Best champ in contest right now?

Who according to guys is best champ in whole mcoc by overall utility, damage capacity etc...?


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    The champion
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    Starky though I hear great things about Domino but don't have her.
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    Standalone without any synergies starky..with synergies it would be ghost
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    Ultimately, this is not a fair question because many great champs are not available as six star champs and some aren't even available as five stars.

    Would you rather have a five-star Stark SM or a six star Ghost? A four star Wolverine or a six star Domino?

    I'd say that would make it between Ghost, Corvus, and Domino for the top 3 current champs available as six stars.
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    Sungj wrote: »
    Ghost, there really aren't many matchups where she isn't good. Depending on what synergies you use she's a counter to so many fights. Can shrug off DOT time debuffs, insane damage, can tank SP 3s, powergain while phased, counters stun immunity and rage, can mitigate limbo and Dormammu's degeneration, partial evade counter, unblockable specials help against autoblock champs. There isn't much she can't do

    SUPER HIGH skillcap lol...i got her from basic 2 days and it is so tough to use her...hope pandaman releases his guide ASAP
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    Without a doubt, Sparky. Ghost has some pretty cool moves, but nothing says BAMF like just rolling with the punches to gain a passive +3000 atk boost. Throw in Taunt, basic evade, ginourmous projectile evade- plus gain a charge when you do - easy peasy)
    •awakened• Add a ton of Crit, triple his base evade, plus other very good things.

    Want to be lazy about it? Add Blade and start the fight with roughly 50% increased attack. Go ahead and throw Blade 50% increased attack while your at it (Cause he REALLY needs it.. out for blood and all)
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    xxKyojinxx wrote: »
    Archangel, I know he’s not good against anything that’s bleed or poison immune, but when they can bleed and get poisoned, there’s nothing better, he literally is my MVP most of the bosses in new event quests, every time a new champ comes in event quest, I check if they’re bleed or poison immune and if not then I finish the fight with archangel in seconds.
    Most of you will support your new fancy champs but archangel is the main reason I’m progressing so fast in this game.
    (Edit) I have a 5* Domino, and Sparky and they’re awesome but archangel is way more helpful to me.

    sucks i dont think he gonna be good next month lol
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    Snoop Dogg
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    Iron Patriot
  • Fungeon wrote: »
    Iron Patriot
    I was going to say the same thing

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    I'm still a big fan of the classics. Ghost Rider.

    Also, 1* Symbiote! Where issss heeeeeeee?
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    Hyp er ion
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    Kamala Khan change my mind
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    AA. Parry, Heavy, Parry, Heavy. Keep going 'till 3 star. Then BAM!
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