Heat issues are an IOS issue not just kabam



  • IOS 11.4.1 IPhone 6s and having overheating. IOS 12 beta IPhone X and having overheating. So maybe MCOC v 19 it’s the problem,
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    According to apple themselves, its the app. Drains 70% battery in less than 5 minutes. Per Apple

    now this is not to say its not a pushoff, it is clearly something between apple and kabam and it is a serious enough issue that if it isnt, should be the #1 priority above all else right now
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    Pffft. I actually opened your article. That's about a known battery life issue. It is not the same thing as this. That issue was not this extreme on battery life and did not cause the overheating and crashing. Get your **** straight. This was even mentioned in an earlier mod post.
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    Other people just may not notice the same issues, but the problem may still be there. It takes a little longer to notice the heat depending on the case you have on your phone (like others have stated) and some people may just play in short sessions and not notice. I wouldn't doubt that the issue could be the OS and MCoC together, but the latest update on MCoC is what brought out the issue.

    Edit: My phone is practically brand new. Guessing that is maybe why I don't notice as drastic of an issue as someone that has a little older phone with a little more battery wear on it.
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    I had the heat issues before 11.4 ... I updated my iOS for that reason.
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    I have not installed 11.4. I have overheating issues. This post is an assumption at best.
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    Brian is secretly sponsored by Kabam 🙊

    But it is an MCOC issue. 11.4 has been out longer than the 19.0 update. It wasn’t until that update that myself or many others started having issues.

    They’ve added a lot to the game in 19.0 (e.g., all the info on the pause screen) that is probably causing the problems.
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    This is one of those post that couldn't be more wrong. Are there problems with iOS 11.4..yes...is this that problem absolutely not. There is definitely something wierd going on that some iOS user's have no problems and others get wrecked. Update 19.0 actually affects Android and iOS. I have a Google pixel 2 XL and this update is **** on Android and wrecks my iOS.
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    Is there a timeline for the heat fix? I am starting to play this game less and less
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    So what about the Android users then? Looks like that pops your little theory.

    Are Android users also having the heat problem? I haven't heard anything about that, and I play on a Galaxy S8 and haven't had any issues myself.

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    I have an iPhone 8 a galaxy 8 and a pixel in my house with zero issues on any of them... that's what I dont understand.

    Me my kid and my.wifes phones for testing purposes I tried em all

    I use my phone for phone calls, texting, and mcoc, and that's about it. After the update, I can't play more than 10 minutes without it getting dangerously hot. There are tons and tons of people reporting the same. So.... we're all wrong? You're saying it's not mcoc (even though it very clearly is)? They've acknowledged the problem with the delay of AW season 3. So, we're all wrong, even the devs?
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    This is correct, and certain apps are triggering the bug in IOS. MCOC is one of the apps which is triggering the bug.

    So while the inherent issue is IOS related, the fact is MCOC is doing something different in it's latest release. 11.4 was out for the entire month of June, and it wasn't till whatever change went into place as part of 19.0 that MCOC start triggering the bug.

    Some players reported the problem happening on iOS 11.3, and I actually haven't upgraded to 11.4 yet and I've seen weird problems not as bad as the massive overheating some players reported, but other problems that could be related. 11.4 may be exacerbating the issue, but I don't believe 11.4 is the proximate cause of the issue.
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    FineDog wrote: »
    Mana_Pot wrote: »
    So what about the Android users then? Looks like that pops your little theory.

    Are Android users also having the heat problem? I haven't heard anything about that, and I play on a Galaxy S8 and haven't had any issues myself.

    After encountering the heat/shutdown with my iPhone 8, I went into testing mode with a variety of devices. Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, three versions of the iPhone, and both Android and iOS tablets. All had the issue with heat. For my iPhone 8, it was after two rounds of arena, third round it goes into emergency shut down. For the other devices it would be between round 7-10 before the device powered down.

    Previously, I would be good for 3-4 hours at a time and then it was my boredom, not the game, getting me to quit. No longer the case-I'm popping in on an old iPhone 6S to clear lines in AQ and that's it.

    It's an issue with the release, not with the devices.
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    Nvr had any problems of over heating on my iPhone 7+ till this last update from MCoC, and it only over heats when I play MCoC. Period point blank its the app causing this over heating issue.
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    Kabam has acknowledged that they are working to resolve hardware and software issues that are contributing to the problem with IPhones. So no it’s not an just an iPhone issue
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    Guys I’ve been going scatty over this overheating problem! Now it’s worse via MCOC. But I’m deaf and rely on FaceTime. My phone is overheating through that too, through Star Wars game too. Just not as bad. Now don’t be a muppet and guess what the problem is! Do your research!! This has been going on for over a week!! How I even managed to get M.O.D.O.K and Sentry via arenas is beyond me. I’ve even deleted mcoc and redownloaded it. No Joy!

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    I’ve had the phone a year, I haven’t upgraded to the latest IOS either, I don’t play any other game, so yep mcoc is the issue for my phone. Otherwise it would of been doing it pre-19 and last month. As the only thing that’s changed is the game update, not a phone update
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    I’m in iOS 11.2. Overheating like crazy and crashing
  • I run 10.2 on an iPhone 7 Plus. Since the update mine runs very noticeably hotter too. It hasn't overheated, but it does run much hotter. Regardless if there's something of a bug in iOS, the fact that MCOC is rampantly triggering it or taxing devices is new with the update.
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    So im on android phone, cleared two nodes, phone starts getting hot, and game closes itself out. I open up line to ask about this to friends, i get this error


    Shortly after i take scree shot, phone shuts down.
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    I haven’t found a app yet that makes mine over heat other then mcoc so I will have to disagree the update and game has gone to ****
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