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No point total displayed in 3 day events after reaching peak milestone

My alliance reached the highest milestone in he 3 day completion event, and now it seems there is no way to see our current point total like we used to, short of adding up all 30 scores. It used to be there. I’m just curious how much we currently have, but it’s a bit frustrating that it disappears once you hit the last peak milestone. Thanks.77e90rn3lu9h.png


  • dparmdparm Posts: 109
    edited July 2018
    I'm not sure this is a bug, it's just a design decision. I agree that it's dumb to hide the points total.

    I also don't understand the design decision to hide names with zeroes.
  • Mekh2Mekh2 Posts: 13
    This is really frustrating. After we hit peak millstone, we would target to get to certain # of points to get higher Ranked Rewards. It's crazy the game designers choose to now HIDE this number.

    So now the only way to know is to bring out a calculator and punch in 30 numbers... and to keep using the calculator again and again throughout the 3 days. Isn't this supposed to be a "fun" game and not a chore?

    Can we get this fixed?
  • MarvelKeekMarvelKeek Posts: 31
    It would actually be great for a mod to address why this change was made, as well as why they removed the alliance members with a 0 points total from the events list.

    If you're aiming for transparency, and aiming to give people a balance between the game and real life, these uncommunicative changes are the exact OPPOSITE of Kabam's stated desire to keep their player base informed
  • dparmdparm Posts: 109
    I'm not sure this is a bug, it's just a design decision. I agree that it's dumb to hide the points total. Curious if we'll ever see this changed back.
  • 3-Day GUARDIANS current event.. POINTS NOT SHOWING after reaching Peak Milestone (would be nice to see how high we are getting, as far as shooting for higher Rank Reward levels). **And also agree with other replies about why don’t people show up in the list anymore if they are at ZERO POINTS ? (always a pain for officers to try and search thru roster to figure out who hasn't contributed any points yet. And that applies to ALL events, not just 3-day ones).

    I haven’t seen Kabam respond about these 2 issues that changed with Peak Milestones last year. And I’d bet most people here would like to see these changed back to showing current points past peak, as well as 0 point contributors, the way they used to.

    ((and sorry for pulling up an old post, but it was because there was never any comment from Kabam. And if I had just created a brand new thread, then some would say why didn’t you search for an existing one))
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