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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • Escape2794Escape2794 Posts: 87
    We need Ancient One Kaecilius and Ebony Maw released in like a side quest called "the Mages Three" each quest deals with you fighting alongside them in their like own specific areas.
  • NetherealmNetherealm Posts: 27
    Stan Lee
  • Netherealm wrote: »
    Stan Lee

    This is genius - he can draw or erase his opponent
  • They should add staring up when characters are at max
  • They should make starter symbiote
  • At one star
  • I'd like to have canage, groot, drax. And I thnk you should add
    Groot (baby)
    Groot (teenage)

  • Troy_Elric123Troy_Elric123 Posts: 542 ★★★
    Dr Doom and Nova
  • Dan99Dan99 Posts: 132


    If Mastermold is the warboss, he gains this ability:
    "If another defending Sentinel on your side does not receive X or more damage from a single-blow when it is at 33% or less hp, Mastermold sends a new Sentinel to that same node for the attacker to fight after the original Sentinel is destroyed. This new sentinel is at **50% hp of the original Sentinel. This ability only triggers once per node and cannot trigger for other Mastermolds."

    *note: ability accuracy reduction of attackers fighting the "pawn" Sentinel won't stop the reinforcement sentinel from arriving since this is the warboss's ability, not the ability of the pawn.

    **maybe as Mastermold's sig ability gets higher, the reinforcement sentinels he spawns come with a higher percentage of hp.
  • The next Mutant Event (I'm guessing it will coincide with Dark Phoenix) must, MUST have Kitty Pryde and Mystique. Kitty Pryde's phasing power and its side effects should be a boost against Tech champions. You can even include Lockheed the dragon in there (much like Korg and Miek). Synergies could include Colossus and Star Lord (Romance), Storm and Magik (sisters), Wolverine (Friend/Mentor) and Emma Frost (Enemy).
    Mystique could be a bigger challenge. I see her becoming her opponent on a timed buff (maybe with a special). Synergies for her would naturally include Rogue and Nightcrawler (Family), Magnetos (Rival), and any XMan could be her enemy.

    Just a thought.
  • HumblePiHumblePi Posts: 7
    edited September 2018
    My list of top 20 characters that I believe the game would benefit from having.

    1.) Apocalypse (Tech/Mutant) He has a large fan following and a strong presence in the comics and cinema. We need and want more villians in the game not to say you have not provided us with some fun options but it would be enjoyable nevertheless.

    2.) Ebony Maw (Cosmic) he was without a doubt the most terrifying in the cinema out of the Black Order. He would of course have synergy with Proxima Midninght and Corvus Glaive. His powers are rather open-ended which would give the devs room to design creatively unlike say Wolverine where there is very little design space.

    3.) Cull Obsidian (Cosmic/Skill) The 4th member of the Black Order as far as the cinematic universe is concerned. He is a no brainer to add and could be a very fun tank character with unique game play and mechanics as opposed to Colossus vs Unstoppable Colossus. I enjoy both of those characters but they are near echo fighters.

    4.) Adam Warlock (Cosmic/Mystic) This is a name I see frequently on the forums and his resume as a MCU stud is hard to argue with. I recently ran a small poll and people who voted for him were very vocal and excited about the idea.

    5.) Polaris (Mutant) Polaris would help greatly with the male/female diversity "issue" that was stated in your forum. She will appeal to many because A.) She is edgy and rebellious. B.) She is Magneto's daughter which brings in all sorts of interesting synergy options. and C.) Magneto is popular but viewed as underpowered so re-explore his design in another magnetic mutant and experiment and try similar but new things.

    6.) Namor (Mystic) Namor is a staple Marvel hero and would delve into the element of water which has not been done as of yet in this game. He has a fun story and would give level design a chance to build an Atlantis stage. You could even give Namor an Ultimate where he floods a stage and then gains additional abilities from said level being underwater.

    7.) Dr. Doom (Mystic) Dr. Doom is another highly requested character with a load of power behind him and an arsenal of potential abilities. He has a deep history with many characters and could be very rewarding to play well.

    8.) Blackheart (Mystic) I realize this list has many villains and Mystic champions but behold there a fewer Mystic champions than any other type at 17 in the game the next closest type I believe has 22 as I write this. Blackheart could play like a Void with ranged capabilities and a tanky playstyle as opposed to the nimble void. Also he is very metal in the best of ways.

