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    This happened to me too, needs to be fixed Kabam!
  • Okay so this haa happened twice. I would enter a dungeon but I wasnt able to move. So I closed the app, tried to return to the dungeons but I lost my rewards because everytime I kept trying to rejoin the dungeon, I was taken back to the home screen. What the heck?? these bugs are just sick and you guys do nothing to fix them!! you'll lose your "community" and people will leave js. Might wanna stop being liars and money grabbing js. (;
  • Same. 6star champs wasted for nothing
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    So I did a random fill with another guy, and halfway through a dungeon 6 he says he froze and the game wouldn’t let him move. I couldn’t solo the boss, and so my top champs are now on cooldown. I did another random with my second best and that time I froze. Couldn’t do the decision thing move or anything. So I lost 2 dungeons and all my top champs are on cooldown. Is this a bug? I only ask bc it happened twice in a row. We did dungeon 6
  • I won the match and then it shows no att k with me not losing and the NPC full. I quit and then could not resume.
  • Then there's bugs in-game as well but I think everyone knows that already. Oh well. What can we do?
  • Hmm.. we can't just tell them to fix anything because face it, it isn't going to happen. So instead of just complaining to Kabam. Let's actually do something about it. Again.

    I sense another boycott coming...
  • I just lost two lots of champs due to this bug. Why are we getting no communication? @Kabam Miike
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    A lot of the time when i want go in to dungeon i get bug when i cant move. When i go to main screen game, i cant move in to the dungeon again. Just still out me to main scren. I cant get milestone and get reward becouse i can just end any dungeon.
    @Kabam Miike Its not fair if i try but cant do this dung. I dont have reward in crystal then....What will be result from this ?
  • acpacp Posts: 67
    This especially happens when we get knocked down by AI and then return to dungeon with no UI. Then when we leave room and come back it won't let us enter.
  • I was using a ghost rider taking down node 2 which wad invisible before the fight after beating grout I could progress further and groots icon was there as if I didn't beat him
    other instances I was unable to return to my dungeon after leaving (e.g. going to home or to collect a 4 hour crystal) even if I restarted the game
    happened to someone I was playing with (they were a random)
    hope this gets fixed
  • couldn't*^
  • Same. Happens to me at least once per dungeon round 😢
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    hey mike i have facing some issue related to dungeons.. so many time i stuck in dungeon my portal point is hang and i dont able to move further. and i just try to re enter again in dungeon after leaving room, i cant enter again. so many times i faced this issue and so many dungeon points i had lost and still going on. once i was playing dungeon suddenly i notice my champs are changed. champs were not same as i took for dungeons.
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  • kunjankunjan Posts: 4
  • kunjankunjan Posts: 4
    how it was possible... see my champs and which room i played... in this dungeon my champs were changed automatically
  • kunjankunjan Posts: 4
    i played dungeon 6
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    Ive put teams in dungeon and wont be able to move. Then when I back out, I can't get back in. This past Saturday, I entered dungeons several times and my game would crash. Caused me to miss the final milestone. Would like a resolution, but also wondered if anyone else were having issues...
  • Djax32 wrote: »
    Ive put teams in dungeon and wont be able to move. Then when I back out, I can't get back in. This past Saturday, I entered dungeons several times and my game would crash. Caused me to miss the final milestone. Would like a resolution, but also wondered if anyone else were having issues...

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  • Of the last 4 times I played dungeons there has been some failure on kabams end 3 times. I played dungeons a week ago map 7 and in the middle of the 2 nd room my partner is kicked and cannot join. I played again in the very first room my partner is kicked and before even 1 fight. Then today I was trying to do map 7 yet again and we were both kicked before the map even started. This is unacceptable. It really just makes not want to play this game if every time I go to do a piece of content I get kicked and have to wait 24 hour or longer to get my best champs back. I would hope that I could be compensated for these failures on your end. The last 2 dungeons milestones were affected by these failures.
  • sawe5456sawe5456 Posts: 30
    After the latest update on android with symbiot sorcerer and venomduck screen the lag has been hidden behind much longer loading screen

    About 1 hour ago I played dungeon 7 finished 3 rooms no problem (beside this longer loading times, about 1-2minutes after each fight)

    Straightaway after that another dungeon 7 with different partner but this time, the loading screen lasted 11 - ELEVEN MINUTES ! by the time the dungeon appeared the timer was already 3:49

    Worst still, after first fight the loading screen lasted yet anothe 7 minutes

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    marcosky21 wrote: »
    Been kicked out of dungeons and now unable to reenter just keeps taking me back to home screen every time I hit continue. Anyone else ?

    I wasn't able to move forward so I restarted the app. Then I had the same problem with entering back in the dungeon. I would click continue and it would take me back to the home screen. Good thing I was only on room 2 in Dungeon 6. Please fix this Kabam.
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    This just happened to me today. Irritating.
  • ibzillaibzilla Posts: 49
    Kabam can you plz sort out a bug thats been plaguing the past to infinity dungeons that doesn't allow you to go back into the dungeons therefore i lost many 5* in the process
  • ibzillaibzilla Posts: 49
    You get kicked out of the dungeon and are not allowed back until the timer expires
    All you can do is talk to your partner
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