Summoners, the Necrosword Crystals (the crystals in the Knull Cavalier Preview Bundle) currently have a higher than intended drop rate of 6-Star Champions.

We will be leaving the crystals as is for the time being, but will be correcting the drop rates before Knull receives his official release on October 28th. To ensure that this does not affect anybody that purchased this preview bundle, we will be auto-opening these crystals before that date, but this means you will not see what you received. To avoid any confusion, please open your crystals yourself ASAP.

The anniversary calendar isn't bad. Change my mind....

AlexAvalonAlexAvalon Posts: 628 ★★★
I think people are confusing the anniversary calendar with the holiday calendar. Last year's anniversary was the same except this one has 9k t2a frags, how is that not better then last years? It's not a ton but it's still 5 free glory store purchases worth of t2a that wasn't there last time and t4cc and energy refills are always nice. Kabaam is pretty predictable in certain scenarios and I would be willing to bet that there will be a full t2a on the last day of the upcoming holiday calendar so this anniversary calendar is fine by me. I'm just making this post bc I read in a few different posts people upset and worried about the t2a and to try to put some minds at ease. If I'm wrong then it'll be a sad day in the world of mcoc, I think Kabaam knows what people are expecting and will make the holiday calendar what it should be or at least was last time


  • Agreed. Many jumped the gun and expected something that wouldn't come from the 7 day anniversary login rewards. Holiday 14 day login rewards are coming.
  • TKS87TKS87 Posts: 365 ★★★
    I mean, regardless, it's free stuff. People will always find a way to complain. And you are right, the holiday calendar that launches with the gifting event that comes out in December is usually where the bigger rewards come in.
  • RicemanRiceman Posts: 216
    There's the people that'll beg for gold realms and once they get them complain for something else. It's an endless chain brother.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 28,396 ★★★★★
    iTs BaD bEcAuSe ThErE iSnT 10k 5* sHaRdS eVeRyDaY

    What are we going to do with 5* Shards? They're the new PHC. No one cares about them now. We need 6* Shards. XD
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 28,396 ★★★★★
    Just a joke, people. Don't get offended. Lol.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 28,396 ★★★★★
    iTs BaD bEcAuSe ThErE iSnT 10k 5* sHaRdS eVeRyDaY

    What are we going to do with 5* Shards? They're the new PHC. No one cares about them now. We need 6* Shards. XD

    So I can pull a 6* Deadpool X-Force????? No! I expect to see a 6* awakened Corvus at the end of the month, with 3 T5 Basics... so I don't have to go all the way through Act 5 to R2 him. And maybe toss in some 30% Boosts? Its only fair

    I once met a man who complained because he had no shoes.....and then I met a man with no feet.
  • MattManMattMan Posts: 427 ★★★
    Bad? No. It’s free stuff. But depending on where you are in the game, it’s not good either. It’s all meaningless resources for me except for maybe the T2A shards but even those are easy to get these days.
  • phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 2,362 ★★★★
    Its a good calendar.
  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    What do you expect? A complaint free forum? What they are giving is not good but not bad for some amount of players so at least it benefits them.
  • McFernieMcFernie Posts: 69
    I just don’t understand some people. It’s FREE stuff and they complain? Give me this ‘disappointing gifts’ any day, Kabam, I’m more than happy. We should be thankful for being able to play a fantastic game for FREE. Agreed, if you spend money you make faster progress, but it’s perfectly possible to play and get stuff and not spending anything at all. And nobody forces you to spend money. Repeat, nobody. You find some of Kabam’s offers abusive (I do)? Don’t buy them. You find free gifts poor? Don’t take them. But please, stop complaining.
  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    edited December 2018
    Yeah ok thanks for preaching.
  • XxOriginalxXXxOriginalxX Posts: 1,324 ★★★
    Why would I wanna change your mind? This forum needs some positivity
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