After about a year of playing this game.

It has been about one year since I started playing this game. There has been one team I wanted to use. After all, the game's ads say to "assemble your marvel dream team."
When I started playing this game, Blade and Carnage were nowhere to be found. Also, Ghost Rider was pretty new, Wolverine was pretty old, and Punisher was as rare as can be.
Flash forward to when Blade was released. I had Carnage as a 3*, Wolverine as a 2*, and I didn't have the other two. I attempted and failed at getting Blade.
I pulled Blade as a 5* Basic about a month ago. I had every champ I needed to build the "marvel dream team." All except the spicy boi himself.
Today was the day. Today was the final day. The hunt was over. The final piece was found. And it was just as glorious as it could be.


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    Congrats! Always fun getting the champs you’re gunning for.
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    I play this game like was rabid Tasmanian devil on pcp, and I have 4* punisher, but haven't duped him yet. Still have no idea how it's possible.
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    Congrats, i also dream of my dream team, but there is one missing, 3 years playing and i still don't have a 4* Star Lord or a 5* one 😔
  • Honestly you have a great team
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    It’s the little things.. congrats,

    P.S. I have a sig 80 4* punisher. Yep, pulled him 5 times from normal arena crystals. And zero pajama fists!
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    JRock808 wrote: »
    It’s the little things.. congrats,

    P.S. I have a sig 80 4* punisher. Yep, pulled him 5 times from normal arena crystals. And zero pajama fists!

    Oh sure rub it in why don’t ya? ;)
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    Been playing for about 3+ years. Still don’t have a 4* Unstoppable Colossus. WTH!?! I open an Aliance crystal everyday. By their odds I should have gotten him Many times over! So frustrating. 2* and the occasional 3*!?! Give the 4* already!
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    Also I’m a bit jealous you have a 4* Punisher. I’ve been playing this game 3 years and still don’t have him.

    I played much shorter than you. I never pulled a 4* punisher from BC too, bad luck on crystal opening. However, I got it from Basic Arena, somehow his cutoff is not high.
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    Congrats @ThisChannelisRIP , but after 1+ yrs, you should totally gather at least 4* Starky (for blade synergy), at least 4* Ghost Rider (for blade synergy), 4* Dormammu or 4* Mephisto (for blade synergy). I pulled my 5* blade too from a basic crystal, I can totally understand your joy.
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    Two years, 512 champions, constant arena grinding in basic 4* and occasional feature 4* and all I want is a 4* WOLVERINE!!!!! Where is his arena!!
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    The heat got me. 312. 312 champions and my all time favorite champion Wolverine is still awol !!
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    My dream team would probably be Thor, Hawkeye, Deadpool, Sabretooth, and Warpath. I have 3/5. Hopefully I can get Sabretooth soon and hopefully they add Warpath to the game. It would be cool even having them as 3* and messing around with them in EQ. Glad you got yours!
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    Great to see a thread that takes me back to the pure enjoyment of this game and one of the reasons why I've stuck around playing for over 3yrs, hoping I can one day assemble the West Coast Avengers. Lol
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    Two things I don't understand.
    1. How is this post considered spam? Last time I checked there were no posts similar to this. Name one post that talks about the game's ads saying "assemble your dream team" and then I'll understand.
    2. How is saying "and then this guy taps on the Crystal" considered abuse? It was an obvious joke pointing out how bizarre my luck can be at times... which I have very little of.
    Though, I do get lucky, even though that a good portion of my best pulls get slightly "nerfed" 2 weeks later. *Looks at AA and Gwenpool* But they are still good in my eyes and were not ranked up for the reasons they were nerfed. If this was considered abuse to you, I apologize as I wasn't trying to rub it in or harm you emotionally.

    You can’t get concerned about flags. People are way too flag happy for literally no reason. Don’t give it another thought.
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