LG G5 Device Specific Issues [Under Investigation]



  • The FPS are still aweful. Could anybody inform us about some progress there? I see the Kabam team permanently replying to this mastery stuff...and our thread got closed so please take a look at it or remember it.

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    2 months there has been 2 supposedly 'fixes' im still experiencing alot of frustrating things happen in AQ my champs are not responding!! Blocks STILL BEEN BROKEN THROUGH!!!! STILL no mention of compensation for the 2 months + worth of bugs..and now suffer for atleast another month until another 'fix' comes out..im seriously close to quitting this game the CONS far out way the pros of this game!!!!!
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    2 months there has been 2 supposedly 'fixes' im still experiencing alot of frustrating things happen in AQ my champs are not responding!! Blocks STILL BEEN BROKEN THROUGH!!!! STILL no mention of compensation for the 2 months + worth of bugs..and now suffer for atleast another month until another 'fix' comes out..im seriously close to quitting this game the CONS far out way the pros of this game!!!!!

    Dude, chill out. Yeah its annoying how swiping back is incredibly inconsistent on the LG G5, but the game is still playable and enjoyable. It screws you up the odd time, but I can still beat Realm of Legends and Master Mode with it. But if you're getting all this trouble maybe its more than device failure. Probably a lot more user error...
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    If you think its user error your obviously not reading and understanding what im saying. My block being broken through is not user error..nor is evading back gaining dexterity but still being hit by the special/attack..im not saying the games unplayable as i have still managed to complete previous master mode quest.. For me the problems are mostly in AQ the A.I seems much faster than what im able to react to and is costing me all my units and glory just to be able to clear a path!? I used to clear through AQs taking out mini bosses and boss and not have to use any pots since last 3 updates its been a completly different story...i have been playing the game for over a year now and i know how to play and i know its not any error on my part..check around the forums you will find im not the only person whos having these problems
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    I am still having big issues with swiping at all using my G5. There is no place that shows this more easily than Versus. I am not getting good response to swiping in either forward or back directions[activating the SA is very inconsistent also]. I played several rounds and ended up switching to my old Samsung Galaxy 3. That is working fine and all the swiping/poor touch response goes away. I wish the G5 issue would get resolved. It"s a brand new device and I can"t play MCOC on it. :-(
  • Hi,
    I play on a LG G6 (LG-H870DS) android 7 since a short time, and i have no issues of control. Way better than my previous phone.

    BUT, the graphics are very very low quality. no light reflections, no shaders, the geme is ugly.
    It started One day before the 14 update.
    Before that, it was nice...
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    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Spice @Kabam Iko @Kabam Loto @kabam wolf...
    Guys it has been over 3 months now and still no fix just now in AQ my block still is being punched through aswell as master mode. This is not the only problem but one of the most frustrating. Other problems include:

    1. My attacks being blocked mid combo
    2.Block being broken through
    3. Special attacks are still being blocked mid attack a combo into a special, even if i do a 3,4 or 5 hit combo
    4. Evading is still a problem in alot of my fights
    5. Evade champions are still attacking whilst evading
    6. Alot of my attacks seem to completly miss the opponent!!? Leaving me wide open for a 5 hit combo and in most game content that results in either death or near death!!
    7. No matter how i time my interceptions they seem to get intercepted!!?
    8. The A.I in war and AQ and master mode quests seem to do alot of nothing by that i mean standing still until the minitue you decide to attack then it turns o.p and counters what ever the situation.... Theres probanly more things iv missed out but this is just a quick list of what i could think of.
    I understand you guys at kabam are very busy but addressing most of these bugs as being fixed in the last update patch notes is rather ridiculous.. 3+ months the game has been broken and still the kabam community seems not to care much with little to no feedback about the situations mentioned by 100s of players. Im trying to keep my faith in you guys that you will fix it, just hopefully sooner rather than later!! Also are the player base going to be receiving any form of compensation for the past few months worth of bugs?
  • Any update on this one? 4 months in this has been a problem and major pain for completing any difficult content. Hopefully Kabam will respond back saying this will be fixed with 15.0.
  • @CptMuffin Nothing is fixed. I'm crying since 3 months that the FPS are bad, and still no reaction on this...
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    Lg user experiencing same issues can't stay in game for more than 5 seconds without crashing error switched to Samsung still same issues missed out on 4 and 5 * shards this weekend. Keep getting get back in the fight notifications yeah I can't thanks support...
  • @Kabam Loto @Kabam Miike

    So... are there any updates on this issue?

