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    The problem comes when you put little to no effort into your memes and end up burying everyone else’s artwork. I mean pick one and make it the best meme you can. Don’t just spam the thread with plagiarized unoriginal content.

    Go ahead and flag this.

    Preach (Sibling), Preach!

    I can agree with THIS because it's using the same format, not the same topic. I'm good with the same topic because each meme is a new take and format on the topic. Writing over the same format 3 times gets old quick though.
  • Wakanda4Ever278Wakanda4Ever278 Posts: 1,020 ★★★

    No offense guys, but I feel like the Act 6 Restrictions have been done to death.

    Agreed *cough *cough riderofhell

    Dont like my memes keep on moving, really dont care bc last i recall i get lots of lol from my memes and how much you got???
    Wow now even the meme thread is an argument thread. What a damn shame.
    It only became an argument because people pick at the ones they feel are below them. When we decide mutual respect is a good idea, there'll be no arguments.
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    Put it in the meme thread if you haven't already
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    Where’s pure skills graves
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