No compensation received - July 6 European time

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Dear Kabam

I logged in during July 6 European time GMT + 2. Now I see a post on Facebook that every one logged in during July 6 will get a 5* crystal. Also here on the forum some announcements is made about compensation. So please confirmed that us in non-US timezones are treated equally otherwise this global game isn’t easy to understand.



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    That all sounds like a giant load of 💩.

    I’ve been on and off all day and I’ve seen absolutely no one talking about this crystal. Also, if this were a true thing, the MCOC Reddit page would be be overflowing with posts about what they pulled. I think you got punked. Either that or you suck at trolling.
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    The first pic is fake the second says only the Pym disk will be given by July 6 the rest compensation will be given later
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    I’m glad to see it just seems like a fake picture. I may have been tricked .... :smiley:
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    Super fake
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    How could you even fall for that
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    The first picture the text is crooked. Not real at all.
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    So so so so so false
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    Expectation: 5* featured crystal..
    Reality: 2* Ant Man.. to save the universe...
  • Hey there, the first picture is not a post from us. You can find the post detailing plans for the compensation for the downtime on June 29th/30th here. Hope that helps clear up any confusion!
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