Android overheating issue now?

I am playing on a PixelXL - a year old. Never had too many issues with it getting too hot. Once in a while, but very rare.

Since the IOS overheating issue was announced as "resolved" - I have noticed my phone gets very warm after only 10-15min of playing MCOC - but doesn't otherwise get warm when doing other things for longer periods of time.

I don't ever let it get dangerously hot - so not sure how bad the issue is - but it means I just use my energy and then put the phone down...don't bother using refills to play for longer in a single stretch.

Anyone else having issues with Androids getting too warm?

@Kabam Miike - if this issue has already been brought to the team's attention, my apologies - but figured I'd mention it in case maybe something to fix the IOS problem could be having some kind of unintended impact on droids.


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    X_pullX_pull Posts: 10
    This happens to my htc10 Android as well
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    ChimpyboyChimpyboy Posts: 124
    just seems like too much of a coincidence that as soon as the IOS problem is thought to be resolved, all of a sudden mine starts getting warmer than usual. Could be unrelated - but def gonna keep an eye on it.
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    BrutalrulesBrutalrules Posts: 51
    Yeah my phone is overheating VIVO Y21
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    Kabam PorthosKabam Porthos Posts: 4,676
    edited July 2018
    Hey guys, there's an active discussion HERE, where we're gathering everyone's feedback about these issues. Please take a moment to contribute to that discussion.

    Additionally, the official thread we'll be using to provide updates is located HERE.
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