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I am writing in regards of the content creator program.

I started to make champion spotlights and deep guides how to use them.

The guids are in German I might add english videos later.
There are some videos without any narration so if anybody wana check it out hope you like it.

I am not sure if you still adding more people to the program but I applied to a German mod already about 4 Month ago and as I see she left Kabam now.

Can anybody just let me know how I now could apply for it or at least comment on the post so maybe Mike would notice it.

looking forward to hear some feedback


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    Have you followed the steps outlined in the thread dedicated to Content Creator Program?
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    Yes I wrote Ad0ra_ about 4 month ago with no respond.
    The fact that she left is the reason why I created this post.

    By to day I uploaded 15 Videos from which 6 are detailed guids to various champions and others are some fights of the maze event and of ultron assault.

    I have no intention to violate the Code of Conduct and I would follow the "Participants must:"

    In regards of who I am I would willingly give them any information they require but if I get no respond from them thats getting a little difficult.
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    As they said, they accept a very limited number of people, maybe you just wasn't accepted

    " I will notify all successful candidates via response to their private message"

    It says nothing about contacting those who got rejected.

    But since the account changed name to MCOC team, send a new application and see what happens.
  • I did apply through a DM too thank you for the reminder :)

    anyhow if we could keep this post alive i might get at least any respond back from them

    Thank you for the support.
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    The announcement thread has been updated to reflect the change in contact info for applications. If you'd like to apply please send @kabam kaylee a PM with the information requested in the announcement. Good luck with your channel!
  • Thank you for the respond i wrote a message And looking forward to a respond from kaylee
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