Awakening Jems

So as I said in my earlier posts, I was exploring Battlerealm Homecoming, and I need three more paths to explore then I can get a 3* Spider-Man. To make him better and unlock a signature ability I need an awakening hem or get him from a crystal, does anyone know how to get 3 star awakening jems really quick


  • Feeney234Feeney234 Posts: 683 ★★★
    Greater Solo Crystals is where I got all my 3 star Awakening gems. All of my 3 stars are duped.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 24,576 ★★★★★
    Solo Crystals are a good bet. I would suggest RTTL Chapter 3, but I have a feeling that may be a bit far off from you.
  • RomyjartRomyjart Posts: 257
    Thanks, but how do I get greater solo crystals quickly, I got my spidey and he's alredy at 1089 rating but duping him would really help out
  • the 24 hour events. focus on those
  • Feeney234Feeney234 Posts: 683 ★★★
    Solo events. Hit all the milestones and try to Rank high
  • I_am_GrootI_am_Groot Posts: 646
    You can rank up him too, I don't remember but I think one or two 3* maxeup are enough to do the monthly quest at that level.

    About the greater crystal, I think you don't get its shards if you're in early brackets (your two first months), else you get the shards in solo events, open "many" of those crystals and you'll get some generic or class awaken gems.

    But I think the fast and sure is rank up the champ.
  • RomyjartRomyjart Posts: 257
    Thanks I got that 3* awakening jem an awakened spidey, now I just need to awaken Miles Morales Spider-Man
  • Klobberintyme I cant spell lol
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    when i first glanced at the title i thought it read "Awakening Jews" LOL
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    @Juggerneyks same lmao
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    Lol I wonder if people think I’m ****
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  • RomyjartRomyjart Posts: 257
    Why am I getting flagged on my own post for making fun of myself lol
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