Kinda hard to wrap up eq when...

You guys extend the loading screens during active boosts after each fight. Losing 10+ minute boosts in 2 fights because of increased loading screen time while boosted. Then it becomes a debate of seeing if the screen goes away, or closing the app and waiting through the kabam logo and two more loading screens. Either way, it's quite the issue for me.


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    I agree with you the load times are crazy
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    I agree with you the load times are crazy

    Yep. And the timers for the useful boosts like undying and total carnage only last 10 mins. I thought i would've been able to go for symbiote difficulty but i spent so many strands due to loading screens eating up boost times that there's no way i can explore the last chapter for epic and still do symbiote. Having to spend 30 strands every time those two expire eats up the strands you have.
  • Noticed this. iPhone 6 on att cellular. It’s ridiculous. Loading times making me want to just watch YouTube on people with faster loads
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    yeah... also when playing dungeons, it affects you. yesterday i got timed out because of loading time taking too long
  • Hey there, sorry to hear about this. We are aware that some players are reporting extended load times and are investigating this. There is currently a thread going for this topic here where you can keep an eye out for any updates on the subject.
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