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    Wow the event quest is bs. The last two maps are ridiculously long and they made darkhawk op on uncollected. Starts off with 2 bars of power and is unblockable till he uses a special so good luck baiting that out.

    what are you talking about!?
    this is arguably an easier month than the last month quest.
    literally any champ can beat these new champs. you cant say you dont have the right champ for the quest, Seating beaten uncollected DK with a4* r4 OG DD..
    come on bruh.
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    SilentKiss wrote: »
    This is one of the easier monthly quest. Just bait him out.
    Seriously, much easier then Aegon was.

    What's so hard about aegon? Soloed him every time
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    Dash back immediately, if he doesn’t throw it, dash back again, if he doesn’t throw it, dash back again, if you’re against a wall, that’s unfortunate. It’s just how it goes, somewhat luck based, but once you get in. Not awful
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    The boss is not the problem, they put a thorns path there. I'm surprised to only see an Iceman there and not also a Magik and an electro to steal some more options from us.
    And yet they keep saying they focus on skill, but keep making bosses and paths that require specific champs or just pots.
  • I'm far from the best fighter but I beat it on uncollected pretty easily after watching Seatin's video. Parry, three hits, repeat. Actually pretty simple. If you get backed into a corner before he uses his special 2, you'll die. Move to next champ.
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    I'd like to see someone post a video who is having trouble baiting his L2. So far I haven't had that problem even once. It may be that if people could see what you are doing we could offer better advice.
  • The problem with these "lol, DH super easy, just bait him" comments, is that it doesn't help for those who ARE struggling with the fight.

    They aren't really intended to. They are intended to respond to the people that aren't asking for help, they are whining about difficult content intended to be difficult that pop up immediately after the content is released when it is obvious that the people complaining haven't actually thought about the content, haven't read anything about the content, haven't seen any of the discussions about the content, haven't actually waited until more experienced players have taken on the content, and aren't actually trying to strategize about beating the content. They are just whining that they can't beat it by bashing their face against it immediately on the first try.

    Every single monthly AQ for a while now, there are discussion threads that pop up that discuss the harder master and uncollected fights, what strategies and champion options work, and what the difficult parts are. It usually takes a couple days to really get going. But every single month someone complains about how the content is stupid, is a money grab, is impossible for all but ridiculously high spenders and the top 0.0000000000001% of players to beat. And then a week later there's a list of twelve ways to beat the fight using your feet to play.

    If you're struggling, it is possible you are *supposed* to be struggling. It is December 6. Back off and do some lower difficulty fights or tiers, and start looking for the advanced players to take on that content and start making videos and writing guides about it. Practice on lower difficulties to the best extent possible. And if you're still having trouble in, say, a week, ASK QUESTIONS. This is a question: "I'm having problem with this aspect of the fight. Does anyone have recommendations on who to bring for this fight?" This is NOT A QUESTION: "this content sucks Kabam is a bunch of money grubbing evil turds I've never seen any game with such unfair broken content in my life."

    If you ask for advice on how to improve your performance against the content, you can expect and you deserve polite informative advice. If you whine about the difficulty content, you should expect and you frankly deserve to be challenged on whether that whining is justified. Rarely is it.
  • For those that have not went on this path yet, uncollected EQ has a path in the last quest (darkhawk one) where thorns is present, and you take 15% damage as their attack. In my opinion, it’s way too hard. I was using 4/55 5 stars, and taking 1200 damage a hit led to me dying in less than 30-40 hits against gulk. Even with ability accuracy champs I was not able to bypass it completely. I do not have quake as well. Maybe lower it to 5 or 8%? Taking that much damage is nuts, Kabam has made it so only high stat maxed out 5 stars that can tank that much damage and be able to continue. Any tips to beating that path?
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    The damage isn’t the biggest issue, it’s the fact that it doesn’t appear to be affected by ability accuracy reduction. Quake with concussion debuff applied and max sig AA with 3 Neurotoxins still took the damage
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    Dude you've been playing for 4 years and cant beat it?
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    I found it not bad at all 100% uncollected I am an average fighter. Watch YouTube videos. You have to evade to start pause not blocking so he throws his sp2 then parry, 2 hits repeat till shield down. Corvus and medusa are both great counters.
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    Went through the whole path with just 2 champs taking a few hp points off ... just need to learn to negotiate it
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    I had to spend over 450 units to kill the uncollected hawk onless i spend over 2500k units i wount b able to 100 percent it
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    I dont have a problem with Kabam making these quests hard, the problem is that much of the nodes don't really reflect how tough this champion could be! For instance, Aegon in last EQ had his combo go up by some amount per second which was a good way of portraying the difficulty this character may pose if left unchecked.

    But with Darkhawk, unblockable is nothing in his utilities and just by giving him that node, he becomes OP but in reality, he is VERY easy to beat with medusa without such monstrous nodes. Perhaps Kabam should allocate nodes that enhance his existing abilities rather than give him new abilities.

    But overall, this isn't too bad, EXCEPT for the thorns path. Fine, you want us to use energy dealing champs, but that choice is so limited. If you were introducing mystic and pure energy dealing champs at a higher pace, I wouldn't have mind that. Knowing that we only had 1 (ONE) mystic champ this year, that again is poor node selection for a whole path.

    @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Miike
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    Most will struggle. I beat Thanos and others but at what point do you find yourself trying to figure out how to beat it. I feel sorry for the ones just getting started. They will truly be the ones that suffer.
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    Everytime a new EQ comes out come these posts... SMH
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    I am a blocker for the most part. That has been taken away from me. So disappointed
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    This seems like you were looking for an excuse to quit. Neither of these new champs as bosses are even half as difficult as Aegon was. Have one shot the robot with Medusa, Sparky and CapIW so far. Plenty of options if you take the time to actually learn the new champs and develop an actual strategy. However if you run in like a fool you'll end up looking like one
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    @Jemster519 did you watch any videos on how to fight him? He's really easy if you play him right. Seatin has a good video. Watch it, take a deep breath, reinstall the game, and solo him every time with no units needed lol.
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    Haven't had an issue, you bait the spec2 pretty quickly provided you drop your block, then parry him after it when he attacks with the invisibility mode, once there if you prefer the shield mode just heavy attack to knock him down and he switches or stick with the parry and two hits for his pink mode. Rinse and repeat from there, and if he fires that spec1 make sure you have the block up.
  • Jemster519 wrote: »
    You have forgotten about your fan base by catering to a very small percentage of summoners with the #1 goal of making money.

    The vast overwhelming majority of players don't attempt very high difficulty content all of the time. So they won't have the problem you're having. You're upset that Kabam isn't catering to the tiny percentage of players who attempt high difficulty, fail high difficulty, and can't deal with that failure. My guess is that is an extremely tiny sliver of the total player population. If they all quit tomorrow, I don't think Kabam would notice the active player statistics change above random noise.
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    Did you say you’re a blocker? Are you sure you’ve been playing for 4 years? You’re not exaggerating by 3.8 years?
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    Smash wrote: »
    Did you say you’re a blocker? Are you sure you’ve been playing for 4 years? You’re not exaggerating by 3.8 years?

    Never got over losing the leadership synergy apparently lol.
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