

    How do you get those disks? Particle Disk can be purchased from the store with PYM CANISTERS which can be collected from many places in the Contest (Outlined further below). Pym Canisters can buy ANY of the Particle Disks, you’ll just need to earn enough to cannisters to trade for it!

    Once you spend your Pym Particle Disk to enter the Micro-Realm, you’ll have 1 hour to collect your prize and defeat the final boss, but it’s not so simple! The path you’ll be sent to is determined by a RANDOM PORTAL, so you won’t know what prize you’ll receive until you enter! Micro-Realms of different tiers contain different rarities of prizes, with the highest tier containing large bunches of T2 Alpha Catalyst Fragments and 5-Star Shards!

    So, that’s the gist of it. Collect Pym Canisters and use them to buy Particle Disks which open Micro-Realms of the corresponding Tier, then claim cool prizes. Here’s a handy breakdown of some key info:

    BEGINNER: 1x Tier 1 Particle Disk (50,000 Pym Canisters) - 2 Energy per step - (24 energy per play)
    NORMAL: 1x Tier 2 Particle Disk (125,000 Pym Canisters) - 3 Energy per step - (36 energy per play)
    HEROIC: 1x Tier 3 Particle Disk (325,000 Pym Canisters) - 4 Energy per step - (48 energy per play)
    MASTER: 1x Tier 4 Particle Disk (500,000 Pym Canisters) - 5 Energy per step -(60 energy per play)

    There’s 4 places you can collect Pym Canisters: The Monthly Event Quest and Arenas are going to be your best source, and they can also be found in the Login Calendar, Starting July 18th they will also be available in Daily Quests.

    Pym Particle Disks can be purchased from the Store throughout the event. However, you can only buy each disk a certain number of times. Those numbers are outlined along with rewards below.

    Micro-Realms, like previous Rift Events, cost 2-5 Energy per step, depending on difficulty:

    BEGINNER: 2 Energy per step - (24 energy per play)
    NORMAL: 3 Energy per step - (36 energy per play)
    HEROIC: 4 Energy per step - (48 energy per play)
    MASTER: 5 Energy per step - (60 energy per play)


    You’ll face off against 5 Enemies in Micro-Realms, all of whom are randomized from a select pool, followed by a final boss. Their difficulty is roughly equivalent to the corresponding Event Quest Difficulty. As a rule, if you can beat a certain difficulty of the Event Quest, you should have no issues completing a Micro-Realm of the same difficulty. Here’s a quick breakdown of what Buffs are present in each difficulty (note that unless a Buff is marked as Global, it only applies to the final Boss):



    Great Question! We know that even if you’re unable to beat a certain Event Quest Difficulty, you may end up with enough Pym Canisters to acquire a Particle Disk. If you’re not so keen on doing that, though, you can always use those Canisters to Open a PYM CRYSTAL.

    Pym Crystals award SOME of the prizes a Micro-Realm. The Pym Crystal only contains the following items:

    - Premium Hero Crystal Shards
    - 3-Star Hero Crystal Shards
    - 4-Star Hero Crystal Shards
    - 5-Star Hero Crystal Shards

    These amounts will be LOWER than what is available from a Micro-Realm . It is ALWAYS more lucrative to play a Micro-Realm instead of opening a Pym Crystal.

    Below is a breakdown of what the potential rewards are for each difficulty of Micro-Realm and the Pym Crystal, as well as the drop rates and total number of runs possible through the quest. These percentages for the Micro-Realms will also be available to view in-game as labels on the Random Portals.





    So does this mean that for the Master micro-realm I can run it 5 times a day?
  • ezmoneyezmoney Posts: 208
    not worth it.... the rewards are a joke.
  • ChoimoChoimo Posts: 13
    It’s Groundhog Day with outdated rewards.
    Hard to get excited and motivated with these events
  • HaychHaych Posts: 1
    I would kindly request to make some basic changes in two crystals. Loyalth crystal and premium crystal 2* unstopab le i had him over 2k times like seriosly is making me sick or 2 star or 1 star like come on we do not even need it anymore.
    Since two years i am trying to get one good cham to finish my act 5 but i can not have it wtf.
    Atleast loyalty and premuims crystal should have high rate of having 4 star so we can atleast get some iso8 or gold.
    I do not even want to open them anymore.
    Please do not put **** chams in 6 star it takes years to get one 6 star and you get the shitest one.
  • Willie_ArwontieWillie_Arwontie Posts: 14
    I like all the comments about **** rewards from people who have no need for them.
    These people make up for, what I would guess, about 10-20% of the mcoc population.
    I'm on the cusp of not wanting such rewards, and fully understand and see that rewards seem to be becoming more chincy by the month.
    However, the rest of the people who play, those just starting or have far less time invested, can use the "****" rewards to catch up to those who are seeking 5* items and 6* shards.

