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Monthy Quest - Why is Heroic Exploration Required

I'm sitting here in my office, with the game on autoplay. Finishing up the Monthly Quest Heroic mode, so that I can unlock the real fights in Master mode. I am using random 5/50's from my roster. I'm am barely paying attention to the game, but I'm grinding away, purchasing energy refills so that i can get through this content. I'm not reading the story, nothing. There is nothing difficult about these fights with 1500 PI opponents, its not challenging anything but my patience.

I am far from an elite player, my roster is good but not great. I am not alone being completely disengaged from the game during the Heroic quest. It is a necessary evil, and it is boring.

For those going for Legend titles, the Heroic quests are even more tedious. Fights that end in very few hits, endlessly looking at loading screens. For the upper echelon of players, those pushing the limits of speed runs on new content, do you really want them playing this easy content?

Please drop the Heroic Exploration requirement for the monthly quests. There is a huge number of players that have mature enough rosters that it is simply an annoyance to run.

Doing so would also increase the participation and competition for Legend titles because it would lessen the advantage that certain devices have over others due to fight loading times. It is well know that certain devices are a detriment to competing for legend titles, simply due to the high percentage of time sitting at the loading screens in the Heroic mode.

I'm not trying to show off here, the Heroic difficulty level has its place. If you see that content as challenging and the rewards are valuable, then you should do the content. If you are one that taps out at the Heroic level, consider if the game made you complete the Normal difficulty 100% prior to playing the Heroic mode.

This is an opportunity to make a change that a high percentage of your players would applaud.

Thanks for considering.


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    Slux83Slux83 Posts: 357 ★★
    Oh man I can't agree more! It's so boring for top players to play heroic
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    icu812icu812 Posts: 2
    Over 300k and master is all i need
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    ChiranjeeviChiranjeevi Posts: 32
    Completely agree with you brother.. I support you!
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    PaleHauntPaleHaunt Posts: 18
    Hear hear! I agree 100%.
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    NerfwarriorNerfwarrior Posts: 5
    I don't mind playing heroic through once for the story, but the exploration is tedious. Please let us just start at the top.
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    DockingfanDockingfan Posts: 14
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    Bcallaway75Bcallaway75 Posts: 2
    Totally agree! 100%
    I waste so much time trying to find time just to fully explore heroic on autoplay. Just so that I can get to Master level. Needs to be an easier way to get to master.
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    mu8smu8s Posts: 4
    Couldn't agree more. It's very boring having to grind out Heroic. It requires no focus at all, and is a pain to have to use energy refills just to unlock master, in order to have to buy MORE refills to explore it too for some decent rewards.
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    Shammy96Shammy96 Posts: 1
    I agree totally I havent wanted to do heroic level quest for months, and it's tedious enough to fully explore the quest once never mind twice
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    dvsgod_1dvsgod_1 Posts: 3
    God I can't wait till I don't have to do heroic anymore I just don't have that much time and can't get around to all the other game modes when I'm playing something I don't need to do and the rewards are not even worth it at this level
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    MegaSkater67MegaSkater67 Posts: 1,377 ★★★★
    edited July 2017
    Totally agree with this, the only thing I pay attention to in heroic is the story but that's then repeated in master anyway. Far from being a top player but heroic is boring to play. Would be nice to only do master.
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    FT1804FT1804 Posts: 7
    Count me in!
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    QwertyQwerty Posts: 636 ★★★
    i think that the requirement should be removed but rewards should be the incentive to explore the heroic quest.
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    ThheepaThheepa Posts: 13
    YES Kabam please!
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    Chasedrk1Chasedrk1 Posts: 4
    I would even except a completion run through heroic. But exploration shouldn't be required
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    kjl06kjl06 Posts: 1
    Completely agree, I do heroic only to get to masters and it is very annoying
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    NemesisCrisisNemesisCrisis Posts: 9
    I couldn't agree more. It's super long and super boring. Bleh is my reaction to it.
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    YSBYSB Posts: 192
    I completely agree with this. I know you require it only because you know people will spend for nrg to get through it faster, but it's so boring. And having the legend runs only based on fully exploring the master quests would be so much better. Having to sit there for 4 hours without even being able to take a pre break sucks. Especially when the first half is just an exercise in how fast can I put the fight buttons to get between loading screens.

    We aren't asking for you to make heroic harder, I'm sure some need them as is, but for those of us who actually do master or go for legend runs, it's a massive, disengaging waste of time.
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    I couldnt agree more to this. It should be changed to where all difficulty levels are open. You could still leave the time attack
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    NoNamesLeftJrNoNamesLeftJr Posts: 14
    Yes please, I'd rather autoplay heroic later, or not at all, than push through it to get to the fun stuff.
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    LayermonkeyLayermonkey Posts: 24
    Dear lord finally someone speaks wisdom here. What a crock to have to spend a couple of weeks slowly going through pointless fights in heroic. Energy refills for people doing a legend run is the only reason to require doing a lesser challenge before taking on the real one. TOTAL BS - FIX IT KABAM
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    RawwryDRawwryD Posts: 25
    You put the problem right in your post though. They aren't going to get rid of this because it makes them money on energy refills.

    Having the legends run only focus on master however that sounds like a great idea. I know having to set aside 4 hours sucks. And also the fights in heroic are boring once you have a solid roster. It isn't like we go and replay act 3.
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    LayermonkeyLayermonkey Posts: 24
    And why the hell am I Spider Gwyn? Fix her too! She's worse than Rhino ever was.
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    hephaestushephaestus Posts: 145
    mutamatt wrote: »
    purchasing energy refills so that i can get through this content.

    Haha, I think you just defeated your own request by admitting that. Kabam has to know how easy, pointless, and boring it is.

    I'm only at 235k and auto-explored it all, never had to fight anything myself.
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    HoidCosmereHoidCosmere Posts: 550 ★★
    Might be unfair to those who have gotten the legend title already to not make others trying to get it do both. Maybe have master unlock for those who have already received the legends title. It would give an incentive to those that don't have it to go for it.
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    I perfectly agree with the disengagement of heroic quest b4 unlocking master it's a pain too have too complete the quest instead of just goin too master mode also I think it's a wase of energy n time bcz Theirs soo much too do with so little energy
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    Gunslinger77Gunslinger77 Posts: 1
    I agree 100% being forced to play through repetious boring content to get to content you actually want to play is annoying.
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    Pera5Pera5 Posts: 52
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    It's simple. Add up the cost of all the energy you would use and allow any player with a certain Prestige or level but the key to unlock master.

    Example I have 5600 prestige, obviously like all of you there is zero chance that I would take any damage for the entire quest.

    Say it takes 15 energy refills. That is 450 units. make a key for 500 units and I would buy it every time.

    As far as legend runs, if you chose to bypass heroic with the purchased key, you simply don't qualify for the legend title.

    My two cents but with Kabam it may take 20 million cents to get them to change it!
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