Who has some underrated Regeneration?



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    Without a shadow of a doubt
  • Beast? Some nice numbers if you get your combos right.
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    Effective wrote: »
    I would have to say VP. Against buffs, you can pretty much have a permanent regen.

    Ya, VP has some decent heal, & bleed. I always thought of him as a bit underrated. I still think he could use a buff, but definitely isn't in Kamala Khan or Colossus territory

    He could benefit from a buff; but failing that, have you noticed his synergy with Masacre? 25% increased duration on both buffs and debuffs? That's 25% increased bleed and 11.25% regeneration with an SP1; assuming you eat a buff.
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    Green hulk. That regen is so underrated I think it's just my willpower mystery
  • People forget about Dr voodoo, I can take a bleed node without taking any damage in aq.
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    I definitely think Beast is sometimes overlooked, but his acrobatic stance can actually recover a lot of health. Rogue, when stealing furies with a critical life steal, can heal insane amounts. Also Hood, maybe?
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    Mathking13 wrote: »
    I still personally like the passive nature of Old Man Logan's Regeneration. I feel it could do with a slight buff... maybe multiplied by the amount of Pacifism Charges he has (no regen when no pacifism stacks) but hey. It's still nice.

    Pair him with Sabertooth and there's your BUFF!
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    Hood, when thing go smoothly you can regen quite a bit from stagger
  • phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 1,792 ★★★

    Survive a big hit and watch the health come back.
  • XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,554 ★★★★
    Ultron is quite good too
  • Hood
  • Loki can, if u spam sp1 on a champ that has regen
  • GamerGamer Posts: 5,177 ★★★★
    Loki can, if u spam sp1 on a champ that has regen
    Just use a sp3. Then spam parry hervy. And u good
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    Dexman1349 wrote: »
    Another is Angela. Her regen is small... but almost permanent. In a longer fight, you can regenerate around 20% HP if you play well. Its like a better version of OML's regen.

    She can regen up to 5% each time she loses 10% health. In a really long fight, that equates to 45% regen.

    I have her as a 6*, so she has the added benefit of adrenaline which just makes it better.

    With recovery mastery, thats equal to 180% HP per fight.....DOPE!
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    Bishop with well timed block or against any energy damage champs (Iceman, Magik, Electro, Mephisto, etc...)
    He can even remove bleed.
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    ghost rider
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    I would say 6 star king groot for sure even unduped. In arena I just attack not worrying opponent getting to his s3 and save my s3. As soon as opponent does s3 I do my s3 and regen almost all healthy back between 6 star health gain possibility and kg s3 regen.
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    Mordo... I took him as 5* r3 against rol ws, and was able to regen large portions of health with sp3. Sometime you get a double stack of regen amd that is crazy good
  • My favs are GR and MS although they are not underrated
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    Lets Not Forget Venom the Duck he's Regain Buff is Stronge
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    Morningstar... it takes a bit to gain 5 souls (quicker with the Gully synergy), but a 20% chance to get half of the damage back from each hit you land can add up quick.
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    Venom the Duck. My favorite way to stack his buffs: 2 regens, 4 power gains, 3 attacks and a crit. Hit hard, keep getting SP3 after 3-4 combos, regen 20% each time, lather rinse repeat.
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    Angela, if you have the Morningstar synergy, plus recovery and salve, basically 10% back, and then you get knocked 10% down, then up. Along with amazing damage! Unlike a tree I know
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