    But hey, let's just force kabam to not make their game in a fashion that allows for newer people to be capable of catching up to ppl who have played for years. Who needs new players anyway, top tier ppl couldn't care less about people who cant compete with them.
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    DNA3000 wrote: »
    So wait: the master map has only T2A and 5* fragments? Compared to prior Rifts, that seems odd, especially since the lower difficulty maps seem to have diverse rewards similar to the older rifts.

    Just FYI, you can statistically combine the master map to come up with a stochastic expectation for the average rewards. There is a 57% chance of getting 5* shards, and a 43% chance of getting T2A fragments. If you pull 5* shards, the average amount you'll get is about 2456 5* shards. If you pull T2A, the average you'll get is about 4772.

    That seems low to me.

    Theres my fav statistician, thank you for this was about to do it myself lol.
  • AerialFollyAerialFolly Posts: 104
    So after negative reviews from previous rifts, and the current assassin event you decided to just short change us again. 60 energy for 1 play through of Master. That is outrageous.
  • Oh my god I’m so excited to do all the stuff needed to get into last difficult of the rift every time possible and wait to RNG give T4 Basics every freaking time, this last rift I have done master 4 times and got 4 T4 Basics, I hate when they said that is better do the rift than open the crystal, but at least the crystal guarantees me 5 star shards that are way more valuable than just more T4 Basics (I can get at least 3 per week)
  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 9,278 Guardian
    What if you lose connectivity?? Will you be able to resume your entry or is that a lost as the previous quest?

    In all previous events with similar mechanics including rifts which were basically the same thing, you could lose connectivity with the servers, or even close and restart the game, and you could resume where you left off, provided you still had time on the clock. What you don't want to do is exit your team from the map using the exit button, or start other questing content and allow the game to free your champs (which quits the map they are on), or somehow have the clock expire on you. The most common oopsie players make is starting the map just before server maintenance. Since those almost always take more than an hour, that entry will be basically wasted because you will be out of time when the servers come back up.

    You don't have to complete the map all in one go, but you cannot literally exit the map. But you can close the game and come back if you're quick enough, and network disconnects don't affect your progress (except they might cause you to time out a fight, and if it lasts long enough could time you out of the entire map).
  • Epsilon3Epsilon3 Posts: 1,138 ★★★
    I can’t decide between being happy it’s not Assignments and it’s free and the inflation due to same effort but less rewards.
  • BFritzeBFritze Posts: 36
    Way better rewards than Bounty Assignments and Merc Missions; thank you guys. P.S. energy refill sale, please?
  • ChampioncriticChampioncritic Posts: 2,519 ★★★★
    Heroic is much more worth it than master, cause of the t4cc fragment crystals.
  • ASV27ASV27 Posts: 91
    just throwing strikes today!
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    Yet another thing that I won't go out of my way to do. If it's there and I have the time/energy, then I'll do it. I'm certainly not going to do specific events/quests just to unlock more of these.
  • Afri4ColaAfri4Cola Posts: 27
    I remember the cool arenas we had when the first Ant-Man movie came out. Alliance arenas and arenas with Ant-Man or Yellowjacket as milestone.

    Now we get recycled dimensional rifts...
  • doctorbdoctorb Posts: 565 ★★
    The Master level rewards is not too bad, considering just a few days ago I read a thread about players complaining about not enough T2As available. I do wish they would diversify it, though, maybe add a 5* awakening crystal and some T5BC shards as well as 6* shards.
    Again, it doesn't have to be a lot but some would be nice.
  • Jh_DezJh_Dez Posts: 1,054 ★★★
    Will pym canisters be converted to gold when event ends?
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