    9.) Mystique (Mutant) Mystique has a vast and I mean vast design space. She could use one of her abilities or passives to transform into another champ but retain some of her abilities yet gain some of the abilities of the transformed. A very popular female mutant that should be considered.

    10.) Professor Xavier (Mutant) A cerebral hero that could play very strategically the leader of the X-Men and not only is he a psychic but his mechanical handicap would provide excellent character diversity. He could be the first hero to flat out disable another champions passives or abilities the possibilities are numerous.

    11.) Silver Samurai (Skill) A Japanese hero/villain who could be an interesting character to play as or against maybe he could even have a Bushido passive which would allow him to bleed opponents by landing perfect blocks. He is also very visually appealing as a character.

    12.) Shuma-Gorath (Mystic) The lord of chaos literally. He is a non-humanoid which is very appealing for many and a breath of fresh air. This would make his strikes less predictable almost chaotic one might say. Watch footage of him in Marvel vs Capcom 2 and tell me he wouldn't be fun.

    13.) Sandman (Science) The best Spiderman villain is still not playable. An amorphous champion that lets you weaponize the earth itself. I suppose he is not a true villain though as he does positive things at times much like Loki or Magneto. The ability to change form is a mighty one worthy of the contest.

    14.) Havoc (Mutant) It is rather disappointing to have two Cyclops and no Havoc. A fun and aggressive mutant character with a deep pass Havoc is popular and powerful.

    15.) Toad (Mutant) A personal favorite of mine well at least the unpredictable edgy Irish one from the X-Men film. Toad has the ability to attack with his tongue, leap and maybe apply an acid or poison a fun and underappreciated mutant for a fun game.

    16.) Wong (Mystic) The librarian from Dr. Strange has many tricks up his sleeve and would serve as a character to bridge the gap between Mordo and Dr. Strange while having his own identity. Also he is Asian something something diversity and such.

    17.) Marrow (Mutant) Another X-Men character I know but hear me out Bone weapons at melee and range as well as some healing and a unique fighting stance = much fun. This also serves as a way to introduce the very enjoyable Morloks faction to the game.

    18.) Galactus (Cosmic) People seem to want and like Galactus due to his absurd size and power. I do not personally but this is about the good of the game so I guess it's planet devouring time.

    19.) Tarbaby (Mutant) Tarbaby is another Morlok who has a fun power. Tarbaby can excrete or even shoot an adhesive sticky tar. Why is this good you ask? This would be a control player's dream and allow for bizarre stick combo situations. He could also have slows and maybe temporarily disable meter bar moves. To make up for this amount of control he would be weak on the attack and on his HP.

    20.) Slapstick (Science) Marvel COC loves joke and bizarre champions as do I. Enter Slapstick. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slapstick_(comics) The "man" has pre-existing synergy with characters in the game already he could serve as a viable but very troll character that is very beatable but requires a certain knowledge or play style to be used against him. He has the power of cartoon how fun is that?

    Conclusion: I loved the most recent release of Omega Red and Emma Frost (White Queen) keep it up marvel I am hooked love the game and I hope my insights and views are at least considered. Thank you for the game and thank you for putting Gambit in the game the best hero of all time.
  • How about Cloak and Dagger?
    Captain Britton?

  • Apocalypse189Apocalypse189 Posts: 1,128 ★★★
  • Apocalypse189Apocalypse189 Posts: 1,128 ★★★
    edited September 2018

  • Pennmabob wrote: »
    Goldbera wrote: »
    Soviet Super-Soldiers,
    Madame Hydra,

    Why a new and better medusa?

    Cause the current one sucks
  • DenverDenver Posts: 4
    Spider-Man 2099 (skill)
  • Noir Spiderman
    Angela Queen of Hell (Similar to unstoppable colossus) or even better
  • J_85J_85 Posts: 5
    If there is ever a cross over and you bring a non marvel character I would like to suggest SPAWN
  • I want to see toxin. Just want it to be like carnage but done better. Has to be stronger than carnage and venom
  • Austin555555Austin555555 Posts: 3,043 ★★★★★
  • I would love to see Carnage Goblin, a fatal combination of poison, bleeding and incineration, immune to incineration, resistant to bleeding and with a strong store of power. And I forgot, a lot of madness!

