AW Winner = He Who Has the Biggest Wallet



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    I am sure this is nothing new for anyone - but I just wanted to vent a little bit.

    We just finished our Alliance War yesterday. Our Alliance lost. Interesting stats:

    Our Defender Kills: 156
    Their Defender Kills: 71

    So basically, they had to "REVIVE" 66 of their players to get 1 of our Bosses down. I personally watched one player revive his whole team with a Level 3 Team Revive - and then heal with a Level 4 Team Health Potion. Hell, that's 1370 units worth of potions right there. So for all players on their team, I calculated (yes just my estimate) that they spent close to 21,000 units in order to beat us. Were they better than us? No chance. They simply SPENT MORE MONEY.

    My POINT is that there needs to be a cap to this madness. Our Alliance simply can't spend 20,000 units every war to advance. - but that seems like the only way in this game. Am I off base here?

    My SUGGESTION would be to bring down the number of revives/potions a person can use. 15 is just ridiculous.

    Thoughts and suggestions welcome on this.

    Thanks for reading!!

    I understand where youre coming from however. Your alliances inability to spend will place you in the correct bracket with other alliances in the same circumstances. This is a competition. Just like anything else in relative terms is the same thing. You cant want to penalize someone for having more money just because you dont.

    Trust me my alliance has been ran into the same issue but more power to them. I am not gonna spend an unreasonable amount of money for a phone game especially in its current state.

    But regardless my point being is their is reason their is different tiers and the majority of the higher tiers spend more plain and simple. Kabam knows this and at the end of the day here to make money. Try and re-evaluate what your alliances goals are. Reason i say that is look at Plat 3 and Gold 1. The rewards are only a bit better but the money it cost to boost up and heal etc in tier 3 or higher is just mandatory and much higher. You can only play within your means.
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    You are only able to use 15 items in AW, no matter what size your wallet is. Discipline equals freedom.
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    Did you just assume their gender? They might have the biggest purse for all you know. They might even have a fannypack.
    Hey, whoever flagged this joke for abuse, can you explain who the victim is?

    WIsdom, grounded. Stop picking on the poor guy, for goodness sakes.
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