What happened to 1 summoner being able to open each BG in AQ?? Now it says it takes 3 to open

Not sure if it was previously discussed, but as of now it takes 3 summoners in each respective BG to open the next. Last AQ week it only took 1. Is this a glitch? Or a change that was not discussed?


  • Lightburn22Lightburn22 Posts: 330 ★★
    Bumping!!! Please tell me this is a bug and will be fixed! @Kabam Miike
  • NikoBravoNikoBravo Posts: 435 ★★★
    What a joke, these guys never seem to get anything right.
  • UndecidedUndecided Posts: 8
    All have been moved to Normal.bracket.
    Check if you are still in Expert or Advance bracket.
  • They bumped everyone to "normal" bracket. Probably screwed it up when they planned on getting rid of the tiers then delayed it.
  • dcw_dcw_ Posts: 130
    Leaders or officers should be able to lock/unlock bg’s and not have to wait for ppl to join to unlock. My bg 3 team is always chomping at the bit to get into AQ and they always have to wait
  • WC_1973WC_1973 Posts: 5
    Agreed on all points. Also it looks like there’s an error across the board on brackets. We were dropped 2 brackets from expert to normal. Not sure what the deal is @Kabam Miike but it needs to be addressed. Major backlash incoming
  • ch4rnch4rn Posts: 275 ★★
    edited July 2018
    shhhhhhh don't say anything! you'll make these soft forum moderators cry! they'll then threaten you with a forum ban... because their useless colleagues don't know what they're doing with the game.
  • Fantasy_91Fantasy_91 Posts: 243
    Normal tier always required 3. The question should be, how many will the new AQ with peak milestones require
  • WC_1973WC_1973 Posts: 5
    It should require the same in expert as the previous week before. Unless we are informed otherwise. If a change is made it’s only fair we should have forwarding if it.
  • PincheChingonPincheChingon Posts: 99
    We went back to the stone ages for AQ
  • WC_1973WC_1973 Posts: 5
    Lol. Need a hammer and torch
  • chrissbjordannchrissbjordann Posts: 121
    What!?!? Cmon kabam! Normal bracket?!? I want my glory!!!!
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