    I hope you see my comment
  • ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 4,548 ★★★★★
    Since were adding another elder in tryco slatterus what about the rest of the elders? Even if we fight them all in story quests lol.
  • GurgismashGurgismash Posts: 45
    I'm glad to see I'm not the only MCU/TV fan on here...I've seen a lot of good suggestions...obviously Mystique, Thor (Infinity War), the other two children of Thanos from Infinity War (way cooler than the 2 we got so far), Scarlet Witch (Infinity War), Wong are good ideas and no brainers, so I'll spend my time arguing for more obscure characters.

    1)Melinda May (Agents of SHIELD): So she'd basically be a cross between Black Widow and the Punisher. (And she's much more believable than Coulson as being powerful enough to hold her own in this game)
    2)Yo-yo (Agents of SHIELD): Yo-yo as a character isn't super-interesting, but you could really do some interesting things with gameplay: super evader kinda Nightcrawler, maybe even add some new dimensions to dexterity and intercept.
    3)Quicksilver: The Newer X-men version. Same thing about the gameplay.
    4)Colleen Wing (Iron Fist): She's just way cooler than Iron Fist.
    5)Jessica Jones: I understand deeply the problematic nature of putting her into the battlerealm as a playable character. Perhaps making her special and only available in a special way. The other problematic thing is making a drunk super-strong person interesting to play, and not just a hybrid of Kamala Khan and She-Hulk. I mean, I really like
    6)Dazzler (Runaways): her powers are definitely the most interesting from the Runaways...and the interesting thing here as far as game play...you could literally have random beams of light mixing up opponents as a defender.
    7)Mantis: So, if anyone has ever played the N64 Super Smash Brothers, Mantis' game play could be similar to that of Jigglypuff...obviously a weak character but with the potential to have the best stun in the game by far. Great character to have be weak in most areas but with stuns on all specials and a killer stun on special 3.
    8)Okoye: Having a bleed champ with a spear, a really good block/shield, and some other Wakandan powerups...who is also really colorful and will translate well into the game's animation: win-win, lots of interesting angles for gameplay.
    9)Valkyrie: by far the coolest character from the Ragnarok film, she would have sword action (hopefully more like Guillotine and less like Taskmasker) as well as that Taser-ability (like Nebula and/or Black Widow).
    10,11)Cloak and Dagger. I feel like, given their story, they should be designed with amazing synergies without which they'd be mid to low-tier champions. Dagger's similar to Psylocke in gameplay, you could also play with her ability to play with people's hopes as a buff. Cloak could be similar to Nightcrawler and the Hood.
    13,14)Drax and Gamora (Film versions): These characters are awesome, but the Kabam game versions, like Scarlet Witch, are just not that great to look at. (Electra could be added to this list)
    15)Stick (from Daredevil): So we've got Gambit with his staff, but Stick could make for some super interesting Ninja moves...weak but powerful attack...also a really unique character unlike anything else we have so far.
    16)Deathlok: Cyborg from Agents of Shield...he's pretty awesome.

    Honorable Mentions: Agent Carter, Coulson (how to make him interesting?), All of Thor's Friends.
  • anti venom, sleep walker, black suit venompool, punisher war machine suit, toxin,riot, scream, spider man 2099, ultimate green goblin, lasher, skaar,A-bomb and silver surfer.
  • Ghost Spider(Mystic, Science)
    Synergy With Spider-Man(Classic), Ally
  • I’d love to see beta ray bill, vengeance, Xorn, fantomex, jubilee, mister sinister and silver surfer.
  • Could you please add azazel he could be mystic or mutant. His abilities could be evade, deep wound, bleed, armor break and power flood .
    He has 30% chance to inflict bleed with his blades.
    He has 30% chance to evade.
    If you add this champion could i have his 4 star version due to my idea. Please
  • I think they should bring out riot, anti venom, scream, toxin, hybrid and she venom because of the new venom movie
  • HankSpectorHankSpector Posts: 60
    We need some more inhuman’s especially with the story they had going with the x-men adding characters like Crystal and Quicksilver would be interesting because of their history together as one time husband and wife as well as their unique abilities such as Quicksilver’s obvious speed and Crystal’s unique ability to control the four elements of earth, fire, water and wind. Something unique for Crystal would be for her heavy attack she puts incinerate or shock debuffs on champs and for her specials she could gain evade or a new unique debuff to enemies for her air abilities, incinerate for her fire abilities, coldsnap for her water abilities and concussion or another new debuff for enemies for her earth abilities. For Quicksilver he could have evade as well as unique charges that stack and once he strikes an opponent they deal X amount of damage to enemies depending on how many charges are stacked. They both also have loads of synergy options besides with just each other.