    Been playing with friends and they were checking out my LG G5 and told me that the controls are absolutely terrible and that they game doesn't play correctly and hard to control compared to their iPhone and Android devices.
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    Hey @CarbonGray2004. The team is still working on this, and it looks like they're close to getting to the root cause. In the meantime, check and see if you have Game Battery Saver or Game Optimizer turned on in your battery settings. If it's on, try turning it off. It's possible this might help out with your issues. Thanks!
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    Changing Game battery saver didn't work. Gameplay still horrid. Difficult to defend or attack. I've used countless potions needlessly for what should be easy content for my maxed roster. I had to leave my alliance for one that has lower prestige and plays lower maps.
  • @Kabam Wolf
    Damn, I only investigated and looked into this because I knew the game seemed laggy and slow on my device, but after hearing what I mentioned above to my friends, i decided to investigate and found this post.

    So it has taken over 7+ months for something to be done about this? I know this thread alone was started back in May. But is there an actual fix or more of a hope that people will get rid of the phone and move onto something newer and this just gets pushed off?

    Not being a jerk to clarify... But a lot of posts from @Kabam Wolf stating "that the team is looking into this" in May and a lot in June and the radio silence. I love the game, i wish it would play better without me having to pay for another phone, and with my luck... I would buy something newer and have the same issues with that phone and then that would be really frustrating since the cycle would repeat...
  • Also to clarify, i appreciate the fast response @Kabam Wolf
    Thank you. :)
  • Kabam sure have been looking into lg g5 problems for a long time..hmm..it takes a whole 5 miniutes of playing on this device to realise that their is problems how can it have taken you guys so long and still even up to now you are only "looking into it". Iv stuck by kabam and had hope that these problems would be fixed a long time ago..obviously not?

    Please kabam.. look into it abit harder. We shouldnt be left in the dark for so long and just be expected to go and buy a new device.
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    I am not sure what happened or what I did to change my Lg G5 issues but my device has been working since June 12th. I understand all of your frustrations if your device is still having issues. I battled a terrible playing environment from the release of 12.0 until June 12th. The game is not fun it won't work on your device as it is suppose to. I hope you find out the root cause Kabam. I often worry that I will do something that makes my Lg G5 stop working again.
  • Happy New Year!
    Any answers or updates?
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    try doing act 4 on a lg stylo 3 phablet talk about lags 🙄😑
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    Hey folks. This still being looked into, and I will make sure to update everyone as soon as we have a fix version. Thanks again for sticking with us.
  • Damn. I understand you guys are busy, but now 8+ months for this fix... I'm sure if you were in our shoes and had to deal with this all the time, you'd be impatient as well and wondering why we've been told since May that this would be fixed and we are still wondering and having to post to get any feedback. :wink:
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    I seriously hope you guys are going to be handing out compensation for LG G5 users. As carbongray2004 said 8+ months for a fix is pretty bad with little information shared in between these months of waiting..and waiting..anddd waiting it gets very frustrating being told your still looking into it. Could you please specify exactly what your looking into or atleast acknowledge that there is a problem and what it is you guys are able to do to fix this. Dont mean to sound like a moaning douche but surely this is a reason to be mad about? Its not making the game unplayable as i manage to beat content. However it is making me have to use units and precious resources for faults that are not mine? Im sure im not the only person.
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    Or maybe that is the plan and the reason for the vague answers and the vanishing... the more we play, good. The more we play a broken game on these devices, the more UNITS we have to pay for to advance in the game further.

    More money in their pockets in theory.

    I come to work everyday and have this page open in a tab, and every day i come in and i hit refresh hoping to see something new or added, DEFINITELY not from anyone from @Kabam or even @Kabam Wolf, but more to see what other followers on this page will add and share... and here we are again, almost another month slips away and KABAM is quiet.

    No hints of what they are "looking into" as Wolf said and like @Kushyclouds92 brought up again... it's getting to the point of it being like Bungie and there broken record responses. "we're looking into it" "we appreciate the feedback and are looking at what we can do" and so on and so on... and now look at Bungie, damn near dead in the water because they talk a lot on what they want to do, but nothing is changed until their game is at a point where it is about to die and they share nothing.

    I really do not want this game to die, but from what i have been seeing lately in the game and on this forum with things being broken like the phones having issues and things like Parry and Block Issues like i have seen as well which are "also being looked into". I understand Parry and Block being looked into, but soon it will be a year with this LG G5 issue and still no feedback on what is being looked into or what will be fixed... just the same blackhole of "Looking into it" :(
  • I've been experiencing similar issues as of late, especially with Stark spidy.
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    Kabam Wolf wrote: »
    Hey there everyone. Sorry for the delay on responding to you about this. The game team is currently looking into these issues with the LG G5, so hopefully we'll have some updates for you soon. It's possible I'll be back in here to ask you all for more information as we progress into this. Thanks so much for your patience.
    Does the team need any more information that will help them find a fix?

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    And another month goes by.

    2 months with no response from @Kabam
  • These issues make kabaam money cause it kills us in game. Ya they r looking into it, like i would look into a mouth of a t-rex.....
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