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  • I think FantomeX should be added, he could have synergies with other X-Force members and he could have a passive called hallucination that gives his opponent a stun de-buff every so often. This is just a suggestion and I think he would be an awesome character. (Plus he should be mutant class)
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    What about adding... Batman?
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    Okay, so I'm gonna request a character that is kinda unheard of but I really like the character concept so... here goes. Let me know if the abilities seem realistic or not, or if this champion would ever be added.

    Puppet Master (Science):

    I absolutely suck at this percentage and hp stuff so ima skip it -->

    Signature Ability
    -Puppet Collection-
    With every enemy Puppet Master faces, he creates a puppet in the likeness to gain full control. Whatever
    class the opponent was Puppet Master gains a advantage to in later battles, even if he was originally at a

    -Puppet Creation: At the start of the fight, Puppet Master seeks to gain full control of his opponent by creating a puppet reflecting the opponent's image. Puppet Master takes 30 seconds to create his puppet, and once he does so he now has full control of the enemy, causing a Strings On Me debuff. The opponent now gains a 3 second inverted control debuff every 8 seconds, all immunities the opponent once had now don't work for the duration of the fight, and all Unstoppable buffs are immediately canceled once brought into use.
    -Puppet Master's work in gamma radiation gives him immunity to Degeneration.
    -Puppet Master is immune to all forms of ability inaccuracy.

    All Critical and Heavy Attacks
    -60% chance to place a 6 second concussion debuff on the opponent, reducing ability accuracy by 100%. Max stacks is 3.

    Special 1 (Master of Puppets)
    -If opponent is under the affect of Strings On Me, then this attack has a 100% chance to be unblockable.
    -80% chance to Degenerate the opponent, causing 1255 damage over time which increases based on lost health of Puppet Master.

    Special 2 (Pulling Your Strings)
    -If opponent is under the affect of Strings On Me, then this attack has a 100% chance to give opponent a 5 second Stun debuff
    -100% chance to give opponent a Inverted Control debuff for the duration of the special attack
    -80% chance to give opponent a Phantasm debuff

    Special 3 (Abusing Control)
    -Puppet Creation is immediately finished and opponent now has Strings On Me debuff if not already active
    -100% chance to give opponent a 10 second poison, bleed, incinerate, and Phantasm debuff

    Science Masterminds
    (Doc Oc, Mister Sinister)
    -Mister Sinister- Dash back and hold for 2 seconds to make the opponent have a 10 second bleed debuff
    -Doc Oc- Dash back and hold for 2 seconds to make the opponent have a 10 second poison debuff
    -Puppet Master- Dash back and hold for 2 seconds to make the opponent have a 10 second incinerate debuff
    Bitter Rivals
    -Thing- Take out the baddy, quick. Needs 3 less Rock Stacks to activate Unstoppable
    -Puppet Master- Philip Masters' anger at the Thing lets his Puppet Creation go 10 seconds quicker
    (The rest of the Fantastic Four)
    -Fantastic Four- It all depends on what the abilities are of the F4, so consider this section uncompleted
    -Puppet Master- Philip Masters has full control of his opponent once he creates his puppet, so he knows he will win. The opponent always has a Taunt debuff with this ability active

    I would love to see this character used in the game! I'll be requesting another character shortly...
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    Warpath or thunderbird would be great As a Native American I would love for one of these champs to be added!
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    Madame Hydra


    Lots to work with there. Poison, bleed capable. Weapons/etc.

    I like the Cap/Hydra champs and their interactions.
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    I don't have time to do my usual full update this week, but for those who don't know or haven't been back in a while, you can vote on the Summoner community's Ranker page for most-desired new champs.

    After all the upvotes they had, it was a sheer pleasure to finally retire Thing, Havok, and Mister Sinister from the list.

    Most of the champs you've all been requesting lately are already on the list and need upvotes. You can also add any champs you don't see there. There have been several worthy new additions in the last couple of weeks that don't have many votes at all, including Mark I Iron Man, Dark Phoenix, Wolverine Weapon X, Kurse, War-Machine Punisher, Eternals Ikaris and Sersi, Terminus, Owl, Cardiac, Plantman, Unicorn, Eel, and Porcupine.
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    Red Goblin

    Norman Osborne gets the Carnage Symbiote and becomes the Red Goblin
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    Yes to Apocalypse, Mysterio and Mystique.