    Crystal (cosmic)
    Enemies: Magneto (marvel now), Emma Frost, Cyclops (Xavier Institute)

    Romance: Quicksilver

    Family: Black Bolt, Medusa, Karnak

    Friends: Beast, Kamala Khan

    Maybe a unique boost with Medusa because they’re sisters

    Rivals: Iceman, Quake, Red Hulk, Jane Foster (for her element abilities)

    Quicksilver (mutant/science[they go back and forth on whether he’s the mutant son of magneto or a creation of the High Evolutionary])

    Family: Scarlit Witch, Magneto (both)

    Teammates: Captain America (classic), Hawkeye

    Teammates: Moon Knight, Doctor Voodoo

    The Brotherhood: Sabertooth

    Other inhuman character that would be cool to see are Gorgon, Triton and Maximus the Mad and for some lesser known inhuman characters like Inferno, Iso, Flint, Grid, and Moongirl.

    Some unique abilities for the characters
    Inferno gaining some kind of firery aura as well as strong incinerate charges.
    Gorgon dealing concussion and fury charges to counter Colossus.
    Triton gaining bleed resistance similar to beast because of his hard scaly exterior.
    Maximus the Mad gaining similar charges as Doctor Octopus.
    Iso gaining similar defensive abilities as Rocket Raccoon where while she holds her block she changes through defensive charges.
    Grid having similar magnetism abilities as Magneto just weaker.
    Flint building his strong stone exterior like Emma Frost with her diamond form.
    On Moongirl’s special 3 Devil Dinosaur makes an appearance and stick around for a set time dealing massive damage and bleed while moongirl tipically deals minimal damage herself the Devil Dinosaur deals the most damage in the contest for his minimal time in the fight.

    Synergies for these champs:

    Gorgon (cosmic)
    Tough guys: Colossus

    Friends: Karnak

    Family: Blackbolt, Medusa, Karnak

    Enemies: Magik, Magneto, Cyclops

    Triton (skill)[he doesn’t really have unique abilities that stray away from characters like blade and agent venom, where blade has the possibility of being mystic and agent venom could be cosmic]

    Family: blackbolt, Medusa, Karnak

    Unique boost with abomination because of their similar appearance

    Friends: beast

    Enemies: Emma Frost, storm, nightcrawler

    Maximus the Mad (tech)[more so a genius who uses tech to fight]
    Family: blackbolt, Medusa, Karnak

    Nemesis: blackbolt

    Cabal: red skull, Loki, the hood

    Geniuses: doctor octopus, modok

    Inferno (cosmic)
    Enemies: sabertooth, old man Logan

    Friends: kamala khan

    Friends: beast

    Unique boost with inhuman royals

    Iso (cosmic)
    Mentor: beast

    Unique boost with inhuman royals

    Friends: kamala khan

    Enemies: X23, Storm

    Flint (cosmic)
    Friends: kamala khan

    Rivals: quake

    Unique boost with inhuman royals

    Enemies: assorted xmen

    Grid (cosmic)
    Rival: Magneto (both)

    Enemies: Magneto(both)

    Unique boost with inhuman royals

    Friends: kamala khan, quake

    Moongirl (tech)[she uses tech in combat, her ability is to switch brains with Devil Dinosaur]
    Geniuses: doc Oct

    Unique boost with inhuman royals

    Idol: iron man (all)

    Prodigy: Moongirl

  • NutsofastNutsofast Posts: 8
    I Think we need these characters:

    Laufey, Odin, Malekith, Kurse, Surtur, Man Thing, Beta Ray Bill and A Bomb
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