Red Skull Explosive Personality

Red Skull starts the fight with 5 armour up buffs. Explosive personality says that when 5 armour up buffs from blocked hits are reached, they explode to deal 25% health as damage. But I’m taking explosive personality damage on first blocked hit (using the regular armour up buffs that Red Skull starts with - this doesn’t happen with other armour champs on this node) and way more than 25% of my health as damage. I’ve had three 5* r4s die on first blocked hit from full health.


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    Blocking a Basic Attack

    • Consume one Armor Up Buff generated by Red Skull to Power Drain 10% of the opponent’s Max Power and inflict 114.8 as Direct Damage for each Buff on Red Skull.

    **Developers Note: This ability WILL trigger against projectile based Basic Attacks. 2) The Direct Damage does scale with Quest Nodes that provide a boost to Attack.

    From Red Skull spotlight
  • I think that's just the way it's designed there. Don't ever hit his block. I've only played uncollected so far, so not sure about the other difficulties.

    He starts with 5, consider his explosive personality quota filled lol.
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    I have read his abilities. It says 342.7 direct damage per buff (uncollected difficulty). He had one resistance buff and 5 armour up buffs. Should’ve been like 2k damage from that. Not > 20k (5* r4 champs and a 6* champ). Also explosive personality doesn’t use armour up buffs generated from other sources (I have played against this node in other quests). KO on first blocked hit seems odd.
  • Idk man. I ko'd one champ then decided i should read. Then I ko'd another cuz it took me that long to forget and fall back into habit. Then I stopped hitting blocks and was fine
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    The direct damage does scale with attack boost nodes too but thats only 150% extra so yea it should only be doing 5k damage or so if he had 6 buffs. So not sure why youd take that much
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    Hitting his block is deadly. Plain and simple. Just bait and intercept, that way life is a lot less hard.
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    It does not do what it says and is therefore not working correctly. Or broken if you wish.
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    Im also hav to say the explostinaty Not works hav it stay either. Never happen one a duke have the duke when he had thah node.
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    Use Ronan, and perma-stun him
  • Hey there @Araevin, would you happen to have any video of what your're experiencing? Or would you be able to tell us what champion you were using, where the fight was taking place, or what node it was on?

    The damage Red Skull does when he blocks an attack increases for each Buff on him, so any extra buffs could cause more damage when hitting his block. Explosive Personality should not interact with any of the Armor Up Buffs generated by his abilities though, so any extra info would be helpful for looking into this.
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    I noticed that the explosive personality is acting with armor ups he has so instead of taking his damage u also take explosive damage what just kills u I can try get a little clip of this
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    If you hit him while he is blocking you need to change your game play style
  • BendyBendy Posts: 2,042 ★★★★
    link to my video of explosive personality going off on first blocked hit
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    Bendy wrote: »
    link to my video of explosive personality going off on first blocked hit

    That's just his ability
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    This fight sucks.
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