    Please also add:
    Scorpion (Spider-Man’s enemy)
    Sandman (Spider-Man’s enemy)
    Storm 90s X-men (make her hover)
    Blackheart (introduce on Halloween)

    Some characters from “The Gifted” Marvel tv series:
    The Strucker Twins
    Jace Turner (would be Skill class)
    Evangeline Whedon (Dragon Lady)
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    Jepbrick. You forgot to mention Hercules.
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    Cloak and Dagger, especially since season 2 is on the horizon. And the Runaways. Tons of interesting mechanics and synergies to work with there.
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    Ok so this one would be hard to pull off, but I think it’d be really unique and awesome if done right...
    MADAME GAO! - from the Netflix shows.

    Short Bio for those unfamiliar with the character - As one of the five Fingers of the Hand and an exile of K’un-Lun, Madame Gao is an extremely cunning and powerful opponent for the Defenders, however this power is hidden beneath the visage of a frail old lady. As Daredevil and Iron Fist know all too well, underestimate her at your peril.

    Class -
    An exile of the city of K’un-Lun, she shares the same Mystic heritage as Iron Fist

    Persistent Charges -
    Madame Gao starts the quest with 4 Hand Ninjas, each represented by a persistent charge. She loses a charge whenever a Hand Ninja falls in battle, and gains 2 whenever defeating a member of New York’s Defenders (Daredevil Classic/Daredevil Netflix/Luke Cage/Electra/Punisher). She gains 4 charges when defeating her nemesis (Iron Fist/Immortal Iron Fist). Hand Ninjas must be knocked out in order for the persistent charge to be removed, and their health stats do not travel from fight to fight like Madame Gao’s does - they start each fight with full health, having used the dark arts to rejuvenate themselves between fights.

    Unique Gameplay & Animations -
    Here’s where things get interesting... because no one really wants to beat up an old lady for a prolonged fight, Madame Gao would rely on her deadly HAND NINJAS to fight in her stead and act as her defense. Madame Gao herself, while powerful offensively, should be a glass cannon. Hand Ninjas would have separate health bars from Madame Gao, allowing them to act as “bullet sponges” for Madame Gao, while they build the power meter for her and apply small but long-lasting debuffs that Madame Gao can convert into big damage on her Special 3. Hand Ninjas fight for Madame Gao until 2 bars of power are filled, at which time a cloud of smoke appears, covering the character model and causing all attacks to miss for 1 second, after which point the smoke will have dissipated, and the Hand Ninja model would be replaced with Madame Gao. This forces summoners and the A.I. to play as Gao to fill that last bar of power, exposing her and allowing opponents to exploit her weak defense, while also risking a deadly Special 3 activation. If Madame Gao falls below 2 bars of power for any reason, whether it be a power drain debuff or the activation of a Special 2 or Special 3, then the smoke bomb animation is activated again causing all attacks to miss for 1 second while Madame Gao is replaced with another Hand Ninja. This will continue until Madame Gao is out of persistent charges, at which point she remains in the fight.

    Abilities and Attacks -
    Hand Ninjas have health equal to a maxed adaptoid of Madame Gao’s preceding tier - meaning if you have a 4* Gao then the Hand Ninjas would be like maxed 3* adaptiods.
    Hand Ninjas are basically glorified Adaptiods, and don’t do a ton of raw damage on their own - instead they inflict small but long lasting debuffs that prime the target for Madame Gao to inflict big damage.
    Hand Ninja’s basic attacks each have a chance to lacerate the opponent inflicting a long lasting bleed debuff that does minor damage.
    Hand Ninja’s Special 1 consists of a flurry of strikes from a poison tipped katana. Each hit has a chance to place a non-damaging poison debuff on the opponent that lasts until activated by Madame Gao.
    Due to her age, Madame Gao has very little health, and limited mobility, however her wisdom and cunning yields high attack stats. Dependent on how well her Hand Ninjas have fought for her she can do a lot of damage very quickly.
    Madame Gao cannot dash forward.
    Madame Gao does not gain power from attacking or being attacked, instead she only gains power by holding her block - it takes 5 seconds for this to fill a bar of her power meter.
    Madame Gao’s heavy attack is a blast of dark energy that flings her opponent across the map and activates any poison debuffs on her opponent, converting them into deadly neurotoxin debuffs that deal a great deal of damage in a short time.
    Madame Gao’s Special 1 consists of a flurry of strikes from her cane. This attack copies the animation of the Hand Ninja Special 1, however the effects are upgraded. Each hit is guaranteed to be critical, and has a high chance to place a neurotoxin debuff.
    In Madame Gao’s Special 2, Madame Gao kicks a slow-moving bomb towards her opponent, then while the bomb is still rolling across the floor, she flings two fast-moving shurikens at her opponent. These timing differences should make this attack difficult to avoid without blocking. Successful shuriken hits will convert all active bleed debuffs into hemorrhage debuffs, doing massive damage. Successful bomb hits are guaranteed to inflict stun and armor break.
    Upon activating her Special 3, Madame Gao pushes her opponent away with a dark energy blast, as the screen takes on a darkened vignette, a swarm of Hand Ninjas emerge from the shadows surrounding Madam Gao’s opponent. They each run at the attacker, swiping at the attacker with their katanas. As Gao’s opponent falls to their knees, Madame Gao slowly hobbles over with her cane. When she finally comes face to face with her opponent she injects them with Black-ISO, and performs another dark energy blast which launches her opponent across the map. Madame Gao’s Special 3 refreshes the timers on all active debuffs, inflicts 3 medium damage bleed debuffs, and is guaranteed to inflict a long stun. Additionally Special 3 inflicts a permanent Black ISO-8 debuff which does no damage, but instead reduces Defensive Ability Accuracy by 45%, and doubles the base duration of any debuffs placed on the opponent in the future. This effect does not stack with multiple Special 3 activations.

    Synergies -
    Mutual Respect - Kingpin (unique, does not stack)
    Kingpin - Black ISO-8 debuffs do +100% increased damage
    Madame Gao - Black-ISO debuff triples the base duration of future debuffs

    Black Sky - Electra (unique, does not stack)
    Electra- Final Strike range is increased to when the opponent is below 50% health
    Madame Gao - All power gain is increased by 15%

    Chaste Warriors - Daredevil (Netflix) + Iron Fist (Immortal) (unique, does not stack)
    Daredevil (Netflix) - Gains a 100% chance to evade projectiles, and becomes stun immune, gaining a permanent fury buff whenever stun would be inflicted
    Iron Fist (Immortal) - Every 7 hits inflicts a brief stun
    Madame Gao - Hand Ninjas gain +50% health, and knocking out a Hand Ninja places 3 non-damaging poison debuffs on the attacker

    While very capable of doing massive damage over time, please keep in mind that Madame Gao herself has very little health so she should remain a balanced character, as skilled summoners should be able to exploit her weak defense.
  • Professor X (Charles Xavier, Mutant)
    Quicksilver (mutant)
    Apocalypse (Mutant)
    Mr Fantastic (science)
    Peggy Carter (skill)
    Ego (mystic)
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    1. Hercules (Skill or Cosmic)
    2. Ares (Skill)
    3. Bullseye (Science or Skill): The reason I put Science because Bullseye has been implanted with Adamantium strips that is around his skeleton and not boned like Wolverine. I consider Bullseye to be a Science Champion. If not, he should be a Skill Champion.
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    Hercules, Olympian god of Strength

    What Type of Class Champion is Hercules? Like Thor (Ragnarok), it is safe to say that Hercules should be classified as a Skill Champion, regardless if he is legitimate demi-god.

    Hercules's bonuses synopsis:
    1. Ares (family)
    2. Thor (friend)
    3. Captain America (loyal friend)

    Hercules's Signature Ability: Hercules when he is duplicate should have something special. There are many buffs for each champions' signature ability, but I believe Hercules's signature ability should be Indestructible buff because one of Marvel's Hercules top known powers is his indestructible skin.

    Other Signature Abilities: Hercules other buff abilities should also be fury, true strike, stun, and bleed immunity. Marvel Hercules has proven enough durability to be immune to bleeding like Luke Cage, Colossus, and few others. Hercules's durability is more powerful than Luke Cage and Colossus.

    It doesn't matter if he is the OG or ITSV animation
    Get at least 10 to 40% physical resistance since cartoon characters can withstand attacks plus evade regularly.
    Give me ur ideas for sp 1 2 and 3
    Win Fight Screen either 1. puts a sledgehammer he was holding into a pocket making it completely disappear or 2. He is shown with a That's All Folks on screen with him in a circle
    Synergies: Teammates: Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales Spider-Man Wall-Breakers: Gwenpool Misfits: Howard the Duck
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    My next character request, with more to come, is Purple Man. (Or Killgrave, as many more people know him by) I really like this character so I hope he maybe could be added.

    Purple Man (Science, because he got his powers from a special nerve gas)

    Signature Ability:
    When under 10% health, the sheer power of Purple Man's mind lets him gain 5 Mind Power buffs, become unblockable, and lets him become indestructible for 10 seconds. This can happen twice per fight. (Although there is no definitive way to regenerate the lost health, it's pretty much just a luck of the draw type of thing. The Mind Power buffs may grant regeneration, they may not.)

    -Every time Purple Man does a parry block or breaks his opponent's block, he gains 1 Mind Power buff. Max stacks: 10. Mind Power buffs passively generate random buffs, and at any time Purple Man can dash back and hold for 2 seconds to convert 1 Mind Power buff into one Mind Control debuff on the opponent. Max stacks: 10. Mind Control debuffs passively generate random debuffs, each one lasting (x) seconds.
    -Through mind control, stun, petrify, evade, and concussion debuffs last twice as long on the opponent.
    -Purple Man is immune to Inverted Controls and all forms of performance hindrance (e.g. ability inaccuracy, damage reduction, etc. I also want to note that I'm not saying he's immune to debuffs, he's just immune to performance hindering debuffs)

    Special 1 (Mind Games)
    -100% chance for opponent to gain a 5 second evade and concussion debuff (remember, the 5 seconds doubles!) even if opponent blocks or dodges attack
    -100% chance to regenerate 5% of lost health
    -100% chance to give opponent a Inverted Control debuff for the duration of the special attack and 3 seconds after

    Special 2 (Malfunction of the Mind)
    -100% chance for opponent to lose 25% of max power even if the opponent blocks or dodges attack
    -100% chance for opponent to gain a 5 second petrify debuff even if the opponent blocks or dodges attack
    -100% chance for opponent to become stunned for 4 seconds
    -Attack is unblockable
    -100% for opponent to gain a Inverted Control debuff for the duration of the special attack

    Special 3 (Mental Suicide)
    -100% chance for opponent to lose 100% of max power
    -100% chance for opponent to gain a 5 second stun, petrify, evade, concussion
    -100% chance for opponent to gain a 10 second inverted control debuff once stun is over
    -100% chance for Purple Man to gain one of the opponent's buffs, if any. If they didn't have any buffs, Purple Man gains 1 Mind Power buff

    Original Enemies
    (Daredevil, Netfix Daredevil)
    -Both Daredevils- An extra 20% chance to evade all attacks
    -Purple Man- Every Mind Control buff has a 50% chance to passively generates 2 buffs
    Fear Itself
    -Juggernaut- All unstoppable buffs last 50% longer
    -Purple Man- Gains 40% physical resistance

    Hoped you guys enjoyed reading this and think it's a good idea. My next character is probably gonna be a short Cyclops buff section, cause I've got some ideas.
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    I would like to see

    Also I think an Infinite War version of Bruce Banner/Hulk would be funny if they were just like in between Bruce and the hulk.

    His first special attack would be he jumps in the hulk buster suit then while running toward the opponent he trips and falls on them inflicting armor break.

    His second special attack would be he jump in the hulk buster suit then while running toward the opponent he accidentally fire his hand repulsors knocking the opponent into the wall behind them inflicting stun.

    I don’t know what his third attack would be but I’ll leave that up to the masters at KABAM.
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    Batroc the Leaper

    Batroc is one of the best fighters in the Marvel Universe. His main abilities is extraordinary leaping and peak physical condition. I strongly believe that he should be in Marvel Contest of Champions. Below, there is tips that can help Kabam staff to work on Batroc the Leaper:

    For Synergy Bonuses:
    1. Captain America (arch nemesis)
    2. Crossbones (friend)
    3. Winter Soldier (arch nemesis)

    Signature Abilities: I don't know what kind of signature ability Batroc the Leaper will possesses in Marvel Contest of Champions, but I will pick a good answer. Maybe True Strike for his signature ability. Kabam will later have a better solution to Batroc 's signature ability.

    Buff Abilities: I will give out three best buffs that can match Batroc the Leaper. Evasion buff, Critical Attack buff, and Stun buff.
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    Blue Marvel

    Blue Marvel is one of the powerful characters in Marvel. He would be classified as a Cosmic Class Champion. His rivalry is known to be Sentry.

    Is Blue Marvel a character that can be added in Marvel Contest of Champions? Yes. I believe he will be one of the characters that can be add into the game.
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    About Sandman:

    Bombarded with a massive dose of radiation from an experimental reactor, low-level mob henchman William Baker discovered that he could transform himself into a sand-like form that he could manipulate and reshape at will. Eager to use his new powers to better his station in life, Baker embarked on a life of daring robberies as Sandman!

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    . Health: 16972
    . Attack: 1373
    . Max PI:
    . Without Signature: 3975
    . With Signature (99): 4523

    Character Class: Science

    Passive - Organic Sand

    . Sandman's Organic Sand form grants him full immunity to all Shock, Bleed, and Poison effects.

    Passive - Sand Armor

    . This Champion has additional Block Proficiency in its Base Attributes.
    . Sandman begins the fight with a layer of Sand Armor active, increasing his Armor Rating by 633.97.
    . If Sandman would lose more than 6% of his Max Health from a single source, his Sand Armor protects him from the blow, reducing the health loss to 6%, then it shatters; Once shattered, Sand Armor takes 13 seconds to reform.

    Passive - Density Control

    . When Attacked: Sandman subtly alters his Density during combat, with precise Density Control, granting a 40% chance for incoming attacks to glance; Glancing hits cannot be critical and deal 50% reduced damage.

    Passive - Silicosis

    . Deals 20% Attack as Energy Damage per second.
    . After filling each bar of power, Sandman has a 33.33% chance to inflict Silicosis on the opponent dealing Energy Damage over 7 seconds, preventing them from Evading attacks and Healing.

    Developer Note: Silicosis is a Passive effect, and therefore do not count as a Debuff.

    Basic Abilities: Enfeeble, Cruelty, Stun, Armor Break.

    All Attacks

    . 65% chance to inflict Weakness, decreasing the target's Attack by 10% for 3 seconds and the potency of their Power Gain effects by 20% for 5 seconds.
    . Opponents passively suffer 50% reduced Ability Accuracy for as long as they are under a Debuff effect.

    Heavy Attacks

    . 35% chance for Cruelty, increasing your Critical Damage by 50% for 10 seconds.

    Special 1 : Size and Mass manipulation - Sandman enhances his size and mass and strike the ground.

    .85% chance to Stun for 3 seconds.
    .This Attack is unblockable.

    Special 2 : Mace and Sledgehammer - Sandman mold his arms and hands into mace and sledgehammer to strike the opponent.

    .100% chance to Armor Break, removing enemy Armor and applying 65% Armor reduction for 15 seconds.

    Special 3 : Sandstorm - Sandman turns himself into a sandstorm, and flies around his opponent to suffocate him.

    .100% chance to Stun for 5 seconds.
    .100% chance to Armor Break, removing enemy Armor and applying 70% Armor reduction for 20 seconds.
    .This Attack instantly reforms Sand Armor

    Signature Ability: Porosity - Incoming Attacks tend to pass harmlessly in the Porous sand of his body.

    .Contact attacks has 35% Chance to miss.
    .Non Contact attacks has 70% chance to miss.

    Developer Note: Sandman's Signature Ability combined with other Defensive Ability makes him tough defender to beat.

  • (Sandman)
    *Class- Science
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    Cmon guys still waiting for that Cosmic - Galactus. He could be an AQ boss. After F4 arrival, makes sense.

    Also an unclassed (like Maestro) Allfather Odin for Act 7?

    Also mutants Quicksilver and Apocalypse (another AQ or Act 6/7 boss candidate but likely not Act as they are classless)

    Hercules (Skill/Cosmic) like Karnak.
    Would like to see better mix of dual classed abilities.

    Also Raid (villain from Venom), Thor Infinity War, Cloak and Dagger?

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    As suggested by Kabam Porthos I'm typing my favourites champs I'd love to see in game.
    -Lady Sif
    -Warriors Three
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    1.Dr. Doom (infamous ironman)-mystic
    2. War Machine (destroyer armor)-mystic
    3. Cosmic Ghost rider-cosmic
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    4. Morbius